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The battle lines

Feb 13, 2019

It is becoming increasingly clear that one’s political view is largely shaped by one’s news source, that is, where a person gets his/her information. It has been known for centuries that newspapers are anything but unbiased. If they must report something that they don’t want people to know, they will not put it on the first page but insert it as a minor story where many will miss it.

Likewise, they often publish things on a day like December 23, when they know that most people are busy with Christmas preparations and will not have time to read the paper. By the way, that was why the Federal Reserve Act was passed on December 23, 1913, while most of the senate had gone home for Christmas.

When the newly-formed CIA launched its “Operation Mockingbird” in the early 1950’s, designed to embed its operatives within the mainstream media, they knew the importance of “controlling the narrative.” This launched their efforts to change the culture of America. When it was publicized in the late 1960’s, they officially stopped their program, but unofficially, it was continued with greater secrecy.


Operation Mockingbird was the point where the Babylonian government began to change the thinking of Americans, beginning with the public schools. We now have an entire generation of cultural Babylonians and are far from the original principles set forth by our founding fathers. We are even farther from the moral and governmental principles of the Kingdom of God.

As for me, while I am a Constitutionalist up to a point, I am an advocate of the Kingdom of God, whether or not the Constitution agrees with it. For the most part, the Constitution agrees with Scripture, but the sore spot from the start was that it allowed slavery among non-white people as a compromise to get all the new states to sign the documents. After that, the Constitution’s main problem was its interpreters in the legal system and especially in the Supreme Court, who were able to reinterpret it to conform to Babylonian lawlessness.

As I have written many times, things changed from 2014-2017, as God’s contract with the beast systems ended, and the “saints of the Most High” (Daniel 7:21, 22 KJV) were given the authority in the earth. This coincided also with the election of Donald Trump, whom God raised up to destroy the Babylonian system of government. Whether you like him or not, he has the New Yorker personality to do this demolition work, and he is doing it well.

The Mockingbird Media does not like him at all, of course, and so no matter what he does, they spin it in a negative way to make him look bad. But his policies only make sense, while his Socialist opponents look increasingly silly and hypocritical. Trump’s entire immigration policy is designed to enforce the laws passed during past years under the stated policies of Democratic presidents, Clinton and Obama, supported by Hillary Clinton. Yet now that Trump is the one enforcing those laws, they now treat his “secure borders” policy as if he invented it and as if the Democrats had never voted for such a policy.

Such hypocrisy is being exposed daily in spite of Operation Mockingbird.

On February 10, 2019, post 2687, Q wrote:

Why does the FAKE NEWS media continue to attack a so-called “conspiracy”?
Did you know there’s been 1,000-plus articles written about this movement by the FAKE NEWS media machine?....
What are they afraid of?
People coming together and thinking for themselves?

Last August the media as a whole decided that they could no longer ignore the “Q” revolution, and so they began to run articles claiming that this was a “conspiracy theory.” More recently, they have claimed that it was run by Russians. In other words, they are running with a conspiracy theory of their own that the Russians are trying to influence American voters!

No matter, of course, that America regularly spends billions of dollars influencing the votes of other nations. Never mind that America is willing to overthrow the presidents of other nations in order to bring them into subjection to the will of the US government. Never mind that the CIA has planned numerous false flag operations to give the US government an excuse to attack those other countries and impose its will upon them.

Q has given the people suggestions as to what to research in order to discover the truth. Q does not simply tell people what to believe. Most of the time, Q asks key questions that allow the people to think for themselves and to break the power of the Mockingbird Propaganda machine. Or he posts links to various articles that the people ought to read.

This is the opposite of propaganda and the opposite of the brainwashing techniques used by the CIA on the American public. In recent years, former CIA agents have come forward to expose these tactics and to give us previously hidden insights into the mindset of the Deep State.

For example, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who is a psychiatrist that wrote the book on black ops and was sent on many missions around the world. You should listen to his 5-minute videos, as they are very insightful.


There are also others such as Kevin Shipp.


And Robert David Steele.


He is also the Chief Justice for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), which brings testimonies of human trafficking to the attention of the world.


These are insiders and experts in their respective fields, people who are knowledgeable and also experienced. They have friends and contacts that the average person do not have, and they are not part of the propaganda effort of the Deep State—or at least they no longer work for them.

If you want to learn more about the Deep State’s use of young girls as prostitutes of high-level government officials, you can listen to Cathy O’Brien’s testimony or read her book, Trance-Formation of America. She was saved out of that brainwashed life by her handler, Mark Philips, who had been assigned by the CIA to kill her after she reached the age of 30. Instead, he deprogrammed her, and they both escaped.



These are not things that people want to hear, especially those who have confidence in their favorite government officials. But there are enough testimonies coming out in recent years that prove that these secret operations have been going on for many decades. I want to help put an end to these things. In my view, John saw this when he wrote about Mystery Babylon, “she has become a dwelling place of demons and a prison of every unclean spirit” (Revelation 18:2).

If you want to know where I get my political views (over and beyond Scripture, of course), the sources above will go far in revealing this. My information is not shaped by pundits who have no personal knowledge of insider information. I do my best to listen to those who actually know what they are talking about—by personal experience.

These men each have their own points of view as well as their own individual experiences. Pieczenik, for instance, admitted last summer (in a single interview) that he was part of the Q team. I had suspected this, because I saw the Q operation as being highly intelligent and following the principles that Dr. Pieczenik was setting forth.

On the other hand, Steele has no interest in Q’s “riddles,” and so he often brushes Q aside. I am quite sure that Steele is not part of the Q team. Nonetheless, he is an avid reader and is very knowledgeable on many topics, especially on human trafficking.

All of this political infighting about the border wall, immigration, Russian collusion, etc. are leading to an inevitable showdown with human traffickers and Satanists in government. The conflict is starting out with political fights, but they will end with some very sordid revelations. Human trafficking has already been mentioned, but the Weiner laptop and the Clinton Foundation investigation will soon unearth far worse crimes.

That is really what is behind the fear in Washington’s Deep State. Many are fighting for their lives, knowing that the military tribunals have already begun at Guantanamo, and that some major politicians have already been executed under cover of “health” issues. This includes Senator John McCain, who was executed last summer, and George H.W. Bush who was executed last November.

A few generals have left Trump’s cabinet in recent months to participate in those tribunals. Some politicians have not been heard from since the Bush funeral, other than when their doubles make appearances to trick people into thinking that all is well. But these things are difficult to prove, so I am waiting for more proof before I can comment credibly on such things.


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