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The Mueller Report has been submitted

Mar 23, 2019

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has concluded his investigation into the so-called “Collusion” between Trump and Russia in regard to the 2016 election. He has submitted his report to Attorney General William Barr, saying he will not be making any more indictments.


Marking the end of his nearly two-year investigation that ensnared former Trump aides and Russian intelligence officers and cast a cloud over the Republican businessman’s presidency, Mueller submitted the report to Attorney General William Barr, the Justice Department said.

Mueller did not recommend any further indictments, a senior Justice Department official said, in a sign that there might be no more criminal charges against Trump associates arising from the investigation. Throughout his investigation, Mueller has brought charges against 34 people and three companies.

Democrats pretend to be shocked at this, as they have been crowing all along that Mueller was going to present conclusive evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians to help him get elected in 2016. They intended to use this report to impeach Trump. But as some of us knew long ago, this was going to be a big nothing-burger. And so it appears to be.

Now both parties are clamoring to have the AG release the entire report without redactions. Democrats want the entire report in case there are some damaging allegations against Trump that they can use in the coming election. Republicans want the entire report in case the AG tries to hide the manner in which the FBI and DOJ illegally obtained the original FISA warrants that started the entire investigation in the first place.

So now the political battlefield has shifted from the investigation to the report itself. It will take awhile for the report to be released to congress and to the public. When the public has had a chance to review the report, then (Q says) the real indictments will begin. Q has said that the release of the Mueller report will mark the end of Rod Rosenstein and other conspirators who colluded with Russia to try to remove Trump from being president.

The child trafficking indictments that Q has emphasized this week are actually coming as a result of Inspector General John Huber’s investigation. This is a different investigation that has not received much press, mostly because there have been no leaks. That is remarkable, seeing that Huber has close to 500 investigators working on many cases. I can’t say for sure, but it seems to me that this might be the largest investigation in American history. We cannot underestimate its importance for that reason alone.

Once the Mueller report has been digested, watch for the Huber report. I believe we will see an increase in arrests regarding sexual slavery clubs for the rich and famous and politically connected. Such things have been going on for a very long time, but they have always had the money to pay off law enforcement agencies in order to keep their practices secret. That is about to end.

As for a possible connection between the New Zealand incident and America, Q’s posts about timing suggest that he knew the time and date that the Christchurch shooting was to take place as early as last January. If so, that would confirm that the Intelligence Organizations themselves were aware of the plot, probably through recorded phone calls. Q has often said, “We have it all.” The big problem is that there is a civil war within the Intelligence agencies, as people have taken sides either to perpetuate the Deep State’s power or to take it down. Those trying to take down the Deep State lack the practical power to stop the incidents such as the Christchurch shooting. But yet they know about it.

The CIA is not a monolithic organization that answers to a single head of the agency. Parts of it are owned by a dozen different interest groups, each of which is relatively independent with its own agenda. Just because the current agency head was appointed by President Trump does not mean that she actually is in control of the entire agency. Others control it as well, such as the Vatican, the Rothschilds, the Israeli Mossad, the Mormons, the Freemasons, and, of course, a few branches of the Deep State here in America.

A more “patriotic” branch of Intelligence officers, including some in the CIA, began to band together into a coalition in the late 1970’s after they began to see that America had been essentially overthrown by these special interest groups and were using American military power for their own benefit. This group finally reached the point where they were able to get their own candidate elected (Trump). It was not the result of Russian collusion, but collusion with this Intelligence operation.

Trump’s election has caused great panic in the Deep State, which has used its Mockingbird Media to attack him at every step. (Operation Mockingbird was/is a CIA program to insert its own agents as journalists in the media. The CIA is the father of modern Fake News.)


So things are not what they appear to be on the surface. Because we all trust different news sources, it is difficult to distinguish truth from fiction. In my view, however, we must start with the word of God. By understanding prophecy, we can understand world events, because we see those events within the broader context of the divine plan.

By understanding the importance of the Federal Reserve Act (December 23, 1913) and how it brought America into economic slavery to private bankers who were given the right to create money and loan it to the government at interest, we see the rise of Mystery Babylon. The term “Mystery” tells us that it is a secret government, not something that is visible for all to see.

When we understand that Mystery Babylon is an extension of old Babylon and a 100-year extension of the beast empires in Daniel 7, we can see that the beasts’ contract ended in 2014-2017. During this time, Trump became president (2016), so it is clear that whatever one may think of him or his politics, God has chosen him to overthrow the beast empires and especially the current Deep State.

World events and political conflicts must be interpreted in the light of Bible prophecy, which reveals the divine plan for the earth. Our first question should be, “What is God doing?”

There are other major themes as well that help us interpret modern events, such as the long-term “house of Ahab and Jezebel” theme, beginning with the presidency of Bill Clinton (1993-2001). This was something revealed to me in May 1987, and that early revelation has proven itself over and over again through the years. The “Jezebel” phase lasted 15 years from 2001-2016, once again ending with the rise of Trump, who is spiritually a type of Jehu.

We might also look broadly at the number 42, which is an important prophetic number. Clinton was our 42nd president, Bush Jr was the 42nd man to be president, and Obama was the 42nd president to occupy the White House. Once these “establishment” presidents concluded their 8-year presidencies, each being under the control of Bush 41, Trump was elected as an outsider to demolish all that they had secretly built.

The bottom line is that we have reached the time of the end of Mystery Babylon and the beast systems in general. Nothing collapsed immediately, of course, but it is clear to me that great changes are taking place. It may not look like it, but whatever you see happening today is an answer to prayer. We have conducted numerous prayer campaigns since 1993 to overthrow Mystery Babylon and to replace it with the authority of the overcomers.

It is only when we truly understand what is happening behind the scenes that we are able to say with confidence that our prayers are being answered. God seldom answers prayer in the way that we expect, and it always takes longer than we anticipated, but nonetheless, God’s answer comes.

Many Christians are at a disadvantage because they see prophecy differently. They are looking for the rise of an Antichrist, which they view as a single powerful man. They think that “The Great Tribulation” is still future, and they tie this to the construction of a physical temple in Jerusalem. Many also believe that they will be “raptured” out of the earth either at the start of this Tribulation, in the middle, or at the end of it.

Their view is largely gloom-and-doom, leaving them little hope for the future and uncertain about whether or not they will have to endure persecution by this Antichrist. In my view, they are looking in the wrong place and so they are blinded to the actual events that God is orchestrating in the earth today.

Whereas we see the Tribulation as lasting 2,520 years (plus the “lost century”), and that this ended in 2017, most evangelical Christians think this Tribulation is yet future. We see a future full of hope as our authority increases and our decrees bring the Kingdom ever closer to the surface. They see a rather bleak future and find comfort only in being taken out of the world.

By our work in the divine court and the divine council, we are already in the early stages of ruling the world. We still have a lot of work to do to clean up the mess and chaos brought about by the beast system, but we are making progress. Meanwhile, most Christians prepare to escape and so they see little reason to prepare for the emergence of the Kingdom. Their viewpoint makes them think that any such work must wait until the Antichrist has come and gone.

So one’s understanding of prophecy is important, because it determines our course of action as well as our mindset and worldview. It is my purpose to help convey a view that gives us purpose, comfort, and hope in a world that otherwise appears to be chaotic and hopeless.

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