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Watch dates and Preparations for the Trip

Feb 14, 2019

Today is the start of a 3-day cycle that we will be watching, as it correlates prophetically with the Second Passover season (Numbers 9:9-11).

It is also the 71st anniversary of the start of the Latter Rain revival in 1948. The timing of that revival on Valentine’s Day was designed to show us that its underlying purpose was to reveal the Father’s love. We ourselves are looking for the final outpouring of the Spirit, which will reveal God’s love to all in a greater way. I believe that men will begin to understand that God’s Love nature is expressed in His law, and this will give the law the respect that it is due.

The Coming Trip to Australia and New Zealand

Darla and I will be flying to Brisbane, Australia on Monday, February 18, Mike will pick us up at the airport and drive us inland to his farm. He has set up meetings in Warwick on Friday the 22nd and in Kalbar on Saturday. More meetings will be held on Sunday either at Kalbar or at Mike’s farm (“depending on weather”).

On Tuesday, February 26, we will fly to Melbourne, where Norm and Norma will pick us up and drive us to their home in Warrnambool which is down the coast. We will meet with the group there for a few days before flying to Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday, March 3rd.

We are scheduled to have three days of meetings in the northern part of the North Island at Lynley’s house. On Sunday, March 10, our flight brings us back to Minneapolis.

I will bring my laptop with me on this trip, so it is possible that I may post a few thoughts or pictures during the next three weeks. My main focus, of course, will be upon my hosts and hostesses and other friends who are gathered. So the rest of you will have to settle for leftover time. That is standard for virtually all of my trips.

Spiritual Preparations

For the past two months we have been preparing spiritually for this trip. Besides my normal blogging each morning, a few of us have been meeting about 3 afternoons per week to pray, seek God’s will, and usually to “bind and loose” various high-level spiritual princes and archprinces. Lately, God has had us deal with deeply rooted spirits that have ruled Australia and New Zealand for a very long time and have caused the people many spiritual problems.

This past week we have also had to deal with some high-level spirits coming from India. I suspect that some of the many (non-Christian) immigrants from India to Australia and New Zealand have brought their gods with them. Western nations—even many Christians—do not realize that their principle of “freedom of religion” has dire consequences.

One spirit that manifested and was brought to judgment was called Smarta. I had never heard of this, but we looked it up in the Wikipedia.


The First Commandment in the Law of God forbids worshiping any god other than Yahweh, who we know as Jesus Christ. But because men do not take that seriously, we are called to help clean up the mess in the divine court.

Earlier this week we brought judgment upon three spirits centering in Australia: Illusion, Delusion, and Confusion. These also affect all other nations, of course, but the context of this judgment was in praying for Australia itself.

On a more positive note, our Father reminded us of the ministry and prophecies of Smith Wigglesworth, who was a product of the Pentecostal revival a century ago. He ministered in Australia and New Zealand as well. Although the fruit of his ministry there has largely dried up and is now just a valley of dry bones, we believe that God will raise up a great army once again when the bones come back together.

Warwick was the farthest north that Smith Wigglesworth ministered. A few years ago, my friend Paul drove us to the actual church building where Wigglesworth preached, and we decreed there that the wind of God would blow upon those dry bones, raising them up once again so that Australia could fulfill its original Pentecostal calling (and more). It was originally named Australia del Espiritu Santo, "the Southland of the Holy Spirit," because it was discovered on the day of Pentecost of 1606.


That gives Australia a unique calling as a type of Pentecost. It remains to be seen how this may prophesy of things to come, but I believe that the divine plan includes great things for Australia.

In the midst of these court judgments, God also brought before us certain spiritual princes from the Philippines. I cannot go into detail, but we know that the Philippines has a special place in the heart of God, and so we continue to pray for that nation and to release it, little by little, from spiritual wickedness in high places.

Since the first of the year (2019), the glory of God has begun to manifest as well. This is a new thing, but it is now becoming a regular feature in our prayer meetings. However, this comes and goes, never lasting more than about 15 minutes at a time. Perhaps as time passes, His light and glory will remain for longer periods of time, but meanwhile, we have had much work to do. We are always happy when His glory interrupts our regular work, of course, but God knows that we have to get back to the business at hand in order to complete our court work.

Yesterday afternoon I had a very good counseling/teaching session with a young woman who has ears to hear and eyes to see and a heart to understand. She is obviously not like the ancient Israelites in the wilderness under Moses (Deuteronomy 29:4). If you are so inclined, send up a prayer to heaven on her behalf. She is going through all of the hard experiences that are common to those who have a special calling at the end of the wilderness.

That counseling session lasted 4 hours, and then we had another divine court session for another hour and a half. It was a full day’s work. You who read these weblogs see only the teaching that I do each morning, but the rest of the day is often spent in the practical application of what I teach. In fact, what I write in the morning seems to uncover spiritual entities, which we then deal with in the afternoon when Jesus summons them to the divine court for judgment.

Yesterday’s evening session seemed to focus a lot on New Zealand and the Maori spirits that enslave so many. I think one of the big problems that virtually every culture faces is that when people come to Christ, they do not fully grasp the fact that they are now a new creation. By not comprehending that they have been begotten by their heavenly Father, they continue in life as if their identity is still rooted in their fleshly nature—the identity given to them by their parents and ancestors.

In other words, they may be begotten by God, but they fail to change their identity from the old man to the new. Hence, they try to live out their “Christian” lives by reforming the old man instead of crucifying him.

All believers need to recognize that whatever culture we come from must be replaced by Kingdom culture, which is not only a new way of life but also a new identity. Evangelists have been reluctant to make this clear to people, because they do not want to make people choose between Christ and fleshly cultures. The result has been that many have been converted, but relatively few have truly become new creatures identifying with the spiritual man (self) that has been begotten by the Holy Spirit.

Most Christians, in fact, lack understanding about the “two I’s,” which Paul discusses in Romans 7. I discussed this more fully in chapter 10 of my commentary on Romans, Book 1.

I am thankful that many are coming to this realization and understanding of the word, which will allow them to reach the next step in their relationship with Christ. In my view, this is necessary to prepare our hearts for the new phase of the Kingdom that is soon to come.


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