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Epstein--The ugly face of the occult elite

Jul 25, 2019


A closer look at the island reveals some strange details that are begging to be further investigated. Everything on the Island appears to be custom-built to cater to the occult elite’s extreme brand of depravity….

The fact that a “temple” was built on an island known for extreme depravity is disturbing. However, when one fully understands the mindset of the occult elite, it makes perfect sense. It is all about symbolism and ritual.

For instance, the “temple” has a striking resemblance with Hammam Yalbugha – a Mamluk-era public bath located in Syria….

Why did Epstein model his “temple” on this specific building? Because of the symbolism attached to it. Indeed, the hammam is a classic example of architecture from the Mamluk era. In Arabic, the word “mamluk” literally means “property” and is used to designate slaves.

During the Mamluk era, children were captured by the ruling class to become slaves. Boys were usually trained to become soldiers while girls were groomed to become the personal concubines of their masters. Considering the fact that Epstein island was used to import child sex slaves for the elite, the symbolism is perfectly fitting.

In order to give the “temple” an unmistakeable occult dimension, the building was adorned with golden statues representing gods (Neptune) and owl-like birds. The building is also surrounded by maze-like patterns, similar to those found in Islamic architecture….

Will the dark secrets of Epstein Island and the occult elite be finally revealed to the world? Or will mass media filter and censor the information that will go against the interests of its elite owners?

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones