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Nationalism vs Corporatism

May 25, 2019

For political news, here is Praying Medic, who always has a good perspective and has studied the Q posts from the start. He comments on the word “treason,” which is being used more and more in recent months to describe the actions of those who attempted to overthrow his presidency.


Just to comment further on my earlier blog about the Pope’s attempt to abolish national borders, let me say that the intention is to replace nationalism with corporatism. I ran across this years ago. Power vacuums must always be filled. When you weaken or abolish nations as a whole, the plan is to replace them with international corporations.

The pope’s support of corporatism is based on the fact that corporations were invented by the popes some centuries ago. Corporations are therefore creatures of the Vatican and are subject to its rule, regardless of which state or country they are formed. Other people are more informed than I am of this, because my focus has been in the study of Scripture, but they tell me that all corporations are ultimately under the Vatican’s jurisdiction.

Therefore, abolishing or weakening nation states has been the long-term goal of the Vatican, in hopes of ruling the earth.

 Of course, they have already failed.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones