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A shift in the New American Revolution

Feb 16, 2019

Today is the last day of our 3-day cycle of watch dates from February 14-16, correlating to the time of the Second Passover in Numbers 9:9-11. It appears that we have indeed reached a major turning point both politically and spiritually. Politically speaking, William Barr was confirmed by the Senate on February 14 and was then immediately sworn in as the 85th Attorney General of the United States.


Barr also served as the 77th Attorney General from 1991-1993 under G. H. W. Bush, whose death was announced on November 30, 2018 just 76 days earlier. As we showed in past weblogs, November 30, 2018 was 414 days (Cursed Time) after the full transfer of authority from the beast systems to the saints of the Most High.

From October 12, 2017 to November 30, 2018 was 414 days. In that this ended with the death of godfather Bush, who was a significant leader in the beast system, it was obviously bad news for him and for the beasts. The cycle of 414 days or years normally begins with the pronouncement of divine judgment (curse) and ends with the actual execution of that judgment. The 414-day/year cycles are grace periods that allow the judged ones to repent in order to find grace.

In this case, Bush, as a representative of the beast system in these last days, did not repent either on his own behalf or on behalf of the beast systems in general. So the judgment was carried out on November 30, 2018.

But to the saints of the Most High, it was good news because it was a major sign that the transfer of authority had indeed occurred 414 days earlier. From our perspective, then, by coming out of this long captivity that had begun with the fall of Jerusalem in 604 B.C., we were required to undergo a 76-day cleansing cycle to February 14, 2019.

I thought it was a nice touch that Bush’s Attorney General would return to mark the point where we had entered Blessed Time (414 plus 76 is 490).

If any reader is new to these principles of timing, see my book, Secrets of Time.

National Emergency

Congress also passed the budget bill on February 14, which President Trump signed in order to keep the government from shutting down. However, he then immediately declared a National Emergency for the southern border to deal with the immigration crisis. As with all declarations of this kind, this one gives him more than 100 new options in dealing with the situation.

There are over 30 national emergencies that currently are still in place, 11 of which were declared by President Obama and 9 of which are still ongoing. So declaring a National Emergency is not unusual, nor does it have to be a threat that everyone agrees with. One of Obama’s national emergencies, for example, was over the so-called “swine flu epidemic” which never materialized. Nonetheless, no one objected to that “emergency.”

Recall also that a little over a year ago on December 21, 2017, Trump declared another National Emergency to deal with the problem of corruption and human trafficking. This also specified military enforcement.


A week later, on December 26, 2017, I wrote about this, calling it “The New American Revolution.”


That title was chosen because Q had posted the famous picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware River during the American Revolution.


Curiously enough, 414 days after I wrote my report comes to February 13, 2019, the day before Trump’s most recent National Emergency. My reports themselves do not normally begin such time cycles, so if this is to be taken seriously, it is highly unusual. This may imply another 76-day cycle, and if so, we should mark April 30, 2019 as another possible watch date.

What does it mean?

It is too early to prove, but I do believe that America is at the start of a new American Revolution that will affect the world. Those who have followed the Q posts are more aware of this political shift than the average person. Q has told us many things ahead of time, and he has proven himself to be one with inside information. His questions are meant to inform us without violating national security laws. Questions are not leaks.

When we combine our knowledge of prophetic timing with the revelations of Q, we are able to increase our understanding of current events. I find that the two correlate very well, and this is another reason why I have confidence in Q. He essentially tells us how prophecy is unfolding in government and politics.

Overall, the Q posts from the beginning have suggested that Trump’s first job (2017) was to confirm his cabinet and the heads of the various agencies (law enforcement an intelligence). That took a full year, due to fierce opposition from entrenched SES members (Deep State employees who cannot be fired) and from their political supporters in Congress.

Then the Mueller investigation delayed things further, because any action that Trump might take to arrest members of the Deep State for treason would be spun by the media as interfering with the investigation. That also meant that few could be arrested (at least in public) for human trafficking, drug running, and other crimes, which have funded them for decades.

Here is where prophetic timing becomes quite useful. We understood that the long “seven times” on God’s contract with the beast system expired on October 12, 2017. Because these Babylonians “refused to let them go” (Jeremiah 50:33), they were judged for non-compliance and given 414 days of grace in which to repent and comply. At the end of this cycle, their grace period ended, and the death of Bush was announced on November 30, 2018. (He probably died earlier, but God caused them to announce it on the appointed time.)

At any rate, the Revolution cannot really begin until the right people are in place to carry out the judicial process. Otherwise, the criminals could be arrested but the Deep State judges on the Supreme Court would simply release them. So it has taken an extra year of preparation, change, and political fights to finally come to the place where this National Emergency could be declared.

It appears that the confirmation of William Barr as Attorney General was a key event, both for Q and for our own prophetic time cycles. February 14 has been on our radar every year since 2010, when we began to monitor Passover in January and the Second Passover in February. We have had many years in which to observe events proving the validity of this revelation. And so last month I wrote again to watch February 14-16. This was long before anyone could know when Barr would be sworn in, and when Trump would declare the National Emergency.

Now that this date has passed, things are becoming clearer. Mueller has had two years in which to find some “collusion” with Russia, and so far those involved in that investigation say that they have found nothing. With Barr as the new Attorney General, he is now Mueller’s overseer and will be held accountable to the facts in the case. On February 14, Q posted (#2717), “Effective today, MUELLER reports to BARR.”

Changes Coming Soon

Andrew McCabe is testifying that hours after the 2016 presidential election, seven men gathered to conspire to overthrow Trump. Rosenstein denies this, but McCabe insists it is true. If true, this would be a clear case of treason, and it would implicate some very high-level government officials. Watch for more news about this.

Q also reminds us of the missile that was launched in the Pacific while Trump was flying to Singapore to meet with the North Korean president. Q suggests that the missile was destroyed by anti-missile defenses. If this attempt against Trump’s life is proven, it would again be a clear case of treason.

Perhaps that is why the Senate has just passed a law outlawing hangings. Hanging innocent people has always been a crime, even if it was done in the past against innocent civilians. Why would they need such a law now? Is it because they themselves are afraid of being hanged for actual crimes such as treason?


On February 14, Q posted this (#2722):

No mercy.
No bargaining.
A Traitor’s justice.

Again, he posted on the same date (Post 2724),

A Traitor’s Justice.
Phase III.
Panic in DC.
For those who decide to save the taxpayers some money—There is no escaping God.

(That last statement is a reference to some who may want to commit suicide rather than face justice.) Finally, he posted this about the Clintons in #2725,

Chatter—Bill & Hillary’s “public” health will begin to rapidly deteriorate.

This is widely interpreted to mean that both Bill and Hillary Clinton will soon be reported to be quite ill, and that, like John McCain and G.H.W. Bush, they will soon die of “natural causes.” Yet actually, they will be executed medically for their roles in human trafficking, treason, and countless other crimes over the years.

The implication is that we should not expect to see anyone executed as a public spectacle, as seen in the case of ordinary people who have been found guilty of capital offenses.

The bottom line, however, is that Q suggests that the swearing in of William Barr and the National Emergency declaration are key events in the history of the New American Revolution. The only other key event will be the replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as soon as the Deep State is forced to announce that she is incapacitated and unfit to render Supreme Court decisions. Right now, it appears that her clerks are doing the work in her name, which is illegal.

On February 9, (Post #2680), Q posted:

Read between the lines.

Yes, read between the lines! Note the first letter in each line is RBG, or Ruth Bader Ginsburg. "Good to go" implies that it will be good when she goes (retires). When she is replaced, then the pseudo-conservative Chief Justice John Roberts will no longer be the swing vote to help the Deep State retain control over the Supreme Court decisions.

So February 14, 2019 has proven to be a key shift in the New American Revolution. Because of America's position in the world (and in prophecy), the entire world has a stake in the outcome. Most of the people in other countries are still heavily influenced by CNN and the mainstream media that is controlled by the Babylonian Deep State, so they do not know what is really happening behind the scenes here. But the news media is losing its grip on the public mind. Their continuous barrage of anti-Trump reports show that they are in a state of near panic and hysteria. But whatever happens, we can rest assured that Babylon is falling, and the saints of the Most High are rising to meet the challenges of reigning with Christ.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones