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Comment on the Declaration of Repentance (DOR)

May 24, 2019

Here is a letter from Alan Newton, who is one of the speakers for the Pentecost conference (June 7-9, 2019). It indicates that this declaration (DOR) could mark the end of a cycle—in this case, the abortion cycle, which has been a divine judgment upon America and the world. I view abortions not so much as a reason for impending divine judgment but as divine judgment for past sins in the church (aborting the Manchild and the Sons of God). See my pocket size booklet, The Prophetic Roots of Modern Abortion.

If this DOR is indeed a prophetic sign (as I believe it is), we ought to see abortions banned soon. Perhaps the Supreme Court will shift soon.

Upon reading the blog on Declaration of Repentance, I saw at the bottom of the page that this ‘title’ was reduced to DOR.  How appropriate.  The DOR (Declaration of Repentance) is directly synonymous with the Hebrew ‘dor’  rwd , Strong’s # H1755, which gets translated most times in the O.T. scriptures as ‘generations’.  But this ‘generations’ is not to be understood the same as the more readily visible word translated ‘generations’, which is ‘tol-doth’, from Strong’s # H8435, and all of its variations.  This word ‘tol-doth’ is referring to ‘birthings’; begetting, siring, birthing, etc., which is more a perpetuation of the lineage.  This word ‘dor’ has a much more direct communication to us individually.

This word ‘dor’ comes from the primary root ‘drr’,  rrd, which Strong’s does not recognize, but of which Gesenius’ Lexicon gives a vivid description.  This primary root of ‘drr’ does not appear in scripture in this form, but all of its ‘offspring’ are variations of this original idea.  The primary emphasis of this word, and all of its forms, is that of ‘completing a cycle’; of ‘returning to an original place or position’.  To me, the most visible example of the idea promoted by this word ‘dor’, or as ‘dror’ or ‘dr’, is in Genesis 6:9, where we read,  KJV Genesis 6:9 These are the generations (tol-doth; Strong’s # H8435) of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations (‘dor’, Strong’s # H1755), and Noah walked with God.  This word is used again in Gen. 7:1  “...for thee have I seen righteous before me in this ‘generation’ (‘dor’, Strong’s # H1755).  When viewing this word ‘dor’ it helps to clarify the passage when thinking of the word as a ‘cycle’, or ‘cyclical event’, or a returning to an original beginning point.  The word is also used to refer to the circular flying patterns of certain birds which fly in circles, or loops.  How appropriate, then, that a “Declaration of Repentance” be announced to return us to our beginnings; a return to our ‘home base’, to begin the journey anew, washed clean in the Water of the Word. 

 Just wanted to share this. 


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