09/01/2011 - Cover Letter For September FFI

Cover Letter For September FFI

Date: 09/01/2011

Issue No. 278 - Cover Letter

Day of Atonement Conference


The Millennium Hotel

St. Louis, MO

October 7-9, 2011

Dear Friends,

Our Tabernacles conference this year will be sponsored by Stone Kingdom Ministries (as usual). However, this year the only time available was at the Day of Atonement, so we have taken that as the Word of the Lord. We look forward to seeing what special significance and revelation this conference will have for us.

Here are some excerpts from what James wrote on his web site: www.stonekingdom.org

We are continually amazed at how the Lord orchestrates both the times and locations for our conferences. I had been negotiating with several hotels. At two separate hotels, the sales managers of both were acquainted with someone named Bruggeman—not a very common name at all—and one of them told me her neighbor and best friend was a Bruggeman. I wondered if perhaps one of these two (very nice) hotel and conference venues might be where the Lord wanted us to hold the gathering.

But as it happened, we were offered a contract at an equally competitive rate with the Millennium Hotel which is only one block from the St. Louis arch! The other two were outlying venues. Being near the arch is important to us because the arch symbolizes the rainbow (Genesis 9), and hence, God’s covenant with all creation. Therefore, to be “under the arch” is perfect!

A letter from Ken in Tulsa first pointed us to the Millennium Hotel, and Ken also noted how we will be surrounded by a great company of saints, and the church of the firstborn (Heb. 12:20-24).

Looking at a map of the St. Louis area, you will notice it is surrounded by the towns of St. Ann, St. John, St. James, St. Cloud, St. Robert, St. Charles, St. Jacob, St. Genevieve, St. Francois, St. Joseph, St. George, St. Peter, St. Clair, and St. Mary.

In my first round of negotiations with the Millennium, the sales manager told me that she would have our group meet in the Lewis & Clark conference room... which caused me to about fall off my chair (with delight). Ron Oja has taught us for years about the prophetic significance of Lewis and Clark...going back to at least the election of Bush over Gore in 2000 when judges named Lewis and Clark gave Bush the victory in Florida. What a story that was (and still is), and I’ll bet that Ron will share it again in St. Louis in October!

Moreover, spiritually speaking, this all has to do with Ephraim (and Manasseh) and the double portion of the inheritance. With the Louisiana Purchase by President Tom Jefferson, the young U.S.A. doubled in size overnight! Jefferson then appointed his personal secretary, Meriwether Lewis, to head up an expedition to exp align="justify"ore the vast new territory. With his “co-captain,” William Clark, Meriwether left from St. Louis and returned there a long time later to ultimately tell of the great wonders and natural resources of the country.

Well, as it turned out, the Millennium’s Lewis and Clark room will not be large enough for the crowd we expect will attend, so the sales manager told me she was booking the Jefferson room for us—which serves prophetically just as well as the Lewis and Clark room would have!

Speaker-teachers for our Jubilee-Dedication-Tabernacles Bible Conference will be Diane Padilla, Vincent Imperial, Tom Rolland, Stephen Jones, Ron Oja and James Bruggeman.

Time: The Conference will commence at 9:30 on Friday morning and conclude at 1 p.m. on Sunday. Of course, we expect that many of us will find somep align="justify"ace else in the hotel or nearby for continued fellowship into the evening. Many will p align="justify"an to come in on Thursday and depart on Monday morning.

Reservations: You can phone in your reservations by calling 1-800-325-7353. Be sure to tell them you are with the Stone Kingdom Ministries Group. That way you will receive the very special room rate of $89/night (+ tax) in the south tower or $109 in the north tower. The rate app align="justify"ies to Thursday through Sunday nights. (Over 4 adults in a room requires an extra charge. Children under 18 are free with parents.)

The north tower is circular, and nicer. This is not to say the south tower is not nice; it is all first-class! Believe me, this is a great rate for this hotel! The hotel is downtown.

Parking is not free. However, they have discounted it for our group from $18/day to $9/day (one vehicle per room, subject to availability on the black level/street level of the attached parking garage). Please be aware that I considered that extra cost in my venue comparisons: even including the parking fee, the rate at the Millennium is still competitive with the outlying hotels who did not charge for parking.)

Admission Fee: We have decided to charge no admission fee to attend the Conference, knowing that our Father will provide for all the costs associated with this undertaking. It is very important for us to have an accurate head count, however, so p align="justify"ease write or email us that you will be in attendance. Even if you are not certain, p align="justify"ease let us know anyhow.

It is also important that you make your room reservations with the Millennium as early as possible because the cut-off date for our special discount rate is September 15, 2011. Our contract states: “After that, all unreserved rooms in our Room Block will be released for general sale. Thereafter, additional reservations for [SKM] Group Guests for the meeting dates will be accepted on a space-available and rate-available basis.” It may still be possible to get the SKM special rate after that, but (1) there is no guarantee, and (2) it is a real burden for this office (SKM) to have to make phone calls to ask for the special rate again on your behalf.

Anyone who wishes to share a room at the Millennium can contact our office and we will try to coordinate that. Email us at [email protected] or phone us at 828-277-7733. Put Millennium in the subject line of your email. [End of James’ article.]

Stephen & Darla