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Magog dies on Cursed Time

Dec 03, 2018

Former president (41) George H. W. Bush was said to have died at 10:10 pm the night of November 30, 2018.

His nickname at Yale University was “Magog.”


Bush’s death may have occurred earlier, but it is of interest to us that the official time of death occurred on November 30. This was precisely 414 days after the overcomers received their full authority on the 8th day of Tabernacles, October 12, 2017. Or, if you prefer, we could date it from October 13, 2017, which was the first day of our Tabernacles conference in Cloquet, MN. But then November 30, 2018 would be the 414th day.

Either way, it is significant that Bush-Magog died on Cursed Time. When someone dies on Cursed Time, it means they did not repent during their grace period, and so when they reached the end of the 414-day cycle, they died. If they had repented, they would have seen some sort of marker and then begin a 76-day cycle toward Blessed Time (490).

That obviously did not happen with Bush. He died. End of story. End of an era. The start of something new.

Bush was quite literally the American godfather, the grand master of the opium trade (wormwood) ever since his days as ambassador to China in the 1970’s. Much of the South American drug imports came through the oil rigs of Zapata Oil in the Gulf of Mexico, because once the drugs arrived on the oil rigs, they could be brought to shore without the boats going through customs.

Other drugs were shipped by small planes to Texas, Arkansas, and Florida, which is why Bush was governor of Texas, and his son, Jeb, was governor of Florida. Not having enough sons, they hired Bill Clinton to run their drugs through Mena, Arkansas.

There are thousands of articles and videos online that speak of these things, so I will not try to repeat them here. I have talked to enough eyewitnesses to be satisfied that most of what is being said has a basis in fact.

But on to the prophetic timing and significance of the death of G.H.W. Bush.

In 1985, while I was in the Net of Prayer learning the art of spiritual warfare, we held a prayer campaign against the Soviet Union to prevent them from launching an attack on the USA. It was our understanding at the time that the Soviet leaders knew that their time was short and that they had only a small window of opportunity in which to take over the world, because Reagan’s “Star Wars” missile program was soon to make such an attack impossible.

In the months after the prayer campaign, we saw many news stories about military disasters either in the Soviet Union itself or on the high seas (ships, submarines). They could not hope to mount an attack while confusion reigned. The window of opportunity passed. The Soviet Union fell apart. What was left of the “Socialist Republics” emerged as a new nation, “Russia.” Communism lost power and credibility as a system of economics and government.

Our prayer campaign itself was a spiritual war to overthrow Wormwood, which (we believe) was the ruling archprince of the Soviet Union. We also took note of Magog, which ruled the Communist Party itself. The final result of the prayer campaign was that Wormwood was indeed overthrown, but we then discerned that he had moved to America. In other words, we were soon to see the spirit of Communism emerge in America.

Then G.H.W. Bush was elected and sworn in as president in January 1988. We did not know it that the time, but Bush was called “Magog” in Yale. Looking back, it is not hard to see that his presidency represented a major shift in world politics. Having lost power in the USSR, the spirit of Magog and Wormwood had moved to take full control of America.

Wormwood is opium in Scripture. See my book, The Laws of Wormwood and Dung.

Hence, it is no coincidence that G.H.W. Bush has been the godfather of the drug trade in America and used his position as president and as the former director of the CIA (Cocaine Import Agency) to entrench the drug trade in American society and to ensure that the so-called “War on Drugs” would be lost.

The “War on Drugs” was designed to make war on any drug lord who would not join the CIA’s organization.

That era, thankfully, is now coming to a close.

At the feast of Tabernacles in October 2014, I showed how we had finally come to the beginning of the end of beast domination that had been going on for 2,520 years. I also said clearly that we were entering into a 3-year transition of power and would have to wait until Tabernacles of 2017 before the overcomers had the full authority to deal with the beast system.

Meanwhile, President Trump was elected and was sworn into office in January 2017. It would take him nearly a year to seat a full cabinet, due to the foot-dragging from the Democratic Communist Party. But about the time the overcomers came fully into authority in October 2017, Trump was able to begin focusing seriously upon the overthrow of the Deep State. This has continued to the present time, and now we are about to see the mystery taken out of Mystery Babylon. The FISA memos and other secrets of the FBI and DOJ are about to be exposed.

It occurred to me last night that I ought to count the days from the full transfer of authority in October 2017 to the death of Bush on November 30, 2018. I could not recall the precise dates of the Cloquet conference, so I looked at my records today while at the office. I discovered that the 8th day of Tabernacles fell on October 12, 2017 and the conference was October 13-15.

From the 8th day of Tabernacles 2017 to the day Bush was said to have died was 414 days. Bush died on Cursed Time, something seen often in Scripture and in history. See my book, Secrets of Time.

What does this tell us?

It tells me that we have reached the end of the era where Magog and Wormwood have dominated America. The overcomers had to wait for the full transfer of authority in order to decree a change of spiritual government. We made the proper decrees at the Cloquet conference in the 3 days after the 8th day of Tabernacles, but all such decrees were actually retroactive to day of coronation on October 12.

It is now apparent that God, in His mercy, gave the Deep State the usual grace period of 414 days in which to repent and comply with the will of Christ and His body of overcomers. Even so, we understood that Babylon would refuse to let the people go, for God would harden their hearts as in the days of Pharaoh (Exodus 7:3; 10:1) and later with Belshazzar of Babylon (Jeremiah 50:33, 34).

We are not given any time frame in the story of Pharaoh or Belshazzar, but we see now that the Deep State was given 414 days. This time cycle was revealed to us back in 1991 during the presidency of Bush 41.

So when the Deep State continued to fight to the end, G.H.W. Bush died precisely 414 days later. You can’t make up this stuff. Everything is a matter of historical record, and we ourselves have spoken and written freely about prophetic watch dates for many years.

No doubt we will learn more as time goes on, and so we will keep you informed, as best we can, of the progress of the Kingdom.

Side Note: President Trump is bound by protocol to eulogize G.H.W. Bush at the funeral on December 5. He always says good things about those he fires as well. I am quite sure, however, that he knows the situation behind the scenes.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones