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Declassified documents released today

Jul 31, 2019

On July 25, 2019, Q wrote in post #3505,

Nunes to receive a special package from BARR?

Republican congressman Devon Nunes, a ranking member of the Democrat-controlled Judiciary Committee, has asked the DOJ for documents relating to the FISA court applications to investigate Donald Trump in 2016. Those documents have been blocked up to now, but after the President put their release into the authority of AG Barr, he now has full authority to release those documents. The only other major blockade was the Director of National Intelligence, who has now announced his resignation as well.

Perhaps Nunes will be honored with the first declassified documents today. I doubt very much if Barr will give them to the House Judiciary Chairman Adam Schiff, who has leaked to the press nearly every classified document favorable to his party. Bypassing Schiff is an obvious snub in this War of Documents.

On July 29, Joe DiGenova stated that AG Barr will release some documents “on Wednesday,” which is today, July 31.


Perhaps now we will begin to see some real transparency in government. No criminal wants transparency, but those who have nothing to hide have no problem with it. You can probably determine who is a government criminal by their efforts to block the release of these documents, regardless of which party they are in.

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