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Private message to the Sorcerer

Mar 29, 2019

To the Sorcerer,

You should not have tried to extend the time allotted to the beasts. You gave them a false prophecy which gave them false hope, even as the prophets of Ahab gave him false hope (1 Kings 22:11, 12).

The Breaker came and destroyed the horns that you conjured up. Your army has been destroyed, sent to outer darkness.

Atargatis can no longer afflict Samson with blindness. The Great Awakening has begun.

You have been judged by the Father according to Deuteronomy 25:2 and 3 and will be beaten in His own manner until you repent. Contact me when you repent, so the balm of Gilead may heal your wounds. God has purposed that you should be a fruitful tree in His vineyard. The hand of judgment is also the hand of deliverance.



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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones