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Hurricane Barry hits Louisiana

Jul 13, 2019

The season’s first hurricane hit Morgan City, Louisiana this morning, just west of New Orleans. It was a relatively small hurricane, a category 1, with winds measured at 76 mph and is now just a tropical storm as it moves north. The biggest problem probably will not be the wind but flooding, as parts of Louisiana brace for two feet of rain in the next day or two.


A caption under one of the pictures in the above link says:

Barry, which reached sustained winds of 76 mph, brought down power lines and caused trees to fall on many roadways 

Yesterday, we received word from the Lord that this was a judgment event leading to purification and cleansing. All of God’s judgments are designed for a good purpose if we look at them long-term, but in this case the event was used to cast out the ruling spirit over that region—the spirit of Baal-Peor. His throne was centered in New Orleans.

The gatekeeper for Baal-Peor was assigned upstream in St. Louis. We cast him out as well into outer darkness. It seems to me that the overthrow of these two spirits will prove to be the biggest benefit to the region in the midst of the destruction.

We also found it interesting that there is a connection between Barry and Katrina, which hit New Orleans in late August 2005. Katrina means “purification,” while Barry hit land with 76 mph winds—the number of cleansing.

Another New Orleans-Denver Connection?

In September 2005, about a month after Hurricane Katrina had devastated New Orleans, we held a Tabernacles conference in a Denver suburb. We knew that Katrina was going to be a major topic, but we were surprised when we walked into the hotel and saw the hotel restaurant, where a sign read: “The Laffite Restaurant, featuring Real New Orleans food.”

I realized then that we had gone to Denver in order to discern revelation about New Orleans. A day later, during the conference itself, we discovered that the organizers of the Southern Decadence Festival were meeting in room directly above our meeting room. The Southern Decadence is a festival held over Labor Day each year in New Orleans as a gay-lesbian festival. So once again, we realized that although we were physically in Denver, we were spiritually in New Orleans.

The point is that Hurricane Barry is now threatening New Orleans with flooding once again, and I am planning to be in Denver next weekend. Is there a connection? I will find out when I get there, I suppose. An old friend died on Thursday, July 11, and he wanted me to officiate at his memorial service next Friday. I will be staying Saturday and most of Sunday to meet with friends before flying home.

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