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Outreach in Zimbabwe

Apr 18, 2019

Last September, permission was granted, and arrangements were made to translate a number of books, including my book, The Judgments of the Divine Law and to print them in Zimbabwe. A friend named Reuel sent them $600 to print these books.

This project has now been completed, and we received notice that the local ministry there, Grace Unlimited, has begun distribution of the books. Reuel forwarded their email to me reporting on the first distribution of books. Here is what the email said….

We printed 1000 books of Dr. Stephen Jones, the one that you send us.

500 Arabic copies for Sudan both Sudan and South Sudan, 100 English, 100 Portuguese, 100 Tswana, 100 Swahili and 100 Venda.

We printed the Positional Truth, God Man Relationship and Angelic Conflict booklets, we printed 400 booklets for each of the booklets totaling to 1200 booklets.

So the total booklets printed are 2200 booklets printed from the gift that you send. 

Our elders arrived late due to the fact that the bus they went with broke on the way and reached late and found a lot of materials already bought by others.

From the 9 countries representatives who came each letter was able to booklets to go and give to the Grace Unlimited students in their respective countries.

All the materials we bought with the gift you send $600 are finished and we are trusting the Lord for more printing materials.

The supplier is now located in Harare and have entered into agreement with us that we shall buy the materials using the old price until the year end (2019) we thank God for this offer, whilst prices of goods and services are rising up on daily basis.

The students have joined me in sending you Easter greetings and also thank you very much for your prayers and support.

It appears that there were three books translated and printed, and I presume that they were all translated into the five other languages mentioned above. The report seems to indicate that these books were well received and in great demand. It appears also that the good news is going into Sudan and South Sudan. As far as I know, this book is the first of mine to be translated into Arabic.

I just thought this would be of interest to some of you.

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