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The Declaration of Repentance

May 23, 2019

Last night our Father spoke to me and said that we were to repent today. We have been getting some indications of this, but we had not been given enough revelation to actually do it as of yesterday afternoon.

But today I received a notice in the mail which clarified a lot of things. Kim Chadwell  has been led to organize this call to repentance. This is from the “Holy Nation” online link:

61 MILLION babies aborted in the United States alone since Roe V. Wade


Lives that were never mourned over or recognized as once living human beings, created in the image of God. 

Kim Chadwell, founder of HOLY NATION and also known as "Today's Esther", will be in Washington DC May 1, 2019 escorting the coffin of "The Unknown Baby".  Similar to the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, this Unknown Baby, will lie in state on May 1, 2019, in Washington, D.C.  protected by military guards of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Kim will then leave Washington with the coffin of "The Unknown Baby" traveling through all 48 states, returning back to Washington DC July 12th weekend. Many people have requested and will help escort this coffin through their state when it arrives.

As part of her call, God has instructed Kim to write "The Declaration of Repentance" This Declaration of Repentance will be printed on a physical scroll along with the thousands of names who will have signed it. The printed Declaration with the signed names, will be inside the coffin when it returns to Washington D.C.  on July 12th weekend.

The Declaration of Repentance and each name signed on it, will be read out loud that weekend by volunteers without stopping until every name is spoken. 

You can sign the Declaration of Repentance on the website at:


The DOR is already available in four languages. 

To participate, go to the link and type in your email address. You will be sent an automatic email to verify your participation. Then you can go into the website to read the full Declaration of Repentance.

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