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The coming glory

Dec 17, 2018

In the past few days we have received revelation about the glory that is soon coming to the earth. A long-time friend flew to Minneapolis to visit us from Thursday to Saturday last week after receiving this word a few weeks earlier (11/22, if I recall).

“The fire shall bring the glory, the fire shall bring the change, the first shall burn hot as flame!... It is like the day of Pentecost, only the fire is not just over one’s head but the fire completely engulfs, completely baptizing the recipients of the glory of God till one could not distinguish between the fire and the physical man; the man became like a burning flame, like pure fire. The fire is a consuming holy fire that cannot be quenched nor go out.”

When Moses asked to see the glory of God, what he actually saw passing before him was God’s “goodness” (Exodus 33:19). There is no glory apart from God’s goodness. A good God created all things “good,” and when His work was done, He pronounced everything “very good” (Genesis 1:31).

Likewise, in my view, one cannot truly see God’s goodness without seeing His plan to restore all creation back to Himself. His plan will succeed, because He is good; but the more pertinent question is whether or not we see (understand) His goodness. The revelation of His goodness, I believe, will be a big part of the coming glory as it begins to cover the earth.

On Thursday, December 13, four of us met at my office to hold a Divine Council meeting to conduct some old business dating back to the creation of the world. The next day we met again, and four evil spirits showed up as well to disrupt the meeting. (Actually, I think we disrupted them.) At any rate, we bound them and sent to the feet of Jesus for judgment. They were identified as: Judgmentalism, Harshness, Resistance, and Legalism.

With this came the revelation of “65 days.” Calculating inclusively, 65 days brings us to February 16, 2019, which in itself is always a watch date connected to the prophetic number 216 (2/16, as we write it). Calculated exclusively, it is February 17, which is the last day before Darla and I are scheduled to fly to Australia for meetings near Brisbane and Melbourne.

In praying further about this, it was confirmed that the four evil spirits above, along with the three that we bound on December 10 (Fear of Torment, Counterfeit Vengeance, and the Spirit of Delusion) were the main spirits that have ruled Australia from the time that the British began sending its convicts there. The unjust legal system essentially brought a curse upon the land, which manifested in seven evil spirits that all had to do with unjust punishment.

On the other hand, when Australia was first discovered by Pedro Fernandez De Quiros on the day of Pentecost in May 1606. He named it “Australia del Epiritu Santo,” or the Southland of the Holy Spirit.


For this reason, I have considered Australia to be a manifestation of the feast of Pentecost.

So now, having received a word about the glory of God, followed by the “65 days” revelation leading to our trip to Australia next February, we are viewing it as a sign of things to come. It is too early to know how this will play out, of course. As usual, God will do as He wills. This may be another trip to prepare the way for the Holy Spirit, or we might see a beginning of a new outpouring of the Spirit. Either way, pray for us.

Some years ago Mike took us to the city of Warwick to meet Paul. Warwick was the farthest city north of Sydney that Smith Wigglesworth went to hold meetings back in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Paul inspired me to read about the life of “Smithy,” who had a tremendous healing ministry as an outcome of the Pentecostal movement a century ago. He made quite a few trips to Australia and New Zealand, but the fire of glory has largely died out now.

When I was in Warwick, we prayed at the church where Smithy preached and declared that the Spirit of God would return to that land. We are still awaiting the answer to that prayer, but I have not forgotten it. Our entire Elisha revelation since 2007 has been preparatory to the outpouring of the glory of God in the earth.

At this present time, we are still stuck at the half-way point of the Elisha revelation, with one foot into the double portion. Yet we keep getting indicators that we are right there at the trigger point, so our expectation is that we will not have long to wait. No doubt this Australia trip will be another indicator—or perhaps it will actually be the launch pad, seeing that it is at the end of the revealed 65-day cycle. Only God knows at this point.

February 16, you may recall is 216 and is connected to the 16th day of the 2nd month, correlating to the wave-sheaf for the second Passover (on the Hebrew calendar). February 16 is the 65th day from the revelation of December 14, 2018. The sign of barley multiplication is the 9th sign of Elisha (2 Kings 4:42-44), which launches the double portion of the Elisha signs.

Elijah performed eight miracle-signs; Elisha performed sixteen.

Earlier this year, on February 16, 2018 we were in Christchurch (New Zealand), and others saw signs of the double portion anointing that day. It is difficult to know precisely what all of this means, but we have an expectation of good things to come.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones