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Livestream conference next week end (Passover)

Apr 15, 2019

This past week we have been arranging speakers for an online Passover conference that will be livestreamed from my home office. The speakers will link up to us from their own homes.

Speakers who have agreed to join us: Mark Eaton, Chris Reed, Robbie Yeats, Ron Oja (audio only?). We may have one other speaker as well: Carl Armstrong, a chemical engineer, retired, who worked for many years at NASA in Houston. Some of you know him and have seen his interesting Bible studies. I have known him since about 1982.

Of course, I will do the moderating, interviewing, or whatever is appropriate. None of this is heavily scripted, so one never knows what will happen. But the advantage of the livestream is that you can write in your questions or comments as we go and interact with us in real time. We will moderate the chatroom as we have done in past conferences.

Our current plan is to do this next Saturday and Sunday afternoons (1 pm to about 5 pm with breaks between sessions). We may also do a final panel discussion Sunday evening.

We will put up a banner on the website some time on Monday or Tuesday to give more details and to make it official.

This will give us our first experience in doing a full-blown online conference. There are always "bugs" to be worked out, and we may find that we need other equipment to enhance it. I don't think there will ever be a shortage of speakers, as we know a lot of people who have interesting and important things to share. I am hoping eventually to do livestream interviews about once a month--not conferences per se, but perhaps an hour or two one afternoon a month.

I wanted to let you know this much ahead of time so that you can schedule us in for the week end.


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