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The new French Revolution

Dec 04, 2018

Daniel 7 speaks of a “little horn” that was to extend Roman rule after the fall of the Roman empire in 476 A.D.

The little horn was characterized by the fact that he would “intend to make alterations in times and in law” (Daniel 7:25). In 526 A.D. the Catholic Emperor Justinian changed the calendar to begin numbering years at the birth of Jesus. His next project was to revamp the Roman law system into what is known as the Corpus Juris Civilis. It was the basis of canon law and also the legal system of Europe as a whole. These were first published in 529, revised in 530, and came into effect December 30, 534 A.D.

So began the time of the “little horn.” The time was to last “a time, times, and half a time,” which John interpreted in Revelation 13:5 to mean 42 months (or 1,260 days). Since this was the final segment of a long-term prophecy of the beast empires, it is apparent that the principle of a day for a year applied to this prophecy. In other words, the little horn did not end 3½ years after Justinian’s Corpus Juris Civilis came into effect.

Instead, it lasted 1,260 years to 1789-1794, which is the time of the French Revolution. Out of this revolution arose Napoleon, who took the pope captive in 1798, and the papacy—the beast from the sea in Revelation 13:1—received its fatal wound, which was later healed (in 1804) when the popes were reinstated by Napoleon.

Daniel only saw one “horn” (or beast), but John saw that “little horn” come in two stages. The first was the beast from the sea, or the “Holy See,” the religious beast. (Revelation 13:1-10). The other was the beast from the earth (Revelation 13:11-18), which is described as a financial beast, having to do with commerce.

Nathan Rothschild arrived in London in 1798, the same year that Napoleon took the pope captive. The Rothschilds epitomize the financial beast today.

The beast from the sea was given 1,260 years to the French Revolution. But what about the final beast? No time frame was given in Scripture. Hence, for many years I wondered how long we would be dominated by the modern banking system that was inspired by this financial beast.

The answer came in 2013, when I understood that this financial beast would lose power from 2014-2017. As I have written many times, October 12, 2017 marked the full end of the beast systems that had exercised dominion since the fall of Jerusalem in 604 B.C. Our date has now been confirmed with the death of former president G.H.W. Bush on November 30, 2018, which was 414 days after the transfer of authority took place last year.

That is just a quick background of prophetic events.

The financial beast began with the French Revolution, and it appears that it is ending with another French Revolution, a repeat on some level.


'This is the start of a revolution': Paris rioters steal police assault rifle, torch dozens of cars and vow to 'stay in the streets until Christmas' as fuel protests continue into the night and spread across France - and even to Holland

The news media tells us that the main issue is a rise in the fuel tax. This is only the latest issue. Many French people are angry over a host of policies that president Macron has been forcing upon them, including unlimited immigration.

What I find most significant is that Macron is a former banker who worked for the Rothschilds.


The Rothschild establishment’s candidate, Macron, who was for some time the dark horse of the pre-election race, has emerged in the forefront of a new financial scandal…. While working in the Rothschild Bank, Macron met representatives of the largest multinational corporations. For example, with Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, the former CEO of Nestle. The 9 billion euro deal became the debut of the young investment banker. The deal was shady, but for the time Macron figured out how to get away with it….

In August 2014, Macron left his work in the Rothschild Bank and took a position in the Ministry of Economy and Finance of France. Macron sold the airport of Toulouse-Blagnac to China, simultaneously declaring that this would not lead to the privatization. But, within just one year, privatization happened. No hard feelings, it's just business….

Macron keep on saying that he is an independent candidate, that no one finances his movement. But all the evidence indicates that the young banker is not forgotten by his old Rothschild patron. Macron's regular meetings with bankers show that the money of the world's liberal elites is concentrated behind this young globalist.

Macron is a banker who is informally still an employee of the Rothschilds. Most government leaders are agents of financial interests who wield power behind the scenes. I find it interesting that a new French Revolution is now brewing and that it is directed against a Rothschild banker. It is just one more “coincidence” that suggests the beast from the earth has lost power and that there is a new sheriff in town.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones