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Apr 10, 2019

Now that I have finished the commentary on Jude and the Gnostic series, I am starting the process of putting these two series into a single book. Jude was not quite long enough to spiral bind, so the Gnostic study would fit at the end as a supplement. Yesterday I began to rework the first chapter of the book and to add more material to it, as there was quite a bit of information that I had omitted in the weblogs.

It will be a few months before I am able to get this ready for publication.

New Levels of Revelation

We continue to meet a few times a week in the afternoons to pray and discern the word (voice) of God. These are very productive sessions, and in the past two weeks we have moved to a whole new level of revelation. The spiritual dimension is beginning to emerge into the world in a way that I have not often seen in the past. It is more than just hearing the revelatory word. It is more than just seeing visions. We are starting to actually see things happening in past biblical history, and we are able to experience the emotions and thoughts of the people involved, as if we were there when these things happened. Visions have become reality. Heaven and earth are merging.

I don’t know if others are experiencing a shift, but we are seeing it here in my office. Definitely, God is doing something new in the earth. When I get a better handle on it, I will try to write more.

This probably has something to do with the current short-term time cycle that we just concluded. It began March 10 and ended April 9, and it was based on a cycle from the old Net of Prayer back in 1976, which I repeated in 1983. There were three main watch dates, the third being April 1st (“Victory Day”), which all turned out to be important this time around and which confirmed that we were indeed seeing another repeat cycle.

My next watch date is April 12, based mainly on a 1986 pattern but repeated in subsequent year as well. Months ago I wrote in my notebook to watch April 12/13, because this is 490 days from and after December 9, 2017 when Iraq announced the full defeat of ISIS. I no longer recall why I was led to make that connection, but we will see if anything happens this week end.

This also comes within a ten-day watch cycle from April 9-19, seen first in 1986. It may be significant that April 19, 2019 is Passover (1/14 on the Hebrew calendar). Right now, I have no idea what we might be looking at or how closely the current events will resemble the original patterns. The actual events may turn out to be things that I cannot put in a public report. At this point, I just don’t know, but we are being watchful.

The European Tower of Babel

The European Union is one of the major manifestations of Babylon. Its parliament building in Brussels was designed to resemble the unfinished building of the Tower of Babel, as painted by the Renaissance artist, Peter Bruegel. It even carries the motto: “Many Tongues, One Voice.”


There are other Babylonian types playing out in the world today, but the EU is one of the most obvious and well known. Its motto shows that it is attempting to undo what God did to Nimrod’s kingdom back in Genesis 11:7, 8, when He confused their language and sowed disunity among them to scatter them.

The biblical way of reunification is to unite people under the headship of Jesus Christ. Pentecost was designed to be the solution to the problem of confusion of tongues, although in many ways it has only caused more confusion. If Pentecost had been utilized properly, it could have done its job in reversing the curse on languages at the Tower of Babel, but overall, it is now apparent that the Feast of Tabernacles will have to succeed where Pentecost has proven to be insufficient.

At any rate, the European Union is not the solution to the original problem, because its goal is essentially identical to the carnal unity proposed by Nimrod. In my view, it will fail, because the solution is not possible through carnally-minded men and their political/economic objectives.

In recent years we have watched the plan unfold to Islamize the West. That was the original purpose of overthrowing seven countries in five years, as General Wesley Clark has reported. That plan came out of the 911 event in 2001, which tells us the real underlying purpose of the Twin Towers demolition. It was to change the laws to gain more dictatorial powers and control over the people, and then to cause chaos in the Middle East to bring millions of refugees into the Western countries. The ultimate result is to dilute and finally to destroy any remaining influence of Christianity. In particular, it was designed to eliminate the last vestiges of freedom that the Protestant Reformation established when the Bible was finally opened up to the common people.

The Gold War

John Maynard Keynes wrote a book on monetary reform in 1924 where he called gold “a barbarous relic.” His book was the signal to the world that the plan was to move toward a total fiat system, where currency was no longer backed by gold. The plan came to fruition finally in 1971 when President Nixon took America off the gold standard, replacing it with the petro-dollar, a dollar backed by oil and controlled by the oil cartels.

Yet in recent years more and more central banks have been buying gold. China, Russia, India, and other countries have been steadily buying this barbarous relic, believing that the gold standard would soon replace the petro-dollar once again.

A problem is that most central banks are not actually part of the governments they claim to represent. They claim that they need to be “independent,” and so we often hear about the need for an “independent” Federal Reserve Bank. What they really mean is that the Fed should be above the government—having sovereignty, in effect. If central banks are not subject to governments, then they function as sovereign nations in themselves.

In Italy recently, a conflict is arising over who actually owns the gold in its central bank. If the central bank is an independent entity (i.e., a private bank), then the gold is owned by the bank owners, not by the state or the people of Italy. But the bankers have a long history of covering up the fact that central banks are not owned by their respective governments. So now the Italian government is now ready to nationalize its central bank or at least force the bankers to sell their shares in the bank, thereby laying claim to the gold that is in the bank.


And this week saw Italian lawmakers from 5 Star asking Parliament to pass two draft laws:

One law would instruct the central bank’s owners, most of them private banks, to sell their shares to the Italian Treasury at prices from the 1930s.

The other law would declare the Italian people to be the owners of the Bank of Italy’s reserve of 2451.8 metric tons of gold, worth around $102 billion at current prices.

The EU is coming under a lot of pressure. First, the UK voted to “Brexit” from the EU. Then Hungary and some other countries refused to take in refugees from the Middle East. Now Italy is moving to take back its central bank, much like President Trump is planning to do to the Federal Reserve Bank.

This is an economic war, among other things. Modern Babylon really got its power through the Federal Reserve Act in December 1913, and so it cannot be overthrown without nullifying that Act which gave private bankers the power to create money.

The Mueller Report

On March 22 Robert Mueller submitted his final report on the Trump collusion investigation to Attorney General William Barr. Barr immediately gave a summary to congress, informing them that no collusion was found and that no further indictments would be coming.

Now Barr is reviewing the report to redact the parts that would reveal classified information. The congressional leaders (Democrats) are greatly alarmed by this report exonerating Trump, and they now are demanding the Barr release a full unredacted report. Barr cannot do so without violating the law, but they are desperate. Their fall-back position is that Barr has something to hide and will redact any information that could indict Trump.

If they were sincere, they would simply subpoena Mueller to testify under oath to them. Then they could ask him directly about this. But so far they don’t want to do that, probably because they know that questioning him would only confirm what Barr has already said. It is better to leave open questions in order to create doubt that they can exploit.

John Brennan, the father of the spying scandal, is now saying that he must have been fed some bad information.


If that were so, he should be calling for an investigation into who passed on the lies, making him believe that Trump had colluded with the Russians to influence the 2016 elections.

The report is to be released to the public in a week or two. Then we will enter the next stage in the new American civil war.


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