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New York's new abortion law

Jun 16, 2019

As the new Civil War heats up across the cultural, moral, and religious divide, New York has now passed a law forcing all taxpayers to fund abortions and even to fund travel expenses to those who come from out of state.

One would think that with the millions of Catholics and Jews in New York City, there would be great opposition to this. One would think that these religious folks would elect governors and representatives that reflected their official religious views. That is obviously not the case, because they continue to elect those who delight in killing babies in the name of women’s rights and reproductive rights. (Translation: the right to kill one’s children up to a certain age.)


No wonder New York City’s latest move in respect of abortion was advanced “under the radar,” as the New York Times put it. The plan being hatched to start allocating taxpayer funds for abortions for poor women who travel here from other states may not, at least at the moment, involve a lot of money. It is, though, a shocking escalation in the population wars.

The plan, according to the Times, which broke the story, is for the city to allocate $250,000 for abortions. The idea, the headline suggests, is to challenge conservative states that have been moving to curb abortions. The allocation from taxpayer funds would go to a charity, the New York Abortion Access Fund, that cuts checks directly to clinics to cover abortions for women who cannot pay.

The problem with the government granting rights (instead of privileges) is that the moment a so-called “right” is granted, it immediately becomes illegal to criticize it. Freedom of speech is immediately curtailed, as if that is what it means to grant a right.

So also, once homosexual marriages were ordained by government, it became illegal to oppose it in public. Everyone is expected to AGREE with the law, whether or not it violates one’s beliefs. Thus, all opposition is squelched in order to solidify the new “right” in the culture of the nation.

Yet there is a silver lining in all of this. The Socialists on the left are in panic mode as they run as fast as they can toward their previously hidden agendas. Donald Trump has forced them to “out” themselves as Socialists. This has exposed many politicians, most recently, Joe Biden, who has now come out and admitted that he is pro-abortion, after denying it for many years while working toward that goal privately.

By the way Socialism is the practical form of Communism. There are no truly Communist countries. Never have been. Communism is just the stated goal, and Socialism is the means to that goal, according to their own writings. Recall that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was not the Union of Soviet Communist Republics.

Those who vote for Socialists are assisting political leaders in establishing Communism in their nation in the long-term. Voters need to read up on the history of Socialism and its view that theft of other men’s labor (through taxation) is a moral value. It is the opposite of Christianity, where men are asked to give to the poor, while their right to secure the fruit of their labor is protected.

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Category: News Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones