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Report from the Battlefield

Mar 22, 2019

I must take a “time out” from our study in Jude to report on a backlog of changes in the battlefield. The overall context of this warfare has been brought about by the prophetic end of the beast system after 2,520 years of the so-called “times of the gentiles.” More properly, this is translated “the times of the nations,” speaking of the beast nations described in Daniel 7.

Because their end is near, the situation on earth is what John saw in Revelation 12:12,

12 For this reason, rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them. Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time.

Being cast out of the heavens is a matter for the Divine Court, and this has recently been done. Now the real battleground has shifted to the earth, where men can more easily see the turmoil, even though most are unaware of its causes. The purpose of my report is to give understanding of those causes as well as to encourage you to know that we are winning.

The enemy knows this as well, and a few are abandoning the losing side. But the losers are still powerful and are able to affect events in the world. Yesterday and today we have had to fight off a web bot attack from France which have tried to take down our web site in the past. However, we are now in a better position, having switched to a much more capable server. We are paying more for it, but hopefully, this will be well worth the price.

Three Great Shifts

Back in 2001 America had its 911 moment, which changed our lives and brought us under much greater beast control. Ten years later Japan had its 311 moment, which did the same to them. Now New Zealand has had its 315 moment with the Christchurch incident on March 15. All three of these incidents were planned and contrived by agents of the beast systems and were designed to bring the nations under complete control.

They felt the need to gain greater control of the media, because the internet was getting out of hand. Too many people were able to post too much information (both fake and real). They know that their success depends on secrecy. This is why John calls it “Mystery” (secret) Babylon. When their rule is exposed by the light, they lose control and fall from power.

Somehow, we have been involved spiritually in all three of these nation-changing incidents. The 911 incident was the culmination of a lengthy “Ahab” manifestation, where President Clinton was playing the role of Ahab, the usurper of Naboth’s vineyard. The vineyard is the Kingdom (Isaiah 5:1, 7; Matthew 21:33-41). Naboth’s name means “fruits,” and his vineyard was located in Jazreel (“God scatters; God sows” in Hosea 1:4; 2:23). Jezreel has a numeric value of 318, which is the biblical number of the Remnant.

When Ahab-Clinton “humbled himself” (as per 1 Kings 21:29), the judgment upon America was deferred for three years (1 Kings 22:1). He humbled himself at the White House prayer breakfast on September 11, 1998. The judgment struck three years later in 2001.

We then entered the Jezebel-Hillary era for the next 15 years, representing a “Hezekiah Factor” extension of the house of Ahab (2 Kings 20:6). This ended when Hillary fell September 11, 2016 at the Ground Zero ceremony.

At the same time, God raised up Jehu-Trump to destroy the house of Ahab (2 Kings 9:2, 6, 7, 8, 9). This is currently taking place, though not many recognize what is happening on a prophetic level. In 2016 Trump defeated Hillary in the election, and now the administration is preparing to declassify information that will completely destroy the legacy of both Bill and Hillary, along with numerous other pedophiles and human traffickers.

The Deep State has tried to delay this, hoping to assassinate, impeach, or muzzle Trump, but they have now come to the moment of truth—or at least the start of it. The Mueller Report on the so-called Russian Collusion is now known to contain nothing, and even the Deep State agents are in a state of panic. Their contingency plans show that they know the Mueller Report will fail to find any Russian Collusion—and, in fact, that the entire investigation was launched by fraudulent reports given to the FISA court.

The Tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 coincided with our Quail and Manna conference that began that same morning in California. It hit the nearby shore of San Francisco about 15 minutes before we started our conference. The tsunami was caused by an earthquake that was in turn caused by a nuclear explosion on the ocean floor near Japan.

This past month, we stirred the pot at sundown, March 9, 2019, when we cleansed the land and made a decree from the Divine Court at the flag pole in Russell, which had been New Zealand’s first capital in 1840. What I did not realize at the time was that John Podesta, the Deep State pedophile, had flown to New Zealand on March 7 just a few days after we had arrived.


Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences. No good investigator of truth does. Coincidences continue to itch until they are scratched properly.

Podesta has been photographed with his hands up showing on one side the number 14 and on the other a squared off version of the sign of the fish. Both of these were written on the rifle that was said to be used in the Christchurch massacre on March 15. The number 14, as viewed by the occult, relates to the myth of Osiris, whose body was cut up into 14 pieces. Today it is the model for pedovores.


But what is most telling is the fact that New Zealand’s prime minister has imposed a $10,000 fine on anyone who would possess a video copy of the shooting itself. Whenever I see government attempting to hide truth and control the media, I get suspicious. If there are “conspiracy theories,” it is mostly because the government is trying to hide things. If the government were more open, conspiracy theories would hardly exist.

It appears that Q knew ahead of time the date of Trump's Declaration of Border Emergency, for he gave clues about it earlier by twice posting a picture of a watch. The first watch, posted on January 5, 2019 as #2647 showed the time of 3:15, which turned out to be the date of the Declaration (3/15).


The second, posted on March 2, 2019 showed the time of 3:42, the time of the Declaration itself.


These were posted without explanation, but once the event came to pass, it became another big coincidence, which Q then pointed out on March 15 in post #3094 with the comment: “The real ‘fun’ starts soon.” He was referring to the coming declassification of documents which will expose the Deep State’s corruption, treason, and human trafficking.


The Media War

In ancient times, the prophetic pattern was set for today’s war against Mystery Babylon. God raised up the kings from the east (Revelation 16:12) to overthrow Babylon, and so John tells us that the same will occur in the overthrow of Mystery Babylon. Originally, those kings from the east were Cyrus of Persia and Darius of Media. When Babylon fell, Cyrus set Darius over the throne for 3 years (Daniel 5:31) before taking the throne personally.

We noticed years ago that God was “hooked on phonics.” On one level, Media is now “the media,” that is, the information highway, which today is dominated by the Internet.

When the Soviet Union fell in the early 1990’s, the media played a crucial role in its collapse. Back then it was the lowly fax machine, which allowed Russians to spread real news in real time about events happening in the streets. The official news media, of course, was heavily censored by the government, and everyone knew that it was largely “fake news.” It was said that the fax machine took down the Soviet Union.

Then the Internet came on the scene just as the Soviet Union was collapsing. It has now developed to the place where it is the dominant information and economic force in the world. It is the modern kingdom of Media, at least on this level. The Deep State knows its power and seeks to control it and censor any dissent, shadow banning those who differ from the view of the mainstream news.

The CIA worked on their own project for years, attempting to get profiles on virtually everyone. In essence, they wanted to spy on everyone to find all possible dissenters and keep them under control, even though their mandate was to spy on foreigners in other countries. (The FBI’s mandate is to deal with Americans themselves.) Hence, their goal was to establish a Surveillance State.

So the CIA and Pentagon established their LifeLog project, which was run by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).


However, time was of the essence, and they eventually realized that this was taking too long, so someone came up with a better idea. Why not just have everyone provide the CIA with their own profiles? That would save billions of dollars and many years of delay. So they shut down their own project on February 4, 2004, which was the very day that Facebook was launched.


Coincidence? Hardly. The CIA funded Facebook and is at least part owner of the company. Mark Zuckerberg cooperates fully with the CIA’s Deep State.

The same can be said of Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, who is now shadowbanning whatever the Deep State wants censored. Likewise, the Google search engine now bans many sites and will not bring them up if they give alternate news. U-tube is notorious for banning people, and they have demonetized a host of people—some of them for almost no reason at all. I see a host of complaints coming out of U-tube.

For this reason, I am hesitant to use U-tube at all, preferring to wait for an alternative. There are alternatives, and we will probably use them in the near future.

The point is that this is largely a Media War, where censorship reigns and the Deep State attempts to control the news to fit its own agenda. The main casualty, of course, is free speech, which is under attack using the weapon of “hate speech.” Such laws are ripe for abuse, as they can be used against virtually anyone and even for political purposes.



When hate speech laws were first passed years ago, I took note that this could easily escalate into total censorship, just as “hate laws” and “terrorism” could easily expand into just about any crime.

On March 17, post 3109, Q wrote a message to Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, who is at the forefront of censorship politics in the media:

Thanks for playing, @Jack.
Showing your hand was the intended target.
Shall We Play A Game?

Dorsey’s algorithms were caught red-handed changing people’s twitter messages. Now Twitter is being sued by California Representative Devin Nunes.


This week, Q has focused upon the topic of pedophilia and human trafficking rings and has then posted official pictures of Deep State officials. This suggests a link between the officials and the human trafficking, although there is a lot of room for “plausible deniability.” Keep in mind that if Q were to make actual statements that revealed the contents of classified documents, the Deep State would have grounds to claim that the law was being broken. So Q only makes suggestions, often just enough to direct people’s own research.

Q is now focusing on Rachel Chandler, who appears to be the ringleader of a sex cult dealing in child trafficking. Post 3136 has a picture of her:


Q’s comment under the photo is:

Chandler =
These people are sick!

In post 3155 Q says, “Rachel Chandler is the key.” In 3156 Q says, “Ray Chandler = Allison Mack x 100.”

Who is Allison Mack? She was the woman arrested last year for helping Keith Raniere run a sex-trafficking club using Bronfman money. Clare Bronfman appears to be the mastermind behind it, and her sister, Nancy Salzman recently agreed to a plea deal.


It appears that this case will blow open some much larger cases, especially if the Epstein files are released. Jeff Epstein has already been convicted of pedophilia, but the judge gave him a very light sentence. His “Lolita Express” (jet) has hosted many celebrities including Bill Clinton more than 2 dozen times. Epstein Island is notorious, not only for pedophilia but also for murdering children in its rooms below the “temple.”


There is much news but never enough time or space to report it. I recommend that you follow the Q posts for yourselves here:


The bottom line is that the war against Mystery Babylon is largely focusing upon the Media, because it is truly a battle for the mind. We are heavily influenced by the news that we believe.

But in the days ahead, the main thing to watch is when the Mueller Report is released. This Report itself is not nearly as important as what follows. The declassification of truth will be the real story, and this awaits the release of the Mueller Report. Expect the mainstream media to do its best to ignore those declassified documents or to downplay their importance. But the truth will come out in the end, and when it does, Babylon cannot stand.

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