Cover Letter for January 2017 FFI

Cover Letter for January 2017 FFI

Date: 12/27/2016

Issue No. 342 - Cover Letter

Dear Friends,

Once again, we are in a new year and are arriving closer to the emergence of the Kingdom of God into the earth. We have been projecting many changes to take place from 2014-2017, and it appears that we are now coming into a very significant time in the transfer of authority from the beast nations to the saints of the Most High. I anticipate that this will probably come to a major climax in November or December 2017, coinciding roughly with the hundred-year cycle from 1917.

This past year we were able to put into print the 8-volume set of commentaries on the Book of Revelation, as well as the single book/commentary on the prophecy of Malachi. Further, the January issue of the FFI, enclosed with this cover letter, is the final segment of our series on Haggai, so we should soon have that book into print as well.

I anticipate having a 2-volume commentary on Hosea completed by mid-2017, if all goes well. At the present time, I am planning to do a study of Jonah in our next FFI series. One by one, we are getting commentaries finished on the most important books of the Bible.

I also finished my first “teaching” novel, Light from the Crack, and am distributing it now. I have even started writing my second novel (in my spare time!), called Through Timeless Mountains. It is a sequel, once again teaching important biblical principles in the context of a story. I am on chapter 6 right now. If I go on an extended trip this winter, I may have Dave post the chapters one day at a time as weblogs during my absence. It depends, I suppose, on how far I get into the book and whether or not these chapters are ready to post.

Thank you for your prayer and financial support for this teaching ministry work. Though I always acknowledge the sovereignty of God, and appeal only to Him to meet our needs, yet you too are part of the process and deserve a sincere thanks for your faithfulness. The world and the church gets the type of teaching that it is willing to support.

I believe that we are on the verge of a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that has been promised since biblical days. I am very hopeful that this will begin in 2017, and so I am preparing in anticipation of that day. Once that day arrives, it may be far more difficult to continue writing at the current pace, so that drives me to work hard and to finish these books before the Great Interruption that we have prayed for.

Right now we are in the middle of a repeated time cycle from November 8-14 to January 27-30. So far we have seen signs confirming the major dates in this cycle. I am looking for good things to happen by the end of January. While there is always opposition, there is always victory in the end. Years of intercession and spiritual warfare appear to be coming to a climax in 2017. Most of the prayer work has already been done, but there is just some last-minute work in the divine court to do now and then. I am encouraged by what I see coming. Whatever happens in the world, there is no need to fear. Just be where God wants you, and be aware of His presence, hear His voice, and follow His leading. Walk in faith always.

God bless.