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Travel Update

Jan 22, 2019

We are about half way to San Diego now.

The timing of our trip so far has worked out perfectly, dodging storms with such precision that we ourselves could never have done on our own.

Meanwhile, I will be meetings all day today with a group of ministers and teachers, mostly answering questions about how the law teaches Universal Reconciliation. No doubt other questions will come up as well. I have not met any of them yet, but indications are that they are well versed in Scripture. Darla and I are looking forward to meeting them.

In the past month we have seen evidence of a lot of spiritual opposition against the Joseph Conference in San Diego. Much of the opposition was coming from the "Wing coven," as we call it. Last Saturday evening we had a major breakthrough that brought us a clear victory. It came just in time, as we were led to leave home a day early. We left late morning on Sunday.

Much prayer and warfare has taken place since mid-December. That is actually good news, since (1) God always gives us the victory; and (2) the more our enemies oppose us, the more confirmation we have of the importance of our work--in this case, the Joseph Conference.

Back in 1985 we fought a battle in the heavens over San Diego, fasting on January 22 and engaging in the warfare on January 23, 1985. We called it by a couple of names: The Lord's Doing prayer campaign and also the Children's prayer campaign. We prayed for our children, our spiritual children, the children of Israel, and the Manchild (sons of God, or overcomers).

When Elaine Cook and I held our Sonship Conference in San Diego on those dates in 2001, I took note of this "coincidence." This week's conference will be a followup on the 2001 conference, since "Joseph is a fruitful son." But we will be taking this to the next level, focusing more on the Joseph calling than in birthing the sons.

Keep us in prayer.



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