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Was Epstein's death faked?

Aug 10, 2019


John (a friend) sent me his analysis of the photo in the above link, showing Epstein’s body. He writes:

(Note: my medical background: approximately 50 years in medical field; six years Army corpsman; two years EMT; five years paramedic in regional trauma center; approximately 35 years practicing medicine as PA, including solo medical provider in emergency rooms.??? John).

This is a staged photo, if not Photoshop.?? (Someone appropriately pointed out that Epstein's head is much larger than everyone else's, even though he is further away.?? Also, the size of his head in relationship to the gurney would probably put him over 7 feet tall. But I am not an expert in Photoshop.).

???? This is a crime scene.?? (11-44, coroners case).?? You might bring in the paramedics to initially verify death, or resuscitate.?? Paramedics would not be transporting a dead body.?? And dead bodies are first placed in body bags before transportation. Dead bodies are placed on "one-man" gurneys and not the typical ambulance gurney.?? (Laws vary from state to state, in many states today the paramedics evaluation is sufficient to pronounce death.).?? A sheet is typically placed over a body so that no one can take a picture, such as this, if the patient is really dead.

During a suspected hanging, the victim would be carefully "un- hung," and brought down usually onto the floor, or bed.?? This would be a suspected fractured neck.?? The initial treatment, if they believe treatment is warranted, would be CPR while carefully protecting the cervical spine, neck.?? When the paramedics arrive, advanced airway (intubation) would be initiated, along with IVs for the administration of emergency medicines.?? They would also be placed on an EKG monitor.?? If they were going to transport this patient, the neck and spine would be secured.?? In other words, he would be on one of those backboards, that are standing against the wall.?? It does look like he has a hard cervical collar in place, but he would also probably have sandbags, and his forehead either strapped or taped down.?? Very Important: when they "call the code," (decide to stop CPR/resuscitation) all tubes, patches and IV lines are left in place.?? This is standard practice for every corners case.?? You see absolutely no evidence of advanced life support on this patient.?? And all of that advanced life support would've been initiated prior to placing the patient on a transport gurney.?? And at this point, with this type of injury, both paramedics would be securing the patient, and many others would be around to assist in the moving of the gurney for transport.

My diagnosis: Mr. Epstein has entered the federal witness protection program, probably under military supervision.

 Comment: Note also from a prophetic view that Epstein is/was 66 years and 6 months old.

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