Cover Letter for June 2016 FFI

Cover Letter for June 2016 FFI

Date: 05/26/2016

Issue No. 335 - Cover Letter

Tabernacles Conference 2016
DoubleTree Hotel – Minneapolis, MN
1500 Park Place Blvd.
September 16-18, 2016

We will be holding our Tabernacles Conference from Friday morning to Sunday evening, September 16-18, 2016. We have 50 rooms reserved from Thursday through Saturday nights, and 40 rooms for Sunday night.

Conference details can be viewed by clicking here.

This conference is somewhat early, because it is the only available time before Thanksgiving in late November. Then I realized that September 18 is the first day of Tabernacles on the Roman church calendar, since they celebrated Good Friday on March 25th. The Jewish calendar called for a “reset” month (2nd Adar), so they celebrated Passover on April 23rd. Neither calendar is based on a formula that is necessarily correct, so I don’t want to be a slave of either system. But as it worked out, the availability of the hotel conference room decided the issue for us.

Incidentally, I am planning to attend someone else’s Tabernacles conference at a hotel in northern Wisconsin during the entire week of October 16-23, which is Tabernacles on the Jewish calendar. Details are not yet available, but some of you may be interested in attending that one as well.

Shuttle Service: The hotel has shuttle service but only for a five-mile radius. Unfortunately, the airport is more than five miles away. You may take the train from the airport to the downtown area, where the hotel shuttle can meet you; or just take a taxi to the hotel.

Speakers: I have not yet lined up all of the speakers, but most of them will be the usual conference speakers.

Reservations: Our negotiated rate is $125/night for the hotel rooms. You may choose either a king-size bed or two doubles. Suites will cost more. You may call them at: 952-542-8600 or book online at:

We will put the above reservation link at the top of our own website’s home page at:

The hotel will create our own web site link so that you can make reservations online at the negotiated price of $125/night. It is a little expensive, but this is because there is a big Vikings-Packers football home game that week end in Minneapolis, and hotels will soon be packed out. Virtually all of the hotel chains raise their prices to close to $200/night on such occasions, so they are reluctant to give cheaper reservations to anyone. Then, too, it is also a very nice hotel in a good location with shops and restaurants nearby, as many of you already know from being there before.

How to make reservations for the Tabernacles Conference

We have received a personalized web site for you to make reservations for the Tabernacles conference in September.

The site allows you to make up to 5 reservations at a time, but it is not likely that any of you will need that many separate room reservations.

We have put the reservation link at the top of our own website’s home page at: It is quite self-explanatory.

Please ignore anything having to do with "logging in" on the website. The sign in boxes are for our admin, and not for room booking purposes. The image below is simply to help you find the button that you need to click to book your room. You will find that button on the page you are taken to when you click the link below.

Our Group Code is “GKK”. It is already filled out in the box on the web page where you are making reservations.

If you do not have a computer and want to make reservations directly with the hotel, call them at: 952-542-8600 and be sure to give them our Group Code: GKK.

New Book Project for Inmates

In the past ten years, I have written a lot of books and commentaries that have been published as spiral-bound books. This allows us to print up a few copies at a time, rather than print thousands of each book. This not only saves us having to spend a lot of money on inventory, but it also saves on storage space. My office is not big enough to store so many books.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to send spiral-bound books into prisons, because most prisons do not allow it. As many of you know, I send books free of charge to all inmates, and I even have an Inmate Literature List for non-spiral books that are available for inmates. This list has not changed much in recent years, because I have written very few stapled books lately.

But the good news is that after talking to the print shop where we do business, we have come up with an alternate form of binding books that makes them accessible to inmates. We are binding them with two plastic “posts” that are sturdy enough to hold together, while not covering up the text on the inside of the book. It’s not the most ideal way to do this, but at least we are able to make the books available to inmates now.

Of course, we cannot print all of these books at once, because that would be more than we can afford. Furthermore, inmates can only read one book at a time. So I have had the print shop create 100 copies of the first book: The Ten Commandments: How to Love God and Your Neighbor as Yourself.” These are now ready to send out free of charge to any inmate that requests it.

With about 200 inmates on the mailing list, I expect to send out at least 150 of each book whenever we make these available to them.

Between printing costs and postage, it will cost us about $8-10 each to do this project. I appreciate your generous donations that have already made this possible. At the current level of support, we should be able to make other books available at the rate of one new book every other month. It would be nice to do one book every month, but we will consider this only if our budget allows it. If any of you are able (and are led) to take this up as a special project, there are lot of inmates that would appreciate it, I am sure. Meanwhile, it is because of your generosity up to now that we are able to begin this new project.

God bless.