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Mueller report released to congress

Apr 19, 2019

Today, US Attorney General William Barr released the 400-page Mueller report to congress and the public after the necessary redactions were made according to law. Mueller and his boss, Deputy Director Rosenstein helped with the redactions, undercutting criticism from Democratic leaders and the mainstream media that the redactions were trying to hide material that would help to indict President Trump.

In the report was an interesting section about how the NXIVM pedophile ring plotted to circumvent the limitations on campaign contributions to the Hillary presidential campaign.


US Attorney Richard Donoghue asked a federal judge last month for permission to present a mountain of new evidence in the NXIVM sex-cult trial - including evidence of an "illegal scheme to exceed contribution limits to a presidential primary campaign," in the "hopes of obtaining political influence to advance their own agenda," according to a March court filing

"At the suggestion of a political operative, who has since pleaded guilty to an unrelated New York state bribery charge also involving campaign contributions, the contributions were “bundled” and presented to the candidate at a fundraising event attended by conspirators," the filing continues. 

And whose "presidential primary campaign" did the group allegedly attempt to buy influence with?

None other than Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to former NXIVM publicist-turned-whistleblower Frank Parlato, who told Big League Politics "I was there, and I knew that the contributions were made by more than a dozen NXIVM members to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign."

It is just one more nail in Hillary’s political coffin. Will the DNC give back the illegal campaign contributions? Probably. Clinton herself cannot be indicted or held accountable for this, of course, but it does not look good on her record. It does not look good for her to have friends in the human trafficking business.

This is sure to remind people of her friendship with convicted pedophile, Jeff Epstein.

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