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The turning point

Dec 10, 2018

The New French Revolution has reached a turning point.

Remember when first Libya’s Khadafy and then Syria’s Assad started “killing their own people”? The western media went crazy when troops killed protesters in those countries.

Well, now it is happening in France. So obviously, the west has been using the usual model of a double standard. It’s a crime only when other leaders do it.

The EU is sending armored vehicles to Paris.


And here is a short video of the police beating, killing, and gassing protesters.


I’m waiting for the mainstream press to express its outrage. But I won’t hold my breath. All of their earlier handwringing was just a political tactic. The media has no real principles. It remains to be seen if a few journalists question Macon’s tactics in light of their heavy criticism of Assad.

Meanwhile, Ben Garrison shows the real conflict in his cartoon below.



This afternoon, four of us gathered in my office, where we were led to pray to reverse the curse (anathema) that the Roman Church, many centuries ago, placed upon those who deny eternal torment as a judgment from God.

But before we got started, we were suddenly confronted with the spirits that the church had inflicted upon the people. There were three of them: (1) Fear of Torment; (2) Counterfeit Vengeance; and (3) Spirit of Delusion. These manifested suddenly in one of the group, and so we cast them out in a deliverance session. It did not take long, but as usual, these left only after an intense confrontation. Once completed, we then knew what spirits we were up against, and it also confirmed the work that we were about to do.

No doubt about it… we have reached a turning point in history 101 years after General Allenby took Jerusalem in 1917. It appears that the French Revolution has also reached a new level of violence and confrontation as the long-term Globalist Plan falls apart.

Right now, the report on the Clinton Foundation’s abuse of funds is scheduled for December 13. But in another development, a judge has ordered the DOJ and State Department to reopen the Clinton email case, where Hillary admitted to using a private server. Not only she but also the entire State Department, and President Obama himself used private servers!


Pray that these investigations will not be derailed by another false flag operation from the Deep State. This may not be an open war with troops, but it is nonetheless a very serious war that will determine the course of world history for the next thousand years. By my understanding of Scripture, I believe that this will end with the Kingdom of God, although events may twist and turn prior to that ultimate victory.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones