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Uprooting the roots of evil

Dec 24, 2018

After uprooting the cursed fig tree on December 21, 2018, our heavenly Father immediately turned our attention to deeper problems, sins and curses that preceded the founding of Jerusalem which have been with us from the beginning.

The Beast empires uprooted

As I wrote earlier, one by one each evil spirit of the beast empires were summoned to the divine court, and we were required to cast them out into outer darkness. It started with the little horn, followed by the second little horn. We were able to distinguish them as the beast from the sea and the beast from the earth in Revelation 13:1, 11.

Then the next one was summoned and was identified with “iron,” so it was obvious that this was the spirit of the Iron Kingdom (Rome). The next was identified as the leopard of Greece, and by this time we could see the pattern. The spirits of the beast empires were being summoned to court for judgment, one at a time, beginning with the last beast and working back to the first. The last shall be first, and the first shall be last.

So in that session, the spirit of the Medes and the spirit of the Persians were judged, followed by Babylon. We thought that would conclude the court session, but suddenly another manifested his presence, and this was identified as the spirit of Assyria, the empire which preceded Babylon and which took the Israelites captive. This was followed by the spirit of Egypt.

Then God abruptly adjourned for the day, telling us that this was to continue the following day at 1:00 pm. We guessed that we would have to go back to Adam.

The next day, December 22, the court was again in session, and the first spirit to be judged was that of Esau-Edom. We understood this when Sharon grabbed her heel during the deliverance and was unable to let go. It was as if Esau was trying to imitate Jacob, the “heel-catcher,” which is what his name literally means.

After Esau came the spirit of Nimrod, and Sharon saw a man flexing his muscles. Nimrod was a “mighty hunter” (Genesis 10:9). After him came the spirit of Cush, Nimrod’s father, and then the spirit of Canaan was summoned. This spirit manifested as a lobster, a bottom-feeder. Canaan means merchant-banker or lowlander.

After him came the spirit of Ham, which means “hot, burnt.” Sharon saw a ham being roasted over an open fire. Next was the spirit of Cain, and Sharon saw a candy cane with blood on it. Finally, the spirit of Adam was brought forth, and his nose was breathing into the sand with a leaf on top. We recognized that God had breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and that Adam and Eve had later sown fig leaves to hide their nakedness (exposure after they sinned).

We thought we were done, but then another spirit was summoned for judgment. It manifested as an archangel on a mountain, and we identified this spirit as an angelic problem prior to creation. Whatever happened is largely shrouded in mystery, but Jude 6 speaks of “angels who did not keep their own domain but abandoned their proper abode.” Again, 2 Peter 2:4 speaks of “angels when they sinned.” I personally have tried to avoid teaching on that topic, since so few details are given in Scripture. Nonetheless, by encountering spirits associated with these “angels,” we are given further evidence that some sort of problem (sin) occurred prior to Adam’s fall. Otherwise, we would have had to deal with this particular evil spirit before dealing the evil spirit of Adam.

When the next spirit manifested, Sharon heard the word Tote or Toth, which I recognized as an old god that was worshiped in Egypt. I looked up the name on the internet and discovered that he was known by some traditions as the god of creation and of writing. He was also considered to be the patron saint of scribes.


We discerned by this that this evil spirit had to do with a false creation narrative that had been written in the sacred writings of false religion. False concepts of God and His character are at the root of all religion. By dealing with Toth, the divine court uprooted this misconception of God, preparing the way for truth to prevail in the time ahead.

Coming Full Circle

We thought that we had finished our court duty for the day, but suddenly more evil spirits were summoned. These turned out to be about the current situation, bringing us full circle back to the present. With the first evil spirit, Sharon saw a shield with a red cross in the center, and she drew a sketch of it. I understood this to be the Templar Cross. It is most visible on the Swiss flag.


Sharon also sketched a chalice, and I understood it to be the “holy grail.” The holy grail is represented by a chalice, but it actually refers to sangreal, “holy bloodline.” It refers to the belief that the Merovingians are descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. You can see this in Laurence Gardner’s book, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, the Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed.

The book claims that Jesus did not really die on the cross, but that He survived, married Mary Magdalene, and had three children with her, including Jesus, Jr. This is the supposed origin of the Merovingian dynasty, and most of the royal families of Europe today trace their bloodline to this particular dynasty. In effect, the Merovingians claim the divine right to rule the earth according to their genealogy from Jesus. They were trying to outdo the Roman Catholic claim by apostolic succession from Peter.

At any rate, we bound and cast out that evil spirit of the Templars, so that the individual Templars themselves can be set free of the lie that Jesus did not really die on the cross.

The final evil spirit that was summoned for judgment was actually 13 spirits, which we asked to be combined into one so that they might be judged together. That would simply make it easier and less painful for Sharon, who was manifesting them in the divine court. These spirits were the 13 main families of witchcraft whose representatives form the Council of 13 that rules the world.

While there were many details involved in each of these judgments rendered, this account is sufficient to reveal what was put on the record. Obviously, to understand these things, one would have to do a lot of reading and study to know who is really running the world in secret.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones