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Pentecost Conference Report

Jun 14, 2019

We returned home last evening from our trip to North Carolina, where I was a speaker at the Pentecost conference in Charlotte last weekend.

As usual, it was the best conference ever. Each conference seems to outdo the previous one, although this may be due mostly to a short memory. They are all very good, but this time it seemed that all of the teachings fit together better than ever. Although there was no announced theme (other than Pentecost itself), and each speaker prayed independently to know what to teach, there was greater synchronicity than usual. Each teaching supplemented the others.

I was led to teach first on Peace (shalom), relating it to the peace offerings and the Prince of Peace, and secondly on Unity and the intercessory principle of Identification. The videos of the teachings will be posted as soon as they can be edited and prepared.

The meeting room at the hotel was set up for about 150 people, and there were hardly any seats unfilled at any moment. James’ best estimate was that we had 153 people in attendance. It was great to see old friends once again and to meet new ones. Arthur came the farthest distance (from New Zealand). Milton and Marion came from Hawaii. Others came from Canada. Of course, most came from the continental USA.

On the way to the conference, we met with a small group in Ohio, where I taught on the restoration of all things. Some liked it; some did not. Such teaching has been a hot topic ever since the year 400 when it was challenged for the first time for political reasons. I wrote about that in my small booklet, A Short History of Universal Reconciliation. Prior to the year 400 it was unquestionably a near universal teaching in the early church. That is the big secret among Seminary grads, as they seem to be embarrassed that the entire early Church would teach something that is now presumed to be a great “heresy.”

The irony is that the current alternative—if it were taught at all—would have been considered heresy for the first 400 years of the Church.

Anyway, our return trip took four days as well, since we stopped to visit friends along the way.

We are now making plans to interview some people on video. I want to try to post at least one video per month and perhaps do a livestream video once in a while.

I hope to return to my study in the Book of Ruth shortly.

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