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Private message to Yara

Apr 08, 2019

If I have misspelled your name, I apologize, Yara.

We interceded for you this afternoon while you were conducting an unholy ceremony, and you manifested in our presence as we prayed for you.

Welcome to a new life in the Kingdom. God has opened your eyes and has given you a revelation of Himself. Your past life as a shaman will not be held against you, because Jesus is merciful, good, and He loves you. He is not One who casts people into hell, as you were told as a child. His judgments are designed to restore you to Himself, for He is your heavenly Father.

If you cannot find one to teach you of His ways as a God of Love, allow Him to teach you directly by revelation. If you are reading this, you have access to my website and can learn more. Ask Jesus what to read first, but my suggestion is to start out with the small brochures (tracts). Perhaps you can start with the one entitled, Who is God?

Your baby will have a special calling, as he will be filled with the Spirit before he is born. We hope to meet you in Tobago someday. We pray God’s blessing upon you, and that He will protect you from all harm from those spirits that used to enslave you.

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