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An increase of authority, part 1

Jan 15, 2019

We are currently midway into a three-day “January Passover,” which we have observed for about 8 years now. Exodus 12 says that the Passover lambs were to be killed in the afternoon of 1/14, and the actual day of Passover is 1/15, commemorating Israel’s departure from Egypt. Finally, 1/16, being the third day, is resurrection day. Hence, we watch January 14-16.

I mentioned a week ago that the next watch date was 1/10, the day of the selection of the lambs for Passover. I believe that the event to note was the plague of locusts descending on Mecca, as this correlates best with the plagues in Egypt in the time of Moses, leading to the release of the Israelites. That news article was dated on January 10, and I posted it on January 12 here.


Arise, Shine, for Thy Light Has Come (Isaiah 60:1)

Four of us met at my office yesterday afternoon to pray and seek our Father’s will. Sharon was there as well. She soon began to complain that the light was too bright. The lighting in my office is quite normal, but she was not talking about that light. Something else was happening, which reminded me of the day that Lori walked into my office in June 2004 seeking deliverance from the spirit of Baphomet, which other ministers and psychiatrists had been unable to deal with. Lori told me later that she knew she was in the right place, because she saw the light as soon as she walked through the door.

I have understood since that day that there is a divine light here in my office. Whether it comes and goes or is present all the time I cannot say for sure, but it is perceptible to those whose spiritual eyes are well-developed. Yesterday it was Sharon who saw it. She was wearing a cap, which shielded her eyes from the ceiling lights, but she was still squinting from the bright light that was shining all around us.

The light gradually became brighter, and the atmosphere soon became thick, as if we were in a pool of oil, “Father’s oil,” as Sharon heard. Then, for about a half hour Sharon was fully overcome by the glory of the Lord, as it came heavily upon her. I have seen similar things in other meetings, some genuine, some not so genuine, and many sincere attempts to make it happen by the soulish desire of flesh. I think I have seen enough to discern the difference. This one was genuine and unexpected.

I wondered what it meant. Why now? Why today? If we were going to do some spiritual work to “clean house,” would it not be logical that the glory would come AFTER the cleansing work was done? These were my thoughts and questions that I asked our Father.

We did indeed have some work ahead of us, not a divine court work but a divine council (Hebrew: sode). Jumping ahead, when it was finished, I took note of the unusually high level of spiritual entities that we had to judge, and I concluded that the light and glory was an impartation of sorts that prepared us, empowered us, and perhaps qualified us for this level of responsibility.

After about a half hour, the light and glory suddenly lifted, and we were ready for whatever else might happen. We discussed the glory experience for a short time to gain some understanding of it, and we were then led to convene a divine council session in order to cut off all counterfeits and to have our Father’s glory fill all things.

The Treasury and Achan Doctrine

We prayed also to send all enemies to outer darkness and to put all stripped wealth into our Father’s treasury.

Note that in the story of Achan, he had taken some of the spoil from Jericho that was devoted to God and thereby took upon himself the curse. Joshua 6:24 says, “Only the silver and gold and articles of bronze and iron, they put into the treasury of the Lord.” These are the four metals that make up the great image in Daniel 2:32, 33, and they represented the four empires which were to rule the earth for “seven times” (2,520 years). In Daniel 7 they are pictured as “beasts,” but in Daniel 2 they are metals.

Jericho is an Old Testament type of Mystery Babylon, and so in the overthrow of Babylon today, we are to devote all of the wealth (people of those kingdoms) to the treasury of the Lord. We are not to bury them in the ground (as Achan did) where they are declared “lost.” To do so would be to play the role of Achan once again. In other words, in fighting the battle of Jericho, we must be careful not to bring a curse upon ourselves by consigning those people to eternal hell or to the ground (as the Annihilationists believe). God claims them as spoils of war.

I wrote about “The Achan Doctrine” in my book, Creation’s Jubilee, chapter 10.

Unholy Mixtures

Then suddenly, Sharon said, “Muhammed just walked in.” He had been summoned to appear before the council for judgment, and I knew he would shortly manifest in the world through Sharon herself, so that we might pass sentence upon him in this earthly dimension, as Paul prophesied in Romans 16:20,

20 And the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.

Satan means “adversary,” and so Paul was telling us that all of our adversaries would be crushed under our own feet—not merely under the feet of Jesus Himself. Jesus’ death on the cross passed sentence upon all His adversaries, but a secondary judgment was also necessary, this time seeing all adversaries put under our own feet.

This is our right as part of the body of Christ, for we are part of His foot company in these latter days. Looking at it from another viewpoint, we are also given this right as sons of God, offspring of the Sarah-bride of Christ, in order to fulfill the prophecy in Genesis 3:15. There God judged the serpent, saying,

15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise him on the heel.

It is important to know who you are as spiritual children that are begotten by God and having Sarah (the New Covenant) as your mother. Only such children of God can fulfill Genesis 3:15 in accordance with Paul’s statement about crushing “Satan under your feet.” This phrase is an idiom indicating that we had been given dominion and the authority to pass judgment.

Knowing this, we were in agreement with the heavenly judgment and sent the spirit of Muhammed, Christ’s adversary, into outer darkness. Once completed, another came on its heels, the spirit of Islam, carrying a scimitar, such as one often sees on the Freemason’s logo.

These were followed by a blend of spirits carrying the crescent moon of Islam, the star of David from Judaism, all mixed with the spirit of Christendom (as a religion, not as a relationship with Christ). Here is where yesterday’s weblog had helped to “stir the pot,” as we have often seen. What I write about often seems to instigate spiritual warfare or a session in the divine court or the council. These also serve to confirm that what I write is from God, because we could not have a successful court session unless the timing was right.

Our session yesterday was designed to cleanse the house of God from the mixtures with the various counterfeits that Christians have put together in unholy relationships. Going back in history, after the death of the apostles, the spirit of Judaism (which Paul fought against) began to creep into the church as it reverted back to Old Covenant thinking and practice.

More recently, through the teachings of Dispensationalism (since the 1850’s), Christians began to reunite with Judaism, calling it Christian Zionism. This unholy mixture caused havoc by causing Christians to think that being “chosen” was based on corruptible seed from one’s ancestors, rather than from the incorruptible seed of the word of God (i.e., the gospel).

Finally, Christlam, which began to be promoted in 2009, has sought to bring the church into that final unholy mixture, combining Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. These all have one common feature, and I do not mean that they all worship the same God. Their common feature is the Old Covenant, which implies a rejection of Jesus Christ, the Mediator of the New Covenant. The Old Covenant was broken and invalidated (Hebrews 8:9, 13), but when men continued to rely upon it, that Old Covenant became a counterfeit, which is now being judged.

We, on the other hand, are children of Sarah, the New Covenant, which qualifies us to do a lot of work that the children of Hagar cannot do. Even as Satan cannot cast out Satan (Mark 3:23), so also, those who adhere to Muhammed cannot cast out Muhammed, nor can those who adhere to Zionism cast out the star of David. Let them first purify their mixture and forsake the Old Covenant view of prophecy, sonship, and salvation, and then let them join the overcomers in their spiritual warfare and their divine court cases.

The Significance of the Year 2009

In my book, Secrets of Time, I showed how the number 18 signified captivity or bondage. Both Joseph and David ran into problems in their 18th year. The book of Jasher says that Joseph crossed the border into Egypt on his 18th birthday. Likewise, David became a fugitive at the age of 18. Both Joseph and David then came into their anointed callings at the age of 30.

David had been anointed first at the age of 8, shortly after Saul disqualified himself in the war against Amalek (1 Samuel 15:23; 16:1). That war took place 414 years after Amalek had been put under God’s curse in Exodus 17:16. It was also the 18th year of Saul.

The importance of the number 18 is seen again in the 18th year of David, when his throne was usurped by Absalom, establishing the pattern for the New Testament conflict between Jesus and the chief priests who also usurped his throne.

David was born when Saul had reigned for 10 years. David was crowned 8 years later in the 18th year of Saul. Saul died 22 years later after reigning 40 years, and David, then 30 years old, was made king of Judah in Hebron. David’s own 18th year occurred when he was 48, which was 40 years after Samuel had first anointed him as a young shepherd boy.

The revolt of Absalom is dated in 2 Samuel 15:7,

7 Now it came about at the end of forty years that Absalom said to the king, “Please, let me go and pay my vow which I have vowed to the Lord in Hebron.”

The text does not specify the starting point of this “forty years.” We only know that “at the end forty years” Absalom went to Hebron, where he was crowned king of Israel with the support of Ahithophel (2 Samuel 15:12), usurping the throne of David.

Yet when we understand that it had been 40 years since David was first anointed by Samuel, when we see how it coincides with the 18th year of David, then all things become clear.

In applying this situation to prophecy, Saul’s reign was fulfilled in the church under the anointing of Pentecost, since Saul too was crowned on Pentecost in his day. The church’s kingdom, legitimate but rebellious, reigned 40 Jubilees from 33-1993 A.D., a period of 1960 years (40 x 49).

So on Pentecost Sunday, May 30, 1993, prophetic “Saul” died, and the dominion mandate began to be passed to “David” (the overcomers). Hence, we began to use that authority six months later in November 1993, when we began our Jubilee Prayer Campaign.

David’s authority was given to him incrementally in two stages. He reigned over one tribe in Hebron for 7½ years and then as king of all Israel for the next 33 years (2 Samuel 5:4, 5). So we understood that our own authority was only partial in 1993 and that we would not receive the full authority until November 30, 2000. That, of course, happened on schedule, as I have recorded elsewhere.

My point is that the reign of “David” began in 1993 and reached its 18th year in mid-2010. This coincided closely with the Christlam counterfeit, as I reported in yesterday’s weblog. It also coincides with the midpoint of our Elisha pattern of signs, which arrived on July 9-15, 2010. That is a long story in itself, which is currently recorded only in weblogs since April 2009. Eventually, this story will be told in full in a future book that will supplement The Wars of the Lord, which traces my own experience from 1981-2008.

At any rate, to understand how the spirit of Christlam affects the current situation and how it was dealt with in the council yesterday, we will have to go back to its spiritual origins in 1986.

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An Increase of Authority

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