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The Ninth and Tenth Signs of Elisha

Jul 16, 2019

July 15 was a watch date this year, as it has been since 2010 when the Gulf oil spill was capped. That was nine years ago. It is hard to believe that so much time has passed since then.

If you are a long-time reader, you will recall that we entered into the time of Elisha on April 12, 2009 (Wave-sheaf offering, or “Easter”). Whereas John the Baptist was “Elijah,” who prepared the way for Christ’s first ministry, the Elisha company are called to prepare the way for the second work of Christ in our time.

Elijah had the single portion; Elisha has the double portion that alone can complete this work. So Elijah performed eight miracles, which were also prophetic signs, while Elisha performed sixteen miracle-signs.

Many today look for another Elijah ministry, but we believe that it is more properly the Elisha ministry in our time that we should be seeing.

After launching the Elisha ministry by prophetic declaration in 2009, we began to see parallel events (“signs”) in our own time, which followed the pattern of each of the signs in the story of Elisha in 2 Kings 2-4. I wrote about these in earlier weblogs for 2009 and 2010, which are still posted online in our archives.

The Eighth Sign

We went through eight signs in just 14 months, ending July 9-15, 2010. The eighth sign was the Gulf oil spill, which ran parallel to the “death in the pot” story in 2 Kings 4:40, 41. The word “pot” means cauldron, and someone had gathered poisonous gourds by mistake and had put them in the cauldron. The prophet was led to cast barley meal into the cauldron, which neutralized the poison and made the stew edible.

We connected this story to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Mexico’s president at the time was Felipe Calderón. He served as president from 2006-2012. Hence, the Gulf of Mexico could be viewed at the time as the Gulf of Calderón, a “cauldron” that had “death in the cauldron.”

We were led by the Spirit to cast barley meal into the source of the Mississippi River at the headwaters a few hours’ drive north of us. After casting barley into the river in the presence of about two dozen witnesses, I looked at my watch and it was 2:16 pm. Precisely 144 hours and 9 minutes later, the oil spill was capped on July 15 at 2:25 pm.

The Ninth Sign

Since we had seen eight signs in just 14 months, I assumed that we would see the ninth sign within a few months, but this did not happen. The ninth sign is seen in 2 Kings 4:42-44, where a man brought 20 flat-bread loaves of barley as a first-fruits offering to Elisha’s school of the prophets. This bread was multiplied and fed 100 men, having left-overs.

But the ninth sign was not as apparent as the previous signs. We continued to receive confirmation that we were yet in the single portion of the eighth sign, associated with Elijah.

Elisha’s multiplication of the barley bread was the Old Testament equivalent of the story in John 6, where Jesus fed the 5,000 with just five barley loaves and two fish (John 6:9, 10). They ended up with 12 baskets full of leftovers (John 6:13). So we understood that the ninth sign was about receiving the provision necessary to complete the work.

The ninth sign is the door opener for the double portion that Elisha had received from Elijah. Whereas Elijah performed eight signs, Elisha performed sixteen, but until Elisha performed his ninth sign, he was still functioning under the single portion of Elijah. Hence, the first eight signs can be seen as the equivalent of the Elijah portion, even though they were being done by Elisha.

The Tenth Sign

The ninth sign itself is about provision—multiplying the bread—in order to facilitate the tenth sign (2 Kings 5). The tenth sign is about the story of Naaman the Syrian, who was a leper that came to the prophet for healing. He was told to baptize himself in the Jordan River seven times to fulfill the law of lepers (Leviticus 14:7). He did so, and he was healed. He then took “two mules’ load of earth” (2 Kings 5:17) back to Syria with him, so that he could worship the true God of Israel while praying on Kingdom soil.

In other words, the tenth sign is about the gospel going out beyond borders. It is also about the healing of leprosy, which is a biblical type and shadow of mortality (a slow death). Back in 1999 we designed our main logo as a shield portraying the two doves that it took to cleanse lepers, as portrayed in Leviticus 14:4-6. The tenth sign of Elisha is about Naaman the Syrian leper, which prophesies the healing of the nations. This, we believe, is the mandate of the Elisha ministry, so we intend to fulfill that mandate to the best of our ability.

But to do that, we needed to see the fulfillment of the ninth sign of Elisha, which was to open the door to the international ministry of the tenth sign. During the past nine years since 2010, we did indeed receive sufficient provision to begin this work, thanks to some generous donors. I knew that this was at least the start of the ninth sign, especially because it was accompanied by some unusual double-yoke signs. But I believed that the full sign would be the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar and the Global Currency Reset. As long as that event had not yet taken place, I did not see us being fully equipped to do the international ministry in the full sense of the word.

I was partially correct, but there was a key revelation that I did not have until yesterday, when events clarified the matter greatly. The key was that the earlier provision in the past few years was to be viewed as a “barley” donation that God would multiply afterward. In other words, it was the equivalent of the 20 loaves in 2 Kings 4:42 and as the 5 loaves in John 6:9.

Again, back in November 2013, my wife and I went to the Philippines to hold a pastor-teacher conference at Lake Sebu. As is customary, they asked me to pay for enough rice to feed 100 pastors, and I connected this to the story of Elisha, who fed 100 men. The conference was held on November 13 and 14.

Another friend had also sent me Iraqi dinar to give to the 100 pastors at the conference. I did so on November 14, the last evening of the conference. It happened to be the 318th day of the year, a number associated with the ninth sign of Elisha through “the strange Dinar story” that I posted in March of 2011. The “angel” said, “It will RV [revalue] at 318.”


So there is no doubt that we have seen indications of the ninth sign of Elisha for a long time. Although we have been unable to set up Bible Schools around the world (as we envision), we have certainly had sufficient provision to travel and to prepare the way for that greater work.

The Baptism

This past weekend Sharon received word from the Lord that she was to go to the Mississippi River and dip herself in the river seven times. She discussed this with Brad and I, and together we discerned that this was to be done yesterday, July 15, the anniversary of the fulfillment of the eighth sign of Elisha (capping the Gulf oil spill).

So yesterday, after a final discussion in the early afternoon, we drove to the nearby river. (My office is less than a mile from the Mississippi River.) We went to the same location where we had gone in past years on the Island of Peace. The river was brown, not because of mud but because of the tannin from pine needles up the river. Its brown color was reminiscent of the muddy Jordan River, which had caused Naaman to object to the instructions at first (2 Kings 5:10,11, 12).

There Sharon stepped into the river and went under the water seven times while Brad and I watched and bore witness. I then thought to check the time and discovered that she had done this at precisely 2:16 pm. It was the same time that we cast barley into the river upstream on July 9, 2010.

The coincidence connected these two events, and because this was a baptism, we now saw the two as a sequence of death and resurrection. Casting the barley into the river in 2010 was the death experience that was designed to correct the “death in the pot/cauldron,” and Sharon’s baptism in 2019 was the book end to this—resurrection.

Up to that moment, we had not viewed the event in 2010 in terms of baptism, but now we were able to see that casting barley into the river was a symbolic baptism of the barley company, the overcomers. Yet it was only the first half of baptism, because baptism is not complete without coming out of the water (resurrection).

More than that, this baptism sign was a direct parallel to Naaman’s baptism. His baptism was part of the tenth sign of Elisha. This made it clear that the ninth sign had already occurred, and that we were now seeing the tenth sign.

Sharon’s baptism was a bridge connecting the 8th and 10th signs.

In both cases, however, the signs were beginning points. Whereas I had been viewing the ninth sign in terms of the bread being multiplied, I now see it in terms of the smaller amount of “barley” that was to be multiplied afterward. The tenth sign has now started as of July 15 at 2:16 pm (CST), but obviously, that only marks the start of a long time of ministry.

This means that we are now officially in the double portion of Elisha. It also marks the start of the international ministry under that double anointing. It is too early to say exactly what that will look like or what subsequent events will take place, but we have definitely crossed the line into a new thing that God is doing. We will see how God multiplies the bread.

The story of Naaman also includes the story of Gehazi, who wanted to be paid for Elisha’s services. Elisha charged nothing for his service, but Gehazi ran after Naaman and accepted payment. He received two talents of silver (2 Kings 5:23), and with it came Naaman’s leprosy (2 Kings 5:27), not only upon Gehazi but also upon his descendants.

Were Gehazi’s descendants also lepers? Did leprosy really pass down to all of them up to the present day? This cannot be proven either way, for we have no record of his children. It is a spiritual leprosy on a prophetic level that we must see today. The story serves as a warning to those who are motivated by money, those who prophesy or heal others for a fee.

Yes, that does happen. I was told many years ago about a prominent healing evangelist who charged $50 just to stand in the healing line. The television cameras did not record this, of course, so most people were unaware of what was going on behind the scenes. I do not know how many others have followed that man’s example over the years, but the story of Gehazi serves as a warning to them and all who would become the sons of Gehazi by doing the deeds of their spiritual father.

Projections for the Future

My expectation is that the Global Currency Reset will occur at some point as needed. I do not have a sense of timing for that, other than the fact that it is a barley date. July 15 was the last major barley date that we were watching this year, but God has ways of fulfilling things, so I cannot rule out other soon-coming dates. For instance, there is the old revelation that “July is like September.” It seems apparent that September 15 is parallel to July 15 and is therefore a barley watch date. But there are other dates to watch as well.

July 15-22 is also a sign of the feast of Tabernacles (in the 7th month on our calendar). Every year we watch this time period, for we often see events occur at this time of year.

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