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The post-Mueller world

May 02, 2019

Now the Mueller report has produced its nothing-burger, the agents for the Deep State are angry and are trying to extend the life of their conspiracy theory by conducting more investigations. But these will go nowhere for the same reason that the Mueller Report went nowhere. All of the promises of impeachment are now dashed to the ground, not only because it would never pass the Senate but also because there is insufficient evidence to do anything.

The investigation did tie Trump’s hands for two years, however, forcing him to delay some of his campaign promises. So in that sense, the Deep State’s tactics were partially effective. They could not stop Trump, but they could certainly delay him. Now they realize that the only way to avoid going to prison for their crimes will be to win the 2020 elections and gain at least 60 seats in the Senate, where impeachment trials must be held.

This is a long shot, of course, at least from today’s perspective. On the other hand, Trump himself must win the 2020 election, because if he were to lose control of the DOJ and FBI, he would find his life in danger for attempting to overthrow the long-established Deep State. Next year’s election is literally a matter of life and death for Trump and his family—unless the military would conduct a coup and hit the reset button.

In my view, it is time for all of the manifestations of the beast systems to lose power, so I believe that Trump will win another four years. This will give him time to change the entire system and (inadvertently, perhaps) prepare the way for the Kingdom of God. The Deep State in the past few years has revealed its true goals—to destroy Christianity and any vestige of Christian morality and the Protestant Reformers’ ideas of liberty and Christian government.

There are writers out there trying to bring fear and hopelessness, telling us that the Antichrist is yet to arise and that the Great Tribulation is nearly upon us. We’re all going to die soon, unless we take the mark of the beast. As Jesus would say, “You err, not knowing the Scriptures.” I would add that they err by not understanding timing and prophecy. In the end, it matters not what the Deep State does, nor does it even matter what Trump does. The Kingdom of God is upon us, and it cannot be stopped by either side of this political conflict.

Obama’s NSA Spied on 35 World Leaders and Others

Former president Obama ordered the NSA to spy on at least 35 world leaders, according to Edward Snowden. Snowden worked for the CIA, which has competed with the NSA for power within the US government. Q tells us that Snowden’s release of classified NSA documents was actually a CIA operation that was designed to weaken the power of the NSA and thereby strengthen the influence of the CIA itself.

Regardless of that issue, the release of these classified documents show that Obama instructed the NSA to spy on 35 world leaders.


The National Security Agency monitored the phone conversations of 35 world leaders after being given the numbers by an official in another US government department, according to a classified document provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The confidential memo reveals that the NSA encourages senior officials in its "customer" departments, such as the White House, State and the Pentagon, to share their "Rolodexes" so the agency can add the phone numbers of leading foreign politicians to their surveillance systems.

The document notes that one unnamed US official handed over 200 numbers, including those of the 35 world leaders, none of whom is named. These were immediately "tasked" for monitoring by the NSA.

The revelation is set to add to mounting diplomatic tensions between the US and its allies, after the German chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday accused the US of tapping her mobile phone.

After Merkel's allegations became public, White House press secretary Jay Carney issued a statement that said the US "is not monitoring and will not monitor" the German chancellor's communications. But that failed to quell the row, as officials in Berlin quickly pointed out that the US did not deny monitoring the phone in the past.

Given the mindset of the Obama administration, which believed that spying on friendly world leaders was justified, there is no reason to believe that they would not spy on Trump as well. When such spying is leaked to the public, they have to scramble to justify their actions, of course, but that does not make it legal.

Unless, of course, we adopt Nixon’s adage: “If the president does it, that means it’s not illegal.”

Trump’s Counter-Offensive

Q has told us many times in the past 18 months that once the Mueller Report ends, other reports from ongoing investigations will be presented to the public, which will show the real truth that has been hidden previously. The first report that is due in about a week from now is the report on the investigation of James Comey, former head of the FBI who protected Hillary Clinton from prosecution and then lied about it under oath.

It appears that this is to be the opener in the counter-offensive, followed by the release of the declassified FISA memos, which will bear witness to what has already been reported in the news—that the Steele Dossier, which was the basis for the entire Russia collusion conspiracy theory was obtained illegally by withholding information from the FISA court. The FISA court justice has already stated that those who signed the papers broke the law, so it is only a matter of time before this is made official by the release of these memos to the public.

Here is a short 7-minute news video of interviews that summarize what is coming.


According to Q, the order of events is: the Mueller Report, the Comey report, the declassification of the FISA memos, and then the report from the Office of Inspector General (Horowitz). After that, he says, justice and truth will prevail.

The OIG report is due in “May or June,” which probably means some time in June. The month of May, then, will see the Comey report and the declassification of the FISA memos. These alone will rock the world and deliver a severe blow to the Deep State. They will try to fight back, but it will be their word against the actual evidence gathered by the investigators.

Supreme Court Replacements

Trump has already replaced two Supreme Court Justices with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. That alone has been enough to swing the Court to the conservative side. In late 2017 Trump predicted that he would be able to fill four Supreme Court vacancies during his presidency.


Multiple sources told Jonathan Swan of the news website Axios that Trump was openly predicting he would be able to fill four Supreme Court seats as president….

Justice Anthony Kennedy, 81, is rumored to be thinking about retirement. Trump, according to Axios, also thinks he'll be able to replace Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor, citing their health….

Both Ginsburg and Sotomayor were appointed by Democrats — Bill Clinton and Obama, respectively — and are considered liberal justices. Replacing even one would allow Trump to shift the balance of the court to the right.

Justice Stephen Breyer, another liberal, is 79 years old [in 2017].

In one of the recent interviews in the video link earlier, Trump mentioned (in passing) that he will soon be appointing TWO Supreme Court Justices. Most people are only expecting Ruth Ginsburg to be replaced, due to her poor health. But Sotomayor is also in poor health, though she is one of the younger Supreme Court Justices.

In addition to that, it is likely that 81-year-old Anthony Kennedy could retire during Trump’s presidency, especially if Trump wins another four-year term as president. Kennedy is said to be moderately conservative, but if 80-year-old Justice Breyer retires, his replacement would swing the Court decidedly to the right.

Appointing Supreme Court Justices is one of the most important and long-lasting legacies of any president, as they are appointed for life. It is quite probable that Ginsburg will be replaced by the much-younger Amy Barrett.


She is a pro-life Catholic who would probably side with anti-abortionists, and that alone scares the life out of the Deep State and their supporters. Planned Parenthood will soon be defunded, so that Christians will no longer see their tax dollars used to support the murder of small children.

In conclusion, as this conflict unfolds, it is increasingly clear that this is a war against Christianity in a moral and judicial sense and Protestant Reformation political theory in its politics. If we believe that the original American idea of Liberty is valid, we are fast becoming a minority as the world reverts back to the idea that government is not accountable to any higher Power. This has been the dominant view of all the beast empires of the past. We largely shed those bonds in the American Revolution, though not perfectly. A century ago we were again put into bondage to judge us for our sins. I believe we will now achieve greater Liberty under Christ.

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