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The Great Shaking

Apr 22, 2019

Haggai 2:6, 7 tells how God will “shake the heavens and the earth.” Hebrews 12:26, 27 gives this some context, connecting it with the time when God came down upon Mount Sinai and shook the earth. The difference is that the second event will shake both the heavens and the earth in some way.

Again, the author of Hebrews focuses upon the second coming of Christ upon Mount Sion (KJV), which he compares to the coming of Christ at Sinai in the days of Moses. Its purpose is to shake all things that are contrary to the Kingdom of God, and the only things left standing will be that which is of the Kingdom. The “consuming fire” is God’s own presence, and this is the cause of the great shaking (Hebrews 12:29; Deuteronomy 4:24).

I have long believed that this “shaking” will be signaled by some great earthquake here in America. There are earthquakes in many parts of the world, of course, but places like Indonesia do not normally fit into Bible prophecy, which focuses mostly on the old land of Israel or in places where the Israelites were dispersed in the West. Because the gospel was given to them first, after being preached in Judea and Samaria, those nations came to be dominated by Christianity. Hence, prophecy itself, especially in the book of Revelation, spoke of events in the Roman world, Europe, and later in other places where they immigrated.

The great “shaking” appears to be God’s way of overthrowing Babylon and its cultural practices, which run contrary to His will and His ways. So in my view, this shaking began in 2017, coinciding with the transfer of authority from the last beast system to the saints of the Most High. But this was only a beginning point. Hebrews 12 makes it clear that this will be an ongoing process until all is subdued under the feet of Christ.

The Shaking Has Begun

In praying about this over the past few decades, my biggest question was whether this shaking was physical, spiritual, or soulish (governmental, social, economic, etc.). I concluded that it was all of the above, because all things contrary to God’s Kingdom must be cast down. I believe, then, that we will see a great earthquake in America soon, which will be either a precursor to a government shakeup, or perhaps will occur about the same time.

I lean toward the idea that the physical events are reflections of spiritual events. Things such as spiritual warfare are designed to change conditions in the heavens, which in turn bring changes upon the earth. We have seen many great breakthroughs and major victories in the heavens. This has increased in more recent years. However, the transfer of authority from 2014-2017 has been the most important factor in this, because God could not actually overthrow Babylon until its allotted time had come to a full end.

So we look at the world from that perspective and assess the conditions as they are. The election of Donald Trump in 2016 came in the midst of our transition of authority from 2014-2017, and he is obviously shaking things here and abroad. But the Mueller investigation for his first two years in office obviously hampered him in many ways. Yet now that Mueller finished his investigation and gave his report to AG Barr on March 22, 2019, the tide has turned.

Those who oppose Trump were counting on the Mueller report to provide them with grounds for impeachment. But many prophets, including the late Kim Clement, prophesied long ago that there would be no impeachment of this president with “hot blood.” So as of today, it appears that this is proving to be a true prophecy.

The important thing to note is that because the investigation itself was based on a dossier that was paid for by the opposing political party (DNC) and presented to the FISA court under false pretenses (withholding information), now the tide has turned. The investigation has now shifted to the illegal circumstances that brought about the Mueller investigation. The investigators will now be investigated and probably prosecuted for treason—the attempt to overthrow a duly elected president in an unlawful manner.

The Notre Dame Fire

The Church of Notre Dame in Paris burned on April 15, 2019. Many churches in Paris and around the world have been burned recently by arsonists, but for some reason Notre Dame’s fire is being called “accidental.” Whatever the cause, we view such events as signs, rather than focusing too much on the circumstances or physical causes.

Notre Dame is a clear representation of the church itself, and the Roman Church in particular. In that the roof was completely burnt but the stone structure remained virtually intact, we can take that to indicate that the hierarchical structure of the Roman Church is heading toward the “consuming fire” (Hebrews 12:29). This will open the heavens to the living stones who, up to now, have been covered by this hierarchy. The hierarchy claimed to point the people toward the heavens, but in fact they have pointed to themselves, putting the people into bondage to the church rather than to Christ Himself.

Keep in mind that the primary reason for the great shaking is not to destroy but to put the church and ultimately the earth back into the divine order of the Kingdom. The Roman Church hierarchy has acted as Eli, who refused to correct his sons. Hence, pedophile priests have been moved around to other parishes, where they could continue to sin. When necessary, priests have been recalled to Rome, where they enjoy diplomatic immunity. All of this was done under the guise of God’s forgiveness. Perhaps that was Eli’s excuse as well.

The fire of God, however, is coming, and it is accompanied by a great shaking. That pattern was given to us at Mount Sinai in Exodus 19:16.

An Earthquake

We have monitored the economic earthquakes for many years. We saw the bank crisis of 2008 as a major earthquake. In fact, we foresaw that crisis long before it happened and knew that some such event would begin in 2006-2007. We understood that 2006 was “seven times” (7 x 360 years) after the completion of the second temple in Jerusalem in the time of Haggai. We ourselves completed our 13-year Jubilee Prayer Campaign on October 7, 2006, wherein we overthrew Mystery Babylon. Hence, we knew that the end was near.

What happened was the subprime mortgage crisis that began to be reported in May of 2007. This ultimately led to the bank crisis in September 2008.

The question that arose at that time was whether or not we would see a physical earthquake—and if so, where would it occur? In decades past, there was a lot of prophecy about the San Andreas fault in California where some claimed to foresee California falling into the ocean. In later years the New Madrid fault seemed to fit the type, because a quake along the Mississippi River was overdue and could “divide the nation.”

But the recent fracking in Oklahoma and Texas has made the ground more porous, and so the energy traveling east along the tectonic plate toward the New Madrid fault has been absorbed before it hits the danger zone. Smaller quakes are now hitting Oklahoma, relieving the pressure on the New Madrid fault.

So now it appears more likely (to me) that the biggest danger is in the Northwest coast of Washington and Oregon. The Cascadia Subduction Zone seems to hold the biggest danger and is overdue for a very large earthquake (9.0 Richter). Large quakes in that area occur an average of 240 years apart. The last one struck on January 26, 1700, which is 319 years ago. It caused a tsunami in Japan ten hours later, which is recorded in their own history books.

Because we have already witnessed economic shaking, and now appear to be entering into a time of political shaking, it seems to me that it would be wise to prepare also for a physical shaking. I understand that God can take care of His people in the most dire of circumstances, so everyone should be led by the Spirit.

There are many good articles explaining the danger of the Cascadia fault and some history of those earthquakes. Here are just two:



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