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The Notre Dame curse

Apr 17, 2019

Leo Zagami is a self-proclaimed ex-Illuminati Satanist. He is not a believer in Christ, however, and from what I have read and seen of his videos, I think he is still a Satanist. But some treat him as a good guy exposing the Illuminati.

Here is what he had to say about the Notre Dame fire, in connection with the last Templar leader before the movement went underground in the early 1300’s. By the way, take note that the Masonic youth program is called the De Molays, named after Jacques de Molay. The Masonic Order is part of the above-ground reconstruction of the Templars.


The last Grand Master Jacques de Molay died executed by slow burning at the stake, in front of Notre Dame cathedral on March 18, 1314, one eyewitness says the Templar Grand Master asked God to take revenge on the people who had tormented him; and the curse worked indeed to perfection, killing all the interested parties, starting with King Philip IV of France known as Philip the Fair; who died on November 29th, 1314 at the age of 46. De Molay was indeed furious in the last moments of his life and used his magical powers, having been forced to make a confession against his will, and despite retracting this confession after, he was charged with heresy and burned at the stake like a vulgar criminal. A sad episode for the Church, and something modern Neo-Templar Organizations commemorated with great solemnity and the celebration of a mass on the 18th of March 2018, in Notre Dame cathedral, in Paris, during the 900 year anniversary of the foundation of the Order.

De Molay was burned at the stake in front of the Notre Dame cathedral. Before he died, he laid a curse upon all who consented to his death. The curse said that they would die within a year and a day and that King Philip’s line would cease to rule the throne.

King Philip IV of France died just eight months later at the young age of 46. What Zagami does not mention here is that Pope Clement, who conspired with King Philip, died even sooner on April 20, 1314. This was just a little more than a month after de Molay’s execution.


It happened as De Molay wished for, and death came for Clement first. He lost a battle with a damaging disease on April 20, 1314. Shortly after the Pope, Philip died of a stroke while hunting. A tragic death was also the destiny for all of Philip’s successors. Between 1314 and 1328 all three sons and grandsons of the French king died. Within fourteen years from the death of De Molay the House of Caped no longer existed - after it had stood for 300 years.

While many people think that “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me,” the fact is that when those words are curses, they are very real and should be taken seriously. Men and even whole nations can be under curses which affect them silently until they are broken in the biblical manner by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Napoleon, Emperor from 1804-1814

In 1804 Napoleon was crowned Emperor of France at Notre Dame, the same place where De Molay was burned at the stake. The number 490 is a forgiveness cycle, seen in Matthew 18:21, 22, after which time the accounts are to be reckoned. If sin-debt is not paid, then judgment is meted out. In this case, it appears that Napoleon took the curse that had been laid upon the pope and the king in 1314, and thus, the fatal head wound (Revelation 13:3) was healed temporarily.

Napoleon himself lost power ten years later, when he was forced to abdicate in April 1814, precisely 500 years after Jacque de Molay’s execution and curse.


It appears that the Hezekiah Factor was in operation at that time as well, giving Napoleon just ten years to be Emperor. In my view, the curse caught up with him after ten years, and that is when he was defeated and forced to resign.

Napoleon’s coronation in 1804 was important because he was the one who delivered the “fatal wound” (Revelation 13:3) to the beast from the sea—that is, the “Holy See.” That occurred in 1798 when Napoleon took the pope captive, and it appeared that the Roman Church would “die” from a head wound. However, the wound was healed in 1804 when Napoleon thought he needed a pope to crown him Emperor, and so he officially reinstated a pope (Pius VII).

The coronation took place at Notre Dame in Paris, and a coin was struck to commemorate this event. It shows the pope on one side and Notre Dame on the other.


Notre Dame, then, was the site of the event known in prophecy as the healing of the fatal head wound of the beast from the sea in Revelation 13:3. That was a major event in prophecy, for it allowed the sea beast to continue holding power in conjunction with the earth beast that was rising at the same time (Revelation 13:11). The earth beast was the modern banking system, which took formal power in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act, and which marked the beginning of the Laodicean Age of the Church of Captivity to Mystery Babylon. The “mark of the beast,” of course, is money, without which no one can buy or sell, and which everyone is supposed to worship through the principle of the love of money.

I wrote about this in my commentary on The Revelation, book 5.

The point is that the fire at Notre Dame draws attention to Napoleon’s coronation and appears to be linked to the healing of the fatal head wound of the Roman Church in 1804. We are now at the far end of that cycle today in 2019, and since we are now in the 216th year from that event, the fire is marking the end of that era. Preparations for Napoleon’s coronation began on May 18, 1804, and the coronation itself took place on December 2, 1804.

The full 216 years from these dates will bring us to May and December of 2020, but the 216th year will begin on May 18, 2019 and extend to December 2, 2019. This will be something to watch in the months ahead.

All of this has come to light with Monday’s fire at Notre Dame cathedral. There appears to be a connection (“coincidence”) between the fire that executed Jacques de Molay in front of Notre Dame cathedral and the fire that destroyed the cathedral last Monday. I am no fan of Jacques de Molay, but his sentence was not righteous according to biblical law. In fact, the unrighteous sentence (sin) empowered the de Molay curse upon the pope and the king, based on the judgment of God in such cases: “burn for burn” (Exodus 21:25).

Saul’s Vow to Coexist with Witchcraft

The Roman Church has co-existed with witchcraft for many centuries, in spite of its occasional persecution of those accused of witchcraft. It is part of the inherent contradiction that we see also in the life of King Saul, who persecuted the witches but, in the end, consulted one (1 Samuel 28:9, 10). Verse 10 is especially significant:

10 And vowed to her [the witch] by the Lord, saying, “As the Lord lives, there shall no punishment come upon you for this thing.”

The Church in general—but especially the Roman Church—is still bound by that vow, unless it is specifically renounced. But I do not think anyone has thought to repent in this manner, because few see the spiritual and prophetic connection between Saul and the Church. Few see that Saul was crowned on the day of wheat harvest (i.e., Pentecost) and is a prophetic type of the Church in the Age of Pentecost.

Hence, there are many cathedrals in the world which stand in the midst of witchcraft, not as a testimony to Christ or as a bulwark of light and truth, but as a testimony to its powerlessness. The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is one of many adorned with gargoyles, which are said to be demonic monsters that men use to chase away evil spirits. (As if Satan can cast out Satan!)

Here is what the Wikipedia says about gargoyles:


And here is a short video of the Notre Dame cathedral (before the fire) adorned with gargoyles:


I have observed that the Roman Church is very ineffective in dealing with witchcraft. I trace this back to the curse that Saul brought upon the church that he represented. Likewise, Roman exorcists have a difficult time doing their job, not because they are untrained but because their training is so pathetic. They go into battle and get tossed around as if they were nearly powerless. They throw holy water around and hold up a cross, which only angers these spirits. Why don’t they learn to just bind them in the name of Jesus and then cast them out? Instead, they fight with evil spirits, sometimes for weeks!

All of this, I believe, is traceable to Saul’s vow to the witch of Endor, where he vowed to allow her to do her thing without punishment. In consulting the witch of Endor, he put the monarchy itself under Cursed Time, and 414 years later, King Jehoiachin paid the price for Saul’s actions. Jehoiachin was deported to Babylon 414 years after Saul consulted the witch. See Secrets of Time, chapter 6.

These curses are very real, and if no one deals with them, they continue to have an effect, often for hundreds and even thousands of years. Few people know that such curses even exist, and fewer believe that they still affect people long after they have been forgotten. Fewer still understand the times and seasons and so they do not make connections between the curses and the events that occur in later years as a result.

We try to do our part in breaking these curses as the Holy Spirit makes us aware of them. That is part of our ministry and a major reason why God gave me the revelation of timing that I put together in my book, Secrets of Time.

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