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Joseph Conference Report

Jan 29, 2019

The Joseph Conference in San Diego brought about 120 people to the hotel, and the room was quite filled to capacity with room for only a few more.

The thought has occurred to me that we really should hold a conference there (or at least somewhere in California) every January. There are many out west who are unable to travel to the eastern half of the country for the conferences. Besides, the weather is perfect there, and we don't mind missing a week of below-zero weather.

We had people come from Canada, mostly from the western part of Canada, but also from Switzerland and Fiji. Many came from California but there were many from other states as well.

Much of what I taught was quite basic, but there were many who were new to my teaching, so they were able to experience a bit of brain bruise. The other speakers were excellent as well, Each teaching dealt with a different aspect of the Joseph calling.

We had a little trouble with the video recordings. I don't know how many of them will be posted. I suspect some will be audio only with a still picture of the speaker. Also, hotels don't normally spend much money on high-speed internet, though they claim to do so. I am now on the road, and the hotel internet is not fast enough for me to send Dave the recordings so that he can start working on posting them.

I had hoped to have them posted by the time I got home, but we are resigned to the fact that Dave will have to work on these after we arrive home (Looks like Monday). We are planning three stops along the way to visit friends. I wish we could stop at more places, but any more would only further delay sending out the February FFI. The printshop emailed me to let me know it is ready for pickup.

People were generous, and all conference expenses were met. Thank-you all who contributed both before, during, and after the conference. I really appreciate it, and I know that our heavenly Father will bless you.

Also, a big thanks to all who supported our ministry in the past year (and before). All that we have accomplished has been because of your support. Of course, we thank God first and foremost, recognizing that He led you to support the ministry. We learned years ago that if we have a need, we take it to God and let Him speak to others about such things. That way we can concentrate on the work itself, rather than on trying to raise money every month.

So thank-you for hearing or feeling His nudge. Our needs have been met each month, and we carry no debt. God bless you all.



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