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Jan 03, 2019

There is a growing community of Blacks and Latinos who are realizing that preferential treatment and victimhood mentality is detrimental to their ability to enjoy equal rights as Americans. They will be meeting January 20, 2019 in Los Angeles.


It’s time for the black and Hispanic communities to come together and fully realize our potential, our purpose and our imminent role in protecting American values.

No longer should our hardworking American Latinos allow the media to conflate them with the caravans of illegals who lack respect for due process and law by demanding what they haven't earned.

No longer should the scores of LEGAL immigrants who have waited to earn their citizenship, be continually insulted by leftist open-border demands.

The black community will no longer be patronized; there is no virtue in victimhood and we should no longer buy into the myth that we are somehow separate from the American Dream.

It is time for a B L E X I T. A Black AND Latino exit from the liberal ideology which has poisoned our respective communities.

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Category: In The News
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones