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Transferring wealth

Jul 15, 2019

Biblical patterns show that when God set Israel free from the major captivities, He also transferred the wealth of the wicked (Egyptians and Babylonians) to the righteous (i.e., the repentant Israelites). God hardened Pharaoh’s heart so that he would not let Israel go at the time appointed by the divine court.

For Egypt the appointed time was after 400 years; for Babylon the appointed time was after 70 years. When they refused to set the people free, they were guilty of contempt of court, which is the death penalty (Deuteronomy 17:12). More than that, by retaining their slaves, the law judged them by the principle of “eye for eye,” which indicates that the judgment must fit the crime. So when the slave masters continued to enslave them and extract wealth from their labor, the situation was suddenly reversed, and the wealth transfer reversed course.

God hardened Pharaoh’s heart in order to take the wealth of Egypt lawfully. God does not just steal from the wealthy to give to the poor, as the Socialists would do. It is not a crime to be wealthy per se. The wealth that they had accumulated through Israel’s slavery was lawful, because the divine court had given them that mandate. The same is true with the Babylonian captivity later. But once they went beyond their lawful mandate, God had “cause” to take their wealth. He destroyed Egypt and enslaved Babylon to the Medes and Persians.

Today we see the same thing happening. The deadline for the beast nations to let their slaves go free was the 8th day of Tabernacles, October 12, 2017. They refused to do so, of course, because their intent was to rule the world forever. God allowed them to go past their deadline in order to strip them of their wealth and ultimately to put them under the authority of Jesus Christ and the overcomers.

On December 21, 2017 President Trump signed an Executive Order in preparation for seizing the wealth of the corrupt rulers of Babylon.


This was just 2½ months after the deadline on October 12, 2017. The Attorney General at the time was Jeff Sessions, who had been sworn in on February 9, 2017 and then recused himself from the Muller investigation. Although Trump chafed at this and castigated him in public, it was all a charade designed to make the Deep State overconfident that Mueller would find some collusion between Trump and Putin.

Sessions actually recused himself in order to focus upon the Epstein investigation, which has now resulted in his arrest. In Post 3385, dated July 9, 2019, Q wrote:

You didn’t think the Epstein investigation began a few months ago, did you?
It was all under the direction and oversight of AG Jeff Sessions.
Expect a lot more to become public (unsealing).

Now that Epstein has been arrested, it would seem logical that his assets are being frozen, pending trial. If he is convicted, his billions could be confiscated, along with his island. And then what about Les Wexner, who is also a billionaire and appears to be Epstein’s main handler on behalf of the Israeli Mossad? Could his wealth also be seized later?

Then what about Lynn de Rothschild? On July 11, 2019, Q post 3417 reads:

How does LD (Rothschild’s) connect to the Bronfman’s?
Find the bridge.
Think Company.
How is Bronfman connected to NXIVM?
NXIVM > Who Pleaded Guilty?
Allison Mack?
>>>>>>>>WATCH NYC<<<<<<<
News unlocks.

We learn from this that Alan Dershowitz, who was Epstein’s lawyer back in 2007, and who went to Epstein’s “pedo island” many times, says that Lynn de Rothschild had first introduced him to Epstein.

Furthermore, Clare Bronfman, who pleaded guilty in the NXIVM case last month, was a business partner of Rothschild. Their company is Bronfman Rothschild Wealth Advisors.


Clare Bronfman pleaded guilty to make some sort of plea deal for a reduced sentence. I have not seen any reports on the nature of the plea deal, but if her testimony was really helpful, she may be able to retain her wealth. Even so, as these cases progress, Q is hinting that Lynn de Rothschild herself is actively involved in this very large pedophile ring. If so, could her wealth be confiscated? Is this leading to the Rothschild banks themselves?

It may well be that by the time this is concluded, all of the Rothschild-owned banks in the world, including most of the Central Banks for entire nations, could be confiscated. That includes the Federal Reserve Bank.

If so, this wealth transfer could bypass Congress and be done directly by the courts, empowered by Trump’s Executive Order on December 21, 2017.

When Q asks, “WHEN DOES A BIRD SING?” the accepted answer is “When it is caged.” Both Allison, the actress, and Clare Bronfman herself apparently have been “singing,” that is, they have been giving testimony of all that they know about both NXIVM and Epstein’s pedophile ring.

Q’s term “5:5” has a number of meanings, but it probably carries the military definition: “Locked and Loaded.” In other words, the legal weapons are ready for firing.

The Manhattan Connection

Q then says to “Watch NYC.” Two days later, on July 13, part of Manhattan had a blackout for a few hours, causing massive disruptions. People were caught in elevators, stores had to close, and traffic was snarled. This occurred precisely 42 years after another blackout in NYC occurred back in 1977.

Coincidences should make everyone suspicious, especially when Q tells us two days ahead of time that we should “Watch NYC.” Was it a coincidence that the blackout began on 42nd street and that 42,000 people in Manhattan were affected?


The 2019 power outage pales in comparison to the disaster that was the 1977 blackout. According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, the scope of the blackout reaches between “W 42nd St and 72nd St, from the Hudson River to as far as 5th Ave” and according to ConEd is has affected approximately 42,000 people.

I don’t think that Q was prophesying as such. I think Q knew that a blackout was being planned in order to accomplish something under the table. At this point, I do not know its purpose, but we may find out later.

Another apparent coincidence occurred on the same day as the blackout in Manhattan. There was a 4.0 Richter earthquake that struck near Manhattan, Montana.


I take this as a sign from God that we should take note of the Manhattan blackout. No doubt it is connected to the Southern District of New York, where Epstein is being tried. All of this seems connected somehow, and I would take the Manhattan quake as a sign of the great shaking that is now taking place, similar to Angela Merkel’s shaking.

In another ironic twist, James Comey’s daughter is one of the three lead prosecutors on the Epstein case.


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