Passover Conference 2015

Passover Conference 2015

Apr 02nd 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Apr 03rd 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Apr 04th 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Apr 05th 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
1500 Park Place Blvd., Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55416, USA

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Please visit this page regularly as information will be periodically updated as needed.

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Video Streaming


The live streams were recorded and can be watched at your leisure at 

The video stream is available for viewing on a number of different devices including Mac and Windows computers, IOS and Android devices (iPhone, iPad, Android based phones and tablets), and some smart TVs and set-top boxes. Click here for more info.


Speakers / Schedule

Schedule Update - There is not a session being broadcast this Saturday eve.  You may consider taking the opportunity to review previously broadcasted and recorded sessions at  Join us Sunday morning for the Coronation session.

The 2015 Passover Conference is being held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Minneapolis. The Conference begins 9 am Thursday, April 2 and ends 10 pm Sunday, April 5.

The following schedule is based on Central Daylight Time (CDT).

Please use Time Converter tools to convert the times. One is available at 

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Schedule Updated table 2.png

Note:  James Bruggeman and Ron Oja will not be video streamed. This is reflected by the notation (NB) next to their names. James Bruggeman's recorded sessions will be available after the conference. To hear Ron Oja, you will need to be in Minneapolis for the conference.


Social Media Links

See below for general FaceBook and Twitter info.


We'll use the same Facebook page we used for the passover conference.  On this FaceBook page, you can share thoughts, inspirations, etc. before, during and after the conference.  Like and join the page.  Your Likes and joining will be publicly available and can be seen by those that also join the page.  We know that many of you have met each other at conferences past.  This FaceBook page provides a mean of reconnecting.

 - #passoverconference2015

Make postings on Twitter using the hashtag #passoverconference2015
General FaceBook and Twitter notes:
Viewers and speakers will be able to stay connected via these venues and that is much of the power of these.  We are aware that many are wary of Facebook and Twitter and other social media networks; and for good reason.  Both of these services will expose your privacy as much as you make your life public on them.  Both include many privacy setting to give you control of who can access to your information or postings.  Of course, we are aware that those powers that wish to view it all can do so.  This fact alone, though, should not negate the connecting power of these tools.  We also know that your home phone and cell phones are open to "data gathering" and few of us are likely to drop these tools.  All tools need to be respected, these are no different.  With a little understanding and a recognition that what you make public is public, these tools can be used safely and to great effect.  I would recommend you do some research and if you choose to sign up and / or practice with these "tools" do so well before the conference.


DonationsPlease be aware that there will be expenses incurred in this endeavour.  Cost for most individuals attending a traditional conference are often in the $1000+ once travel, hotel, etc. are included.  We would encourage you to prayerful consider supporting this endeavour financially.  

God's Kingdom Ministries is hosting the event.  To make a donation to the event costs (conference rooms, speaker's accommodations, etc), please make a donation here.

The is hosting the on-line streaming aspect of the conference. To make a contribution to towards these expenses, donations can be made here.