Cover Letter for October 2017 FFI

Cover Letter for October 2017 FFI

Date: 10/01/2017

Issue No. 351 - Cover Letter

Dear Friends,

Our Tabernacles conference in Cloquet, Minnesota is fast approaching (Oct 13-15). Since there is no deadline for registration or for hotel reservations, you still have the opportunity to come, if you are able. I suspect that there will be hotel rooms available yet. See our web site for details.

As the time draws closer, we are able get a better idea of the significance of this particular Tabernacles season. The main thing, I believe, is that it will officially launch the Open Door Ministry, which will change the nature and focus of my ministry (and probably others as well). I have contemplated this time since the mid-1980’s and have talked about it openly since the early 1990’s, so this is not a new revelation. But because this has gone on for so long, I can only hope that this is not yet another “false start.” Yet it really looks different this time.

Once I begin to travel more, I will have less time for writing books and weblogs. That is one reason why I have written at such a fast pace over the past decade. I have a sense of urgency, and I want to finish as many books and commentaries as possible while I still have time to do so.

New Books

This past month I completed the fourth novel, The Power of the Flame, which completes the series on the story of Israel’s 40-year captivity to the Philistines. This latest book covers the final 20 years of captivity, ending with the death of Samson and Eli.

The next set of books, which hopefully I will have time to write in the next year, will cover the reign of King Saul. I don’t know much about it yet, but in the past few days I was given the basic question to be answered in this book: “What is obedience?” Each of the four previous books start out with a specific question: “What is Light?” “What is Freedom?” “What is Provision?” and “What is Cleansing?” To these, we now add a fifth question: “What is Obedience?

The Father told me recently that there is an angel of Pentecost called the Angel of Obedience. His purpose is to teach obedience to the Holy Spirit. That was the angel assigned to King Saul, I believe, as well as to the church in general. Of course, not many believers have responded fully to that angel’s word.

I am also finishing up the booklet, Jonah, Prophet of Reconciliation. It should be done by the feast of Tabernacles.

I am currently trying to finish up the commentary on First Corinthians. The weblogs have gotten to the middle of 1 Corinthians 15. I am not sure if I can finish this before going to the Philippines (Oct. 23 to Nov. 11) and to Cambodia (Nov. 11 to 25). But I should have no trouble finishing it by the end of the year.

The book on Amos will take longer, because I only work on it once a month when the FFI comes due. But it should be done by the end of 2018.

Trips Ahead

I am going to the Philippines as part of a team (4 or 5 people) on October 24 to teach the word. Brad will be coming along as well, and on November 11 he and I will be flying to Cambodia from Manila for two more weeks until November 23. We should get back late on the night of November 23.

In the Philippines, we will discuss details about how to establish a Bible school next summer in Davao City on the southern end of Mindanao.

The trip to Cambodia will largely be a scouting trip, but it will include some work of cleansing the land in the way that we were taught at the Passover conference last Spring. There is some serious work that needs to be done in Cambodia, especially since the mid-1970’s, when millions of Cambodians were killed by the Pol Pot regime. This really traumatized the country, and so we intend to do some work of cleansing the land of innocent blood.

We will be accompanied by a trusted member of the royal family of Cambodia, who lives here in Minneapolis. We have known him for a few years, and he is a believer in Christ. He and a retired Cambodian general (who also lives here) will meet us in Cambodia, since they will not be going to the Philippines with us.

Who knows how we will be led? We will see what God has in store for us when we get there. Our Cambodian friends have a great desire to see the Kingdom of God established in Cambodia.

I plan to write the November FFI ahead of time so that my family can mail it out after I leave.

I do not plan to do any weblogs while on the trip, but I will give a report when I get back.

God bless.