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Selecting the Lambs on April 15, part 2

Apr 16, 2019

Nearly a year ago (2018) the Israeli state reached its 70th birthday since 1948. I believe that this was sufficient time for Esau-Israel to prove itself unworthy and as a “stubborn son,” so that it would be lawful to strip him of the birthright. I wrote and spoke about this last year.


In my view, the Israeli state is now vulnerable to the judgment of the law and only awaits the final execution of judgment. They cannot be expected to give up the birthright peacefully, for they do not agree with the sentence of the law and remain (nationally) in a state of rebellion against Jesus Christ. Neither have they brought forth the fruit that is required of those who hold the dominion.

In one sense, Babylon fell to Esau in 1948 after 8 x 414 years (since Judges 3:8). But Babylon has continued under its new rulers to the present time, because the succession of beast empires had to continue for its full “seven times” (2,520 years), as specified in the law (Leviticus 26:18). So the final 70 years of beast dominion involved Esau’s dominion, as prophesied by Isaac in Genesis 27:40 KJV.

There are many factors in Mystery Babylon, all of which must be taken into account when we discern the fall of Babylon as a whole. The stone hitting the image (Daniel 2:35) on its feet will grind the entire image to powder—not just the final manifestation of the beast. In Matthew 21:43, 44 Jesus warned the chief priests not to sit on the feet of this image, that is, not to become the rulers of Babylon in the time of the end. They did not heed His warning, of course, and so the stone that the builders rejected will fall on them when it rises to destroy the kingdoms of men.

April 15, 2019 appears to be one sign of the fall of Babylon, though not directly relating to the Israeli state. The fire destroying Notre Dame in Paris appears to speak more toward the Roman Church—or, more specifically, to the Templars who built that cathedral 850 years ago. This Cathedral was built in honor of “Our Lady,” supposedly to honor the Virgin Mary. However, the Templars were Gnostics and dedicated it to another “Lady,” Mary Magdalene.

For this reason we should look at the fiery destruction as not only a judgment against the Roman Church (the “little horn” extension of the Roman beast), but also specifically against the very powerful Gnostic faction within the Roman Church, which, I believe, resides chiefly with the so-called “Black Pope,” the Jesuit General. Pope Francis is a Jesuit as well, which raises an interesting question as to who is really in charge, the White Pope or the Black Pope.

Financial Dominion through Debt

Laurence Gardner tells us in his book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, page 223, that Notre Dame was built with the wealth from Jerusalem that the Templars found in a cavern under the Temple Mount (1118-1123). The foundation stone was laid by Pope Alexander in 1163. Gardner writes also on page 222,

“When news spread of the Templars’ incredible find, the Knights became revered by all and, notwithstanding their Jerusalem wealth, large donations were received from far and wide… Being so well funded, the Templars established the first international banking network, becoming financiers for the Levant and for practically every throne in Europe.”

One main Templar banking center was in Venice, whose system of banking was later copied in the City of London. In the early 1300’s the Templars were suppressed, and they went underground. This was a huge setback for them, but most of their wealth remained intact and influenced the political and economic policies of Europe.

Centuries later, the Rothschilds refined the Templar banking system and brought the world into debt bondage. The Vatican Bank established its own bank in 1942 in order to compete with the financial powers of the day. Having their own bank ensured privacy, so that they were able to launder money and finance countless illicit activities, which no pope has been able to stop. He who controls the money rules the organization. The Vatican Bank scandal still haunts the Roman Church to this day.


The Façade King

Yesterday, while Notre Dame was burning, we were having a prayer meeting and a divine court session. We saw, arising from the basement under the cathedral, an entity identified only as “The Façade King.” Façade comes from the Latin word facia, “face,” and refers to a front wall, but it also means “a superficial or false outward appearance.”

In discussing this further among ourselves, we discerned that this was the Black Pope, who wears a façade. His façade is the White Pope, the “face” of the Roman Church who has the appearance of power but who is actually just a front man for the Black Pope. The current Black Pope (Jesuit General), elected in October 2016, is Arturo Sosa, a Venezuelan.


In dealing with the “Façade King” arising from the spiral staircase under Notre Dame, we had a direct encounter with him and talked to him by the spirit face to face. He was resistant to the truth, being blinded by the light, refusing to open his eyes, but Jesus surprised us by leading him away to draw him by love to the knowledge of the truth. We do not know the end of that story yet as of this writing, but we believe that love always wins in the end. We believe that this is part of the preparation for the outpouring of the Spirit, at which time the bondage of Jesuit brainwashing is broken, and they are able to bow to the real Jesus, not their self-constructed image of Jesus who leads men into bondage.

The Roman Church is entangled with the Gnostic successors of the Templars as well as the financial beast described in Revelation 13:11-18, Babylon, and even Esau. So it is difficult to distinguish them or understand fully how each relates to other aspects of the beast.

Children Set Free

Also on April 15, once we dealt with the Façade King, an enormous number of children (spiritual in form) came running to us in the divine court, having been set free. These were children who had been sacrificed and many even cannibalized in satanic ceremonies. They were healed and drawn by Jesus Himself, as per Matthew 19:14, where He said,

14 … “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

We understood that these were the real “lambs” that Jesus was selecting on April 15, 2019. They were among the martyrs pictured in Revelation 6:9-11 as lambs whose blood (soul) was poured out under the altar of sacrifice. The blood of all the martyrs was shed by evil men, but God treats them as sacrificial lambs, holy and acceptable sacrifices unto God (Romans 12:1).

During our prayer session, we learned that there was some sort of connection between Paris and London. It was pictured as a tunnel, but we do not know if this is literal or spiritual. Even so, this revelation pointed to a connection between the two cities insofar as the sacrifice of children was concerned. We also saw an altar of Mithra (or Mithras) half-way between the two cities.

In the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, they pictured the world on fire with a phoenix rising out of the ashes. Above it was an altar to Mithras, which everyone missed unless they zoomed in on it and looked at it closely. (Mithra is Persian; Mithras is Greek.)


The point is that this was at the London Olympic games. A local friend named James saw this and discerned the altar of Mithras at the time. James emailed me the picture with this comment:

“Stephen, I was to pray over the masses and shine the true light.  2012 London Olympics. Look at the top of the stadium and you'll see the altar of Mithras. The world was in flames and the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. We saw the ashes today.”

So yesterday, when we discerned the altar of Mithras connecting Paris with London, we made the connection between the burning of Notre Dame and the London Olympic ceremony of Mithras. Our understanding is that children have been sacrificed on the altar of Mithras and that this has inspired a lot of child sacrifice in human trafficking.

In connection to this, we encountered Marina Abramovic, which we saw with a snake around her. We found her picture later:


Marina is famous for her “spirit cooking,” in which she simulates cannibalism by serving food in the shape of children or people in general. Such a practice is legal, so it is what she does openly, but such things are designed to train (and desensitize) people to do the real thing in secret.


We gave Marina an opportunity to repent, but she was totally unrepentant and almost like a zombie, having no feeling or remorse for doing what she does. We thus brought judgment upon her, committing her to Jesus to impose whatever sentence was appropriate.

The bottom line is that Jesus selected a large number of children as lambs for His Kingdom, healing them, comforting them, and bringing them to Himself.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones