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An overview of recent history

Aug 10, 2019

Those who obtain their knowledge of the world only through the mainstream media and government-run educational facilities are taught only a sanitized version of reality. Yet virtually everyone knows that governments have secrets, which are “classified” and therefore not available for public viewing.

My eyes began to be opened in 1971 while I was attending the University of Minnesota. I was appalled that all of my professors in the Philosophy Department were atheists, and half of them were proud and open members of the Communist Party. I remember one day when I went to class where the woman professor was terribly distressed because her close friend, a high-up official of the Communist Party in Minnesota, had just committed suicide. Class was cancelled for that day.

The question, of course, was how the Communist Party had gained such control over the University. Who had hired them to teach the young, impressionable students about the virtues of Communism and Socialism? Why were they allowed to shape the future of America and to undermine the very foundations of this country?

I knew then that the future of America would be far different from the America that I had known up to then. I wanted to know why and how, so that I might be part of the (biblical) solution, rather than the problem. I then was led to discover a book written by William Guy Carr called Pawns in the Game. It is available today online and can be read free of charge.


I then discovered many books and sources of material and was able to understand history much better than what was being taught in government-controlled schools.

Carr himself had been a submarine commander in the Canadian navy and was part of Canadian Intelligence. He was also a Christian and was disturbed by what he had observed in the world from the inside. He was well schooled in the history of the world revolutionary movement, as he called it, and so he gave a rather detailed history of each stage of its development from the English Revolution (1640’s) through World War 2.

I made it a point to read this book once a year for the next six years. It laid the foundations of my worldview in observing the modern manifestation of prophetic Babylon. His book has been confirmed in countless ways, though I now think that he overemphasized the Jewish connection to this movement. While Jews were certainly prominent in its formation at the beginning, the spiritual root of this revolutionary movement has been Luciferianism (as Carr himself tells us at the beginning of his book) espoused in the last half of the 1800’s by such prominent non-Jews as Albert Pike, the most prominent Scottish Rite Freemason.

The World Revolutionary Movement was not a spontaneous grass-roots revolt against social injustice. It was well financed by wealthy industrialists and bankers—Capitalists, in fact, who led the movement through proxy leaders. It seems strange that Communism would be funded, led, and promoted by wealthy Capitalists, because they have been careful to hide their tracks.

The injustice which these capitalists brought about by their greed and lust for power was causing unrest, so instead of trying to suppress it, they harnessed it and used its energy to enslave the very people who were fighting Capitalism. Because the average person did not really know the Scriptures and was not led by the Spirit, they were easily duped into supporting the covert slavery that they thought they were fighting.

The only true antidote to slavery and social injustice is to crown Jesus Christ as King and to follow His laws, which James 2:12 calls, “the law of liberty.” James was not saying that we should be liberated from the law of God. He was telling us that the law shows us the model of social justice that leads to liberty.

Communism and Socialism are man-made theories of government first set forth by the Socialists coming out of the French Revolution in the late 1790’s. The founders of America were well familiar with them and rejected their theories in favor of a government under God, as developed by the Protestant reformers. This is the form of government that is now under open attack. This is what the American Socialists now mean when they complain about “white nationalism.” It is also why some elements within our government believe that Christians are their greatest enemy. By labeling them "white," they have turned it into a racial issue, even to the point of calling Christianity itself a "white man's religion." Although that is ridiculous, there are always a few who will believe it without question.

This is really a spiritual battle pitting Socialist ideology against the (white) Protestant Reformers who rejected Catholic totalitarianism and gave us what liberties they could at the time.

I see the formation of America as a huge leap forward in the cause of liberty and freedom, yet it still had need of greater understanding of the divine law and the Kingdom itself. The first great compromise was about slavery and the limited application of the principles of liberty. Next was that they failed to outlaw usury, allowing banks to enslave us gradually. Their tax system was better than in other countries but was yet not biblical.

Because of those deficiencies, God Himself caused Mystery Babylon to bring us into bondage with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The result has been a century of change from government under God to government under men, where natural rights under God have become privileges given by government. The Bill of Rights is now almost entirely a Bill of Privileges, allowing the government to restrict rights and ultimately to repeal them altogether.

The tide first began to turn when the Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973. Up to that point, Christians were too focused on patriotically supporting the Vietnam war to be concerned with government usurpation of power. Roe v Wade hit the church on the side of the head and woke them up. Three years later, the American bicentennial celebration inspired many to remember the Declaration of Independence, and they began to notice how different the country had become since its founding.

Abortion opposition was followed by opposition to the modern tax system which was not the system set up by the Constitution. Men began to research the law to learn how so much freedom had been lost. Eventually, researchers became aware that the creation of the CIA in the early 1950’s was a major power shift from military might to intelligence gathering. Knowledge is power, and it proved to be even more powerful than military weapons.

At the same time, many in the military and the intelligence community, who had access to the classified secrets, became alarmed at the abuse of power that they saw. Being loyal patriots, they hesitated to do anything openly, but they quietly discussed these things with their friends.

In the 1990’s it became clear that the Babylonian plan was to shift power from America to China in the next century. First, Nixon opened up US-China diplomatic relations. This was followed by some trade deals in the 1980’s, and this finally climaxed in the 1990’s, first with the passage of the GATT treaty and then the World Trade Organization.

Here is where we entered the picture, for on November 21-29, 1993 we were led to conduct the Jubilee Prayer Campaign, knowing that we would see the results come to the surface a year later.             So on November 29, 1994, the US congress passed the GATT treaty, and then Speaker of the House Tom Foley resigned. Washington was de-Foley-ated, as I wrote in The Wars of the Lord.

We knew then that God’s answer to prayer would involve massive amounts of money shifting from West to East. God’s answer was not to wave a wand and set us free but to cause the financial collapse of the West. From the Babylonian point of view, this was how they intended to save their wealth—by transferring it to China. They knew that the system would inevitably collapse when the wealthy had most of the money and the people were overwhelmed by debt.

Instead of correcting the situation, they decided to take their wealth to China. So trade deals were made by President Clinton that would accomplish this goal. Military secrets were sold to China in order to make China and its Communist ideology dominant for another century. The era of Protestant Christian government could then be fully eradicated in the name of overthrowing “white nationalism.”

But they were not counting on the God Factor. God allowed them to send their factories and assets to China, and then brought in Trump, who made sure that they would lose money through tariffs if they remained in China. This has completely disrupted their long-term plan and has hurt them where it hurts the most—their bank accounts.

Also, the Babylonians were not counting on the backlash within the military and intelligence communities, who did not want to Make China Great Again at the expense of America. In 2012 (if not earlier) they linked up with Donald Trump, believing that his courage and often-abrasive New York personality could withstand the pressure from the mainstream media and overthrow the Babylonian plan.

Trump was elected president in November 2016, and a year later the beast governments listed in Daniel 7 lost their divine mandate to rule the earth after 2,520 years (plus the “lost century”). This “seven times” era had begun with the fall of Jerusalem in 604 B.C. Specifically, it ended on the 8th day of Tabernacles, October 12, 2017, the end of that prophetic year.

A week earlier, on October 5, 2017 Trump announced “the calm before the storm.” Three weeks later, on October 27, 2017, Q began posting mysterious questions, and the effort began to counter the propaganda of the Babylonian Deep State. The mainstream media ignored it for many months, not wanting to draw people’s attention to it. But it continued to grow exponentially, even throughout the world.

Finally, in July 2018 they could not ignore it any longer, and they began to attack it as a “conspiracy theory.” The fact is that Q just asked questions and posted links to articles that were already public knowledge. He encouraged people to research certain things for themselves, congratulating them later when people uncovered the facts on their own. With so much truth being uncovered with the help of Q’s pointed questions, the media became desperate.

Just this week they used the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and in Dayton, Ohio to blame Trump and Q for causing violence. The Walmart shooter’s self-description on Instagram showed that he (Patrick Crucius) was a registered Democrat and an atheist, but this was then altered to make him a Republican and a Christian.


Early police reports and a few eyewitnesses identified about 3 or 4 shooters, but this was soon reduced down to the “lone gunman” theory, reminiscent of the Kennedy assassination.


Today, we are nearing the crisis point of another revolution of gigantic proportions. It will take a few years to play out, of course, but the Epstein arrest has triggered the endgame. There are many very wealthy and powerful men who are in a state of near panic. They have a lot of experience covering up their crimes, especially by killing those who witnessed their crimes.

It would not surprise me to see a collapse of the stock market shortly. But if this does not happen in the next few months, I think it will be postponed until after the 2020 election. We have not had a free market for decades, so it can be manipulated by those who control it. The anti-Trump side wants to crash the market early so that Trump can be blamed in time for the elections. Trump too wants to crash the market in order to have an excuse to nationalize the Fed and make it truly “Federal.” That struggle is still playing out, and we have yet to see who wins.

It is important that we see beyond the surface of current events and look at the wider war that is taking place behind the scenes. Otherwise, we will not really understand what is going on, and we will certainly not understand how events are fulfilling Bible prophecy.

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