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The Q posts resume in February

Feb 12, 2019

Q went silent from January 13 until February 3. Then he began to post once again, commenting on the Mueller investigation coming to an end shortly. You can find Q’s posts here:


On February 3 (Post #2676), he writes, in part:

Optics are important.
Stealth bombers silent?
Re_read Mueller re: 'designed to' drops.
Probe conclusion coming?
Coincidence 'conclusion' occurring as new AG installed?
What is the purpose of WHITAKER?
Re_read drops re: 'Scaramucci' model.
Who did Scaramucci remove?
Optics important?
What occurs post installed 'BLOCKADE' removal?

Translation: “Optics” refer to how things look politically. One cannot always do the right thing, because the opposition will spin it into something that looks bad to the public. That, of course, is the nature of politics, and the mainstream media works overtime to make sure that any good achievement that Trump does is seen as a bad thing.

The “stealth bombers” are the investigators in the background, such as Huber, the prosecutor from Utah who has a team of 470 lawyers, judges, and investigators, all investigating the real issues that need to be investigated. Another is Inspector General Horowitz. Their work is still mostly hidden and will be brought into the open once the Mueller investigation is complete.

The “new AG installed” is William Barr, who is expected to be confirmed this week by the Senate as the new Attorney General. He will replace the Acting Attorney General, Whitaker, who was put in place temporarily after Jeff Sessions resigned last November.

Q has told us consistently about the advantages of installing a temporary Attorney General. It is much like a president in his second term, who does not have to worry about getting elected again. He is free to do some unpopular things without fear of consequences. In this case, Whitaker was able to follow the “Scaramucci model.”

Anthony Scaramucci served as the White House Director of Communications for just 10 days from July 21-31, 2017. He fired a lot of people and then was himself fired. His purpose was to get rid of the Deep State operatives within that department. He served his purpose well, and then was replaced so that the mainstream media could not complain about their losses.

The Scaramucci model was used again in the case of Jeff Sessions, who had recused himself from the Mueller investigation in order to focus on the Huber investigations. As Q pointed out on January 6, 2019, “Temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeted.”

Whitaker, however, will will not be fired but will return to his former position as Chief of Staff for the new Attorney General. Whitaker generated some opposition from the Democratic leadership, but not enough to get rid of him. His role was to make sure that the Mueller report remained honest. He had leverage, simply because Mueller himself was the chief coverup manager of the 911 attacks, which occurred while he was FBI director.

It is not clear if Mueller is one of the men who has decided to cooperate with Trump against the Deep State or if he is still working for the Deep State (i.e., the Senior Executive Service, organized by Kristine Marcy around 1979, if I recall). Because the Deep State scrutinized everything that Q says—and takes it very seriously—Q cannot reveal some of these secrets. So sometimes he suggests that Mueller is now working with Trump, while at other times he continues the narrative that Mueller is an enemy.

Many have been frustrated at the fact that the DOJ and FBI have refused to investigate the obvious crimes of Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Her private server, for instance, was not only revealed by FBI director Comey and DOJ director Loretta Lynch, but Hillary herself admitted it. She and her staff, as well as President Obama himself, all used private servers and even used code names for themselves in order to avoid getting caught. Yet Comey refused to prosecute her.

The real Russia collusion apparently was done by Hillary Clinton, not by Donald Trump.


There is also the Clinton Foundation scandal, collecting millions of dollars from foreign governments, first seeking influence in Hillary’s State Department and later in her bid for the presidency. Even William Barr expressed his incredulity at the fact that no law-enforcement agency appeared to be investigating this but chose to focus on a discredited “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory.

The fact that the so-called Russian dossier had been bought and paid for by the Democratic National Convention to try to influence the 2016 election against Trump is another potential crime that ought to be investigated properly. Are these scandals really being ignored? Or are these scandals being investigated secretly by Huber and/or Horowitz? Whatever they are investigating must be really big, and yet with no leaks so far, no one knows for sure.

Then, of course, there is the Weiner laptop that contains a lot of very bad sexual material as well as State Department emails.


When the New York police detectives first looked at some of the images on the laptop, they broke down and cried at the sheer horror of it. They would not have cried over some emails. It was mostly likely the Satanic rituals of child abuse, murder, and cannibalism that have yet to be revealed. Is anyone investigating the Weiner laptop? I think this will be revealed last, simply because its horrific nature will be so shocking to the public. When the people discover that their government was largely taken over by Satanists, the world will be forever changed by those revelations, and that will mark the final end of Mystery Babylon.

The sheer size of Huber’s staff tells us that they are conducting major investigations behind the scenes. Q suggests that they cannot reveal the nature of their investigations as long as the Mueller probe is ongoing, because it would then look like they are undermining Mueller.

So they have to wait, and we all have to wait. In the Q drop earlier, he wrote:

Probe conclusion coming?

We know from Whitaker’s statements reported in the news that Mueller’s probe will be concluding “soon.” Q tells us that it will conclude in 30 days. The “-30” is written as a countdown from NASA launch, and so on February 9 Q gives us a site to explain the nature of such countdowns.


It shows the procedure of a normal countdown, where the countdown pauses periodically to check for things that may have gone wrong. If things are alright, the countdown then continues. So also with this “-30” countdown. Just because the 30-day countdown began on February 3 does not mean that it will actually end 30 days later (March 5). Because of the pauses, it could take a little longer.

Nonetheless, at least we have some light at the end of the long tunnel. California Rep. Adam Schiff apparently believes that the Mueller investigation will be a big nothing-burger, because he is already calling for separate House investigations, which would not be necessary if the Mueller report were to find that Trump had committed crimes.


This is big news, simply because it shows that Schiff himself does not believe that the Mueller probe will find anything, even after 2 years of investigations. Yet once the Mueller probe is completed, no House investigation is going to matter at all. What could the House find that Mueller could not find in two years?

Adam Schiff is probably more frightened by the declassification of the FISA documents and the emails connected to original decision to investigate Trump during the presidential campaign. He knows how illegal that was and how the FISA court was tricked into signing off on it. Q wrote:

What occurs post installed 'BLOCKADE' removal?

On September 19, 2018 Trump declassified those documents. However, he later instructed Inspector General Horowitz to review the documents before they are released, so that truly confidential material is not released. Then it was decided that these documents would not be released immediately, because of “optics.” In other words, the mainstream media would spin the release as an attempt to undermine the Mueller investigation. So they decided to wait until Mueller was finished.

So Q suggests that when Mueller’s final report is delivered, and when people have had time to digest its contents, then the documents will be released. So that is still a couple of months away at least.

The main point is to see that the Mueller report will mark a great shift from defense to offense. The Mueller investigation keeps Trump on defense, but when it is completed, then Trump will shift to playing offense, and then Hillary and others will have to defend themselves against the evidence being released.

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