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A sign of the great shaking

Jun 29, 2019

We have received revelation for many years about a great shaking that is to come, based on the prophecy in Haggai 2:6, 7, which is also referenced in Hebrews 12:26, 27. We have understood that this would come in many different forms: earthquakes, political upheavals, and economic spikes and crashes (up and down motion).

It appears that we are now seeing another sign of things to come. This occurred June 18.


Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has brushed aside concerns for her health after she started to tremble convulsively during a welcoming ceremony for the Ukrainian president in Berlin on Tuesday. 

Video footage shows Mrs Merkel desperately trying to stop herself from shaking as she stands for the German national anthem during a military ceremony near the Chancellery.

The 64 year old can be seen repeatedly clasping her hands in an attempt to maintain composure while her whole body shakes violently.

News reporters and politicians dismissed it as a case of dehydration, much like Hillary made her own excuses (“pneumonia”) when she collapsed at the 911 ceremony in 2016. Move on, folks. Nothing to see here, proven later by the appearance of one of her doubles, who passed her “pneumonia” on to a 12-year-old girl just to calm the press.

Speaking at a press conference after her scheduled meeting with Mr Zelenskiy, the Chancellor brushed aside any fears about her health.

“I’ve drunk three glasses of water in the meantime, clearly that was what caused it. And in that respect I’m doing much better,” she said.

However, this happened again a short time later on June 27, and this it was harder to dismiss as a simple case of dehydration.


Concern is growing over the health of Angela Merkel after the German Chancellor was overcome by a shaking fit for the second time in a little over a week on Thursday.

Eight days after footage showed Ms Merkel desperately trying to maintain composure as she shook from head to foot at a reception for the Ukrainian president, she has suffered another bout of trembling.

Footage from Thursday morning shows Ms Merkel’s legs shaking as she stands through a swearing-in ceremony in Berlin for the country’s new justice minister, Christine Lambrecht.

Ms Merkel can been seen clutching her arms in an attempt to control herself while glancing uncomfortably to her side. An aide then offers her a glass of water which she turns down.

If this were truly a case of dehydration, would she refuse a glass of water? Her aide apparently believed her story the first time, so he offered her water. But who would believe that story now?

I see this as a sign of the great shaking that will soon take place when God’s voice shakes both the heavens and the earth. These two moments when Merkel was being shaken do not tell us when the shaking will begin, but her position as Chancellor suggests at least that a political quake is coming soon.

Whether or not this will be fulfilled on some particular time cycle is yet unclear, but signs in general are given so that we may have time to prepare.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones