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Dec 01, 2018

I feel inside that we crossed a threshold last night. Whether major or minor, I cannot say yet, but for the past few days I have been sensing that December would bring an increase or change in some way.

Last night I got little or no sleep before 4:30 a.m., which was the last time I checked the alarm clock. I could not shut down to sleep, because the Father took me through the Bible and began joining together events from the past as if biblical history were a huge puzzle. He started with the present and worked His way back to the book of Genesis, and I began to understand His plan in a much clearer way.

I wondered how much I would remember the next morning, of course, That has yet to be determined, but I don’t think that I have forgotten much. I live on revelation, of course. It is the kind of food that (Jesus said) “you do not know about” (John 4:32). The purpose of the New Testament is to remedy that problem, so that you can indeed experience the joy of revelation and true spiritual nourishment as a normal way of life.

It is also why I am compelled to share with you what He has given me. Last night was like a feast day, feasting all night and then sleeping late to accommodate the body.

It will take me awhile to organize all the revelation into coherent packages, so I will wait until next week to begin.

Who Owns the Transparency Banner?

Meanwhile, Qanon (Q posting on the anonymous channel) wrote a lot late last night. Q is preparing us for the hearing on December 5, where Special Investigator John Huber is scheduled to testify before the House Committee. This may finally unlock the FISA memos, which Trump declassified in late September but which have yet to be released. It was decided that the FISA memo release should wait until after the midterm election, when the Republicans took full control of the Senate and its judicial powers.

Also, it is believed that the FISA memos could have more impact if they were released at the time of Huber’s report. If the memos had been released in late September, those memos would be “old news” by now, and the mainstream media could more easily marginalize them.

Yet the Clintons and their Deep State employers are truly in a state of panic, leading me to believe that the threat to their power is very real to them. When the mystery (secrecy) comes out into the open, the power of Mystery Babylon ends. Darkness is dispelled by light. It is laughable when Nancy Pelosi and others now vow to make government “transparent,” as if they are the party of transparency! The opposite is true.

James Comey is supposed to testify about December 3rd along with former AG Loretta Lynch. Q has told us that LL has made some deal with the Inspector General and has agreed to be fully transparent. James Comey, apparently, has not agreed to any deals and is soon to be exposed. He wants to testify in public, supposedly to be transparent. But public hearings limit congressmen to just 5 minutes of questioning, and in such a public venue, Comey could easily do what Rod Rosenstein did—hide behind “national security.” In a closed session, he cannot hide that way, so he is deathly afraid of the closed session subpoena.

Hence, he has filed a lawsuit in court in the name of “transparency” to hold the hearing in public. We will see what a judge has to say, but it is not likely that the judicial branch of government would be able to infringe upon the legislative branch by overturning the decision of the House.

The Clinton Crime Family

John Huber’s report on December 5 is supposed to be about his findings on the Clinton Foundation investigation. It appears that is the first domino to fall. The Clinton crime family is well known to most people, working with the Bush crime family. (See Russell Bowen’s The Immaculate Deception.)


The Clintons have murdered dozens of people over the years for knowing too much. The body count, last I saw, was past 60. Larry Nichols, a Clinton “insider,” claimed to be one of Clinton’s assassins, and he dares the government to arrest him and force him to talk!


Nichols died February 27, 2017 at the age of 71. No government agency was interested in hearing his testimony, which is precisely why Trump has been attempting to “drain the swamp.”

Of course, by hiring professionals, the Clintons knew how to make these murders look like coincidences and accidents, though many required shutting down law-enforcement investigations. This was more easily done while Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas, since he had his own police force that was separate from the Arkansas State Police to protect his drug-running operations out of Mena, Arkansas.

I learned in the early 1980’s shortly after moving to Arkansas in January 1983. We even knew where the drug drops took place, but because the local police were in on it, we were unable to report it to the proper authorities.

In July 2017 a Haitian government official who was going to testify against the Clintons for human trafficking, was suicided before he had a chance to testify.


In December 2017 Dr. Dean Lorich, a celebrated bone surgeon, who was a witness in the case of Clinton’s human trafficking in Haiti, was found suicided with a knife in his chest.


A celebrity bone surgeon became embroiled in the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti controversy when he and another doctor penned a startling 2010 article that exposed the corruption at the heart of the Haitian earthquake relief efforts.

Almost seven years later, Dr. Dean Lorich, 54, was found dead in his luxury apartment Sunday.

Police say the body was found with a knife buried in the chest, but investigators ruled the mysterious death a suicide according to The New York Post

At about the same time, the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Eric Braverman, went missing and was “presumed dead.”


On November 19, 2018, another whistleblower was raided by the FBI!


Apparently, the whistleblower was given too much government protection, so the FBI had to raid his home to try to confiscate his evidence before Huber’s testimony next week. I must admit that tactic was ingenious, though desperate. It has to be a first in American history!

The whistleblower had already given a thumb drive of evidence to those investigating the Clinton Foundation. It was done in full compliance with the law, but the FBI got a warrant on the notion that he had “stolen” government property! The link above states:

The delivered documents also show that then-FBI Director Robert Mueller failed to investigate allegations of criminal misconduct pertaining to Rosatom and to other Russian government entities attached to Uranium One, the document reviewed by The DCNF alleges. Mueller is now the special counsel investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.

“The bureau raided my client to seize what he legally gave Congress about the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One,” the whistleblower’s lawyer, Michael Socarras, told The DCNF, noting that he considered the FBI’s raid to be an “outrageous disregard” of whistleblower protections.

It is obvious that there is panic in the Clinton house, and they are resorting to extraordinary means to defend themselves.

Just think! We could have had these maniacs in the White House! I consider the 2016 elections to be comparable to Israel trapped at the Red Sea in the time of Moses. They barely got out of that situation with their lives. But then, God specializes in brinkmanship, because He always controls the outcome. It happened that the beast systems were at the end of their time of dominion, and so it was time for a major change to prepare the way for the Kingdom of God.

Not that President Trump is the final solution, of course. He is called to be part of the transition into the Kingdom. We ourselves have a greater calling than mere presidents, and our time is yet ahead.

Q Posts

On November 29, 2018 Q posted a picture with the caption, “We know.”


It did not take long for someone to discover what this picture was. It was the entrance to the Hyatt Regency (hotel) in Congqing, China, decorated with an evergreen (Christmas) tree.


Hyatt Regency Chongqing is HRC, same as Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary’s code name among the Secret Service was “evergreen.”


So this was a personal message to HRC, saying, “We know.” It’s probably a psy-op, designed to instill fear and doubt in Hillary’s mind. Q confirmed the find on November 30 in Post 2516.

Anons geo_located [last pic]: Chongqing, China. (geo means geographic location)
Hyatt Regency.
Players: 8 (This is just to let Clinton know that Q knows.)
Watch the news.

On November 30, Q posted a message (#2505) to the Clinton Foundation whistleblower whose home was raided by the FBI:

To the person who leaked Huber – [Clinton Foundation] Whistleblower.
DO NOT reveal more.

I’m not sure what that is about, but my guess is that this Clinton faction within the FBI is trying to find out precisely what damaging information was given to Huber, so that they can better prepare for what will come out on/after December 5. Q is asking the whistleblower not to give them more information.

Q then posted again later the same day (Post #2506), writing:

To all those who doubted SESSIONS and Huber, you WILL ALL PAY THE PRICE VERY SOON.

This was followed by Post 2507:

FIRST AND ONLY LEAK (public) re: HUBER activities.

In Post 2512, Q tells us that Special Counsel Mueller himself will face charges.

Mueller will face charges re: U1 (i.e., the Uranium 1 coverup)
He’s working to save himself.

The Uranium 1 scandal is about Hillary Clinton’s sale (to Russia) of 20 percent of US-mined uranium while she was Secretary of State. The Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from Russia for that deal. This was the original “Russia collusion,” which Mueller apparently is refusing to investigate. Huber’s first job has been to investigate that U1 scandal and the coverup.

In Post 2513 Q goes on to write:

Why do the CLINTON’S remain in CONTROL of many still in POWER?
The Clinton family is working overtime.
Nothing can stop what is coming.

The power of blackmail runs deep in DC. The CIA and FBI have each had their own prostitution rings designed to entrap government officials and thereby control them through blackmail. The Clinton crime family has done it as well to gain power behind the scenes. In my view, that is how they were able to get the FBI to raid the house of the whistleblower. Otherwise, such an illegal raid would make no sense.

Going back a few days, Trump tweeted a very provocative picture of the Deep State’s main players all behind bars.



The caption reads:

“Now that Russia collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for treason begin?”

This appears to be the signal that we are finally nearing the point where treason trials may be authorized officially. Q has been saying for the past year that these people are guilty of treason for trying to overthrow the president. They have tried hard to pin something on Trump himself and to blame him for their own crimes—such as “Russia collusion.”

But things are apparently about to change. The timing of this tweet implies that Huber’s testimony on December 5 will reveal Clinton crimes and implicate many of her supporters from the Obama administration. If so, then we should start to see this develop in January after the new Senate is seated. They may want to wait until another Supreme Court Justice is seated in order to be sure that justice is not thwarted at that level.

There is no doubt that we are living in momentous times and that we are now about to see the next phase of the overthrow of Mystery Babylon. So watch the news with understanding.

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