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Trip Report

May 14, 2019

Tomorrow I will be flying out of town to perform a wedding and will be gone for a full week. I have many last-minute preparations to do today, so I won’t do a regular teaching blog today.

The wedding itself will be a New Covenant wedding ceremony, so it will be a little different from most weddings. In addition, it will be performed this Sunday, May 19, which happens to be the Second Passover. This is always a watch date each year, especially because it is perhaps the strongest “barley” watch date of the year.

It may connect with the Elisha ministry signs that I have written about in the past. Revelation this week also indicates that we are in some sort of preparation work at the moment, focusing on Elijah. The Father warned us not to run away as Elijah did when opposition arose. This seems to be a time of repairing the Elijah ministry (8 miracle signs) so that Elisha’s double portion ministry (16 miracle signs) may finish the work.

This week also promises to be a “boom week,” as Q put it. He has also said earlier that C comes before D, which indicates that the Comey report will come before the Declassification of the FISA memos. So watch for the Comey report to be released by the DOJ. This report no doubt will result in his indictment for perjury at the very least and treason as the worst scenario, and it will cause a lot of angst among the Democrats in Congress.

Have you noticed that the many things that were “politically correct” in past decades are now becoming law? People around the world are being arrested and charged with terrorism crimes or hate crimes for holding different political views. It is fast becoming illegal to dispute the idea of “global warming,” or to deny gay “rights,” or to claim that Islam is not a religion of peace.

In just the past year or two Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have been banning people who have differing views on the issues above. Even Dutch Sinse has often been banned for reporting on earthquakes around the world. The US Geological Service does not like him, because he has caught them often lying about earthquake intensity and for not reporting major earthquakes that other agencies report on their sites. That seems quite petty to me, but it shows just how extensive the censorship problem is becoming.


So we cannot rely on the media any more to tell us the unbiased truth, because “truth” has already been established by law, and to dispute it can run the risk of prosecution. If this is allowed to progress, it will eventually result in outlawing the Bible—or, more likely, having a New Government Revised Standard Version being issued, which will eventually become the only Bible allowable for public use. I know they are already working on a gender neutrality Bible, removing all the words denoting “him” or “her.” Seriously. It is not a translation from the Hebrew or Greek. It is just a “version.”

I don’t know how far God will allow this to go before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit sweeps it all away, but meanwhile, we need to mature spiritually in order to discern properly. We also need to stop relying so heavily on the news media to be informed.

The good news is that there are increasing signs of the flood of the Holy Spirit that is coming. I just hope we are not being given a 120-year warning now! God always gives ample warning, though few have ears to hear, and most are surprised when things happen in the earth. But you are not among those who will be taken by surprise, because you are involved in the preparations for the work of the Holy Spirit.

Today is also the 71st anniversary (by our calendar) of the Israeli state’s formation in 1948. Last year was the 70th anniversary, and I believe this was an important prophetic turning point. So far I see no particular news that would indicate any change in that regard, but as always there are many hidden things going on behind the scenes.

There are reports in the past few days that some explosive-filled submarine drones blew holes in 4 oil tankers in or near the Persian Gulf. Two of them were Saudi tankers. Trump has sent two aircraft carriers to the area. We need to watch those developments, as they might indicate that war is imminent. A war in that part of the world would affect every nation in the region, including the Israeli state. You may want to re-read my 1986 vision of the two bears.


Note that the bears did not refer to Russia but to Persia (Iran) and the spiritual “prince” behind the Mideast itself.

In the next week I plan to take my laptop with me, but I doubt that I will find time to post anything for the next week unless something really significant takes place. I suggest that you take this opportunity to catch up on your reading. Remember that all my books are posted on my website. Just go to the home page and click on the “Teachings” link.

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