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Smith Wigglesworth's granddaughter's testimony

Jan 02, 2019

This is a short 7-minute testimony of Amelia Hobbs, at the age of 100. She is the granddaughter of Smith Wigglesworth, the well-known healer from the early 1900’s, and she tells how she had been healed as a 5-year-old child. She was then known locally as the “miracle child.”

I was also interested in something else she said in passing.

She told of her grandfather’s prophecy in 1947 to David DuPlessis that the biggest move that the world will see of the Holy Spirit’s power would happen when the Word and the Spirit came together. That, of course, is of great interest to me, as I have believed that since June 1984. This prophecy was mentioned on the video beginning at 4:13.


For many years my thought was that the Word or Revelation which the Spirit of God would reveal in the final revival would be the revelation of the law. Certainly, that will be a big part of it, but as of Sunday, December 30, 2018, I now see that the core Word will actually be the revelation of the New Covenant.

That will, of course, include a revelation of the law, but the New Covenant is broader and more foundational.

I have shown in past studies how Israel’s revelation from Egypt to the Promised Land has been repeated in the church from 1517-2017 and beyond. God gave the Passover revelation of Justification by faith to Martin Luther in 1517, and this brought us out of Egypt (Romanism). Then we crossed the Red Sea with the holiness revelation of the Wesley brothers, followed by the healing revelation (Marah) of the healing ministries, then the Elim revelation of the missionary movement.

The Pentecostal movement of the early 1900’s was when the church reached Mount Horeb, where the law was first given and the people heard the voice of God (in their own language, I believe). Then came the Latter Rain (1948-1952), where the 12 spies gave us a taste of the fruits of the Kingdom, but it was not yet time to enter the Promised Land.

We are now at the time of end, where the Second Law was given by Moses (Deuteronomy), and the New Covenant was set forth (Deuteronomy 29:10-15), under which Joshua was commissioned to lead Israel into the Promised Land. The people had already broken the Old Covenant given 40 years earlier, a covenant that was conditional upon their ability to be obedient. In my view, they could not become God’s people under the Old Covenant, and hence, they could not have entered the Promised Land under that covenant.

The New Covenant was thus necessary, and even though they probably did not understand the difference between the covenants, the children of Israel were led by Joshua (Yeshua), who was a type of the Mediator of the New Covenant. That is why Deuteronomy 29 had to be based on the New Covenant (promise of God). This was what made it possible for the people to enter the Promised Land.

So also today, I believe that the New Covenant revelation is the Word that Smith Wigglesworth prophesied would come with the move of the Spirit in our time.

That was the revelation of the day, which I received at the out-of-town meeting December 30.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones