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Current revelations

Jan 19, 2019

Foundations are being laid at a steady pace for the coming changes as we prepare for divine government to rule the earth during the Age of Tabernacles. Whether one is a citizen or a ruler, it is important to learn the guiding principles and laws by which this Kingdom functions.


In the past few days our heavenly Father has emphasized the Hebrew word shalom, which is far more than just a biblical greeting of “peace.” It embodies the entire purpose of God that brings reconciliation to those who are conflicted. Hence, our Prince of Peace brings a condition wherein enemies are reconciled, even as sinners are also justified.

The word shalom comes from the root word shalam, which is a principle of law by which peace is restored between one whose rights have been violated and the one who has violated those rights. The law defines the rights of God and men, and when someone’s rights are violated, the law prescribes restitution to the victim as a way of reestablishing peaceful relations between them.

Hence, in the laws of restitution in Exodus 22:3, 5, 6, and 12 the word “restitution” comes from the Hebrew word shalam. It is more than just a payment of double restitution, more than just a transfer of money or goods. Its purpose is to reconcile them and thus restore their neighborly relationship of peace.

Thus it is with all divine judgment—even the death penalty itself, both the first and second death. The death penalty is imposed when earthly courts lack the power to restore the relationship and the case must be appealed to the divine court. Hence, in cases of kidnapping, premeditated murder, or rape of a married woman, the death penalty postpones the case until the Great White Throne judgment. The death penalty itself does not resolve the case, nor does it restore the relationships that were lost by sin. Only the divine court in such cases has the power to handle such cases and to bring the dispute to the state of shalam.

The purpose of divine judgment, then, is always restorative in the end. There is no such thing as eternal punishment. The New Testament (Greek) speaks only of eonian judgment, judgment that pertains to a certain eon, or age. The Hebrew equivalent is olam, whose root word alam, means “to hide.” Hence, olam refers to a hidden, unknown, or indefinite period of time, not to an unlimited period of time such as “forever.”

A never-ending judgment can never bring a dispute to the state of shalam. Eternal punishment lacks purpose, other than to inflict pain without end. Such punishment proceeds out of the sinful hearts of men, not out of God’s nature. God is love. Eternal punishment does not satisfy the nature of God, nor is it His idea of justice.

Knowing the heart of God is a requirement for God’s judges and rulers in the age to come. Those who would judge unjustly (contrary to His nature and will) are not yet qualified as overcomers, for such people would perpetuate the unjust judgments that are currently meted out in the courts of men and nations today. The law reveals God’s nature, and it must be written on our hearts.

Effective Apostleship

This is something that God has emphasized to us in the past few days. He connected it to the “Effective Apostleship” that He is establishing. Back in 2001 we were led to hold a prayer campaign called “He is Building Effective Apostleship.” An apostle is one who is sent, a messenger.

It was the title given to a Roman official who was being sent to establish Roman culture in a new community or settlement. Christ’s apostles are being sent out in similar fashion to establish Kingdom culture, and to do that, the apostle must know the mind and will of Christ, as well as the laws and culture of His Kingdom.


In the past week we have also received revelation of Elisha in some unusual ways, suggesting that the double portion of Elijah’s mantle is drawing near in a practical way. Last week our revelation came in the context of the first Passover (1/14 to 1/16), but at times we were told that certain items were being reserved for next month, i.e., the second Passover (2/14 to 2/16).

At the present time, we know very little about what might happen in February, because we are to focus on current revelations. Nonetheless, we are anticipating more to come at the appropriate time.

We note that the prophecy of Elijah was that he would “restore all things” (Matthew 17:11) and that this will result in “the restoration of all things” (Acts 3:21). We know that John the Baptist was Elijah in that he prepared the way for Christ’s first coming. We today live in the time of Elisha, as our job is to prepare the way for Christ’s second coming. Whereas John’s ministry was limited, ending in his death, the Elisha ministry is given the double portion in order to finish what Elijah started and bring this restoration to a successful conclusion.

Jesus’ disciples were sent out under the anointing of Pentecost. It was very good, of course, but in the end it too was limited in its ability to complete the work. God had in mind something greater that is seen in the anointing of Tabernacles. The “Effective Apostleship” that He is building today will be sent out under the double anointing that is necessary to finish what Pentecost started. That is what Elisha received, and the Elisha company today will receive that anointing as well.

Thea’s Story

Curiously enough, yesterday Sharon was given revelation that God spelled out for her. (He has done this often in giving her key words or names of angels that were coming.) In this case God first said “Teacup.” We wondered what that meant. Then He said, “horse, elephant, apple,” and she realized that He was giving her an acronym for “THEA.” She did not know how to pronounce the name, but she heard, “Thea’s Story.”

I recalled writing about this years ago, so I looked it up. I began a series of 5 weblogs on August 25, 2009, entitled, Thea’s Story.


God used this to say that He was sending angels to all parts of America. This has something to do with the fulfillment of Thea’s Star Vision which I explained in my weblogs in 2009. It appears that her vision is about to be clarified, and we will soon be able to know what it meant.

The Joseph Conference

We are now preparing to go to San Diego for the Joseph Conference on January 25-27. We will be driving, and this will take 4 days to get there. So we plan to leave Monday morning. Our route will depend on the weather. Snowstorm Harper is now passing through the Midwest just south of us, so we will have a small window of opportunity before the next snowstorm comes from California to New York and New England.

The block of rooms that we reserved for the conference is fully booked. Any further reservations will cost $159/day, which is the normal cost of a room at that hotel. There are other hotels in the area that are less expensive, of course. We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

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