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Yellow Vest protesters call for bank runs

Jan 08, 2019

The US mainstream news seems to have put a moratorium on the Yellow Vest protests in France. That, of course, is a clear indicator that these protests run contrary to the Rothschild-controlled European governments and are not being instigated by them.

The protests have not died down, as the media would like us to think. In fact, the protests have increased, and now there are reports of police beating protesters, kicking them, and dragging them off by the hair.

So now the protesters are planning to hit them where it hurts the most—the banks. If all of the protesters withdraw their money from the banks, the banks will collapse very quickly.


PARIS, France – The “Gilet Jaunes” protesters, fed up with increasing control from the French government including tyrannical policing of peaceful protesters and new “Martial Law” rules enacted to hamstring the protesters (which includes a leaked plan to confiscate ALL firearms from French citizens, as reported by the Clover Chronicle), are now planning a “bank run” which would see most French civilians withdrawing all of their funding from France’s banks.

French banks, which already run on a “Fractional Reserve” system, are estimated to have less than 1/4th of the funds on hand needed to satisfy a bank run conducted by citizens in the city of Paris alone – let alone the entire French nation. This has the potential to completely tank the Euro if the protesters manage to pull it off.

The speculation has led to widespread panic among the Zionist Elites who run Europe’s central banks.

I am quite sure that a bank run like this would simply close the banks and allow them to steal the money with the blessing of Macon’s government. That would simply make people angrier than they already are, escalating the crisis. But meanwhile, this could also push the euro into a downward spiral and threaten a lot of banks that are already teetering on the brink.

This idea could easily spread to other European countries like Germany and the UK, and this would affect the whole world. We need to watch this situation closely, especially since the mainstream media wants us to look the other way.

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Category: In The News
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones