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Home Again

Feb 05, 2019

We arrived home safely last night. I had many urgent things to do today and did not find time to do a weblog. The weather also slowed me down as I went to the print shop to pick up the February FFI and the latest brochure (Part 4 of the series on God's Wonderful Plan for Creation). These should be sent out this week.

We already received six inches of snow today, and should receive about two more inches this evening. Then tomorrow evening we are supposed to get a second snow storm. The temperature, however, is much warmer than it was a week ago (which came while we were gone). Instead of minus 15 to minus 30 degrees, this morning it was 4 degrees above zero, and by evening it was up to 10 degrees (-11C). It was nice to avoid two weeks of cold weather by going to the Joseph Conference. But the groundhog has spoken, and we will get another six weeks of winter.

Of course, Darla and I will be avoiding half of that winter in a couple weeks when we fly to Australia and then to New Zealand for meetings and to visit friends there. We are looking forward to summer again, but hopefully, Melbourne will cool off just a bit soon.

Our daughter and her husband were in Vienna last month, where they experienced some snow and cold weather. Being from Texas, they were not used to it, but they enjoyed their trip anyway. Our daughter had earned that trip for the two of them through the company that she works for.

We had some good meetings on the way home from the Joseph Conference in Texas and Kansas. I believe that the Joseph Conference was a major turning point insofar as the Birthright is concerned. As we get further revelation pinpointing the precise corner that we turned, I will keep you informed. The double rainbow picture taken from the back of Joseph's house was a nice confirmation, I believe, of the transfer of the Birthright.

There has been opposition from various elements of the beast system who do not want to give up the authority that they have enjoyed for thousands of years since the time of Nebuchadnezzar. Likewise, there are many other religions and groups who believe that they are entitled to receive the Birthright. But in the end, it will be the Joseph company who prevail, and their claim is based on their character and their relationship with Jesus Christ, not upon their race or their church affiliation.

While driving these 4,000 miles to and from San Diego, I also began to receive a lot of revelation needed to write the fifth novel in my series, The Anava Chronicles. I am now ready to start writing it between other projects and trips. This will be a comparison between Saul and David and the two types of government that they represent. This is of particular importance as we contemplate the form of Kingdom government that is coming to the earth in the wake of the next move of the Holy Spirit.

Next week my latest book, Amos: Missionary to Israel, ought to be ready for distribution. The main body of this book was written in the year-long FFI series last year. I added quite a bit more material on the topic of the great earthquake that Amos mentioned in the first verse of his book. That earthquake occurred two years after Amos made his trip to Israel, and when his call to repentance was rejected, the earthquake destroyed Israel's defenses, allowing the Assyrians to conquer the nation quite easily.

I am starting to catch up on the world news, but there are a lot of articles and videos that I will not have time to peruse. I try to read all the emails that I receive, but even that is difficult. I answer what I can and apologize for those I do not answer. After a trip like this, I always have too many emails to answer, and many fall through the big cracks.


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