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Cutting down the fruitless tree, part 2

Dec 22, 2018

Yesterday afternoon, at 1:53 pm we met in the divine court to chop down the fruitless fig tree with a lower cut, as we were led to do in 1993-1994 with the Babylonian tree patterned after Daniel 4:23. The tree of Babylon itself was left with a stump in order that it might grow back later in a new form, but we left no stump.

Recall that we did this at the end of our Jubilee Prayer Campaign on November 29, 1993, and we understood that we would have to wait a year to see the results (Daniel 4:29). On November 29, 1994 Tom Foley resigned as Speaker of the House, shortly after being defeated in the election by George Nethercutt (“lower cut”). Hence, Washington was “de-Foley-ated,” even as the Babylonian tree had been stripped of its branches and leaves (Daniel 4:14).

Yesterday we went further, while following the same pattern, because this time we were dealing with the fruitless “fig tree.” When Jesus cursed that fig tree in Matthew 21:19, he later prophesied that it would come back to life for a season (Matthew 24:32). This means that the fig tree was much like the Babylonian tree, having a spiritual “stump” that would have to be removed later.

On December 21, 2018 that stump was removed. Or, we could say that it was torn up by the roots. Jesus had already prophesied that it would not bring forth fruit again, but yesterday this was confirmed legally in the divine court. Those expecting the Jews (as a nation) to repent and bring forth fruit will be disappointed. Their opportunity has passed to try to prove that Jesus prophesied falsely.

Then at 2:16 pm we bore witness to Jeremiah 19:11, smashing a jar in the valley behind my office and casting the pieces into a dumpster. Jeremiah had done this in the valley of Ben-hinnom (Greek: Gehenna), which was the city dump outside of Jerusalem (Jeremiah 19:2). This prophetic act was done physically, whereas we had chopped down the fig tree by faith alone in the divine court.

This was done on the darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice. Now, as Q would say, we begin to move “from dark to light.”

By the way, the timing of each of these acts was not planned ahead of time. We just did the preparation work as necessary, and when the time came, Behold! It was 1:53 and 2:16 pm. The number 153 is the numeric value of “sons of God” in Hebrew, and Joshua’s name appears 216 times in the Bible. We have written about these numbers many times, and once again, using my battle axe, we chopped down the fig tree.

In February 1983 I asked God “What is a battle axe?” He responded immediately, “With signs following,” a reference to Mark 16:20 KJV.

Notes from the Court Reporter

The court opened at 12:30 pm yesterday, December 21, 2018.

Brad found 30 cents in the parking lot as he was coming into the office. Thirty is the biblical number of authority, because the Hebrew letter lamed means an ox goad, a symbol of authority. Hence, we were given a physical sign that God had given us the authority to hold this court and to bring judgment on all spirits that God would summon to the court.

Our opposition sent a spirit of distraction to Sharon, which delayed her arrival. We brought judgment upon that spirit, and this allowed her to come to the courtroom (my office).

We counted about 22 high-level spirits, one after another, which we judged, either by sending them to the feet of Jesus for judgment, or by sending them to outer darkness in chains. We did not have time to obtain all of their names, nor was it important to register all of their names. God knows, and that is all that is important. Also, some came in such quick succession that we did not have time to take complete notes. Perhaps we should consider recording these sessions, but I don’t want such blasphemous objections recorded on my cell phone.

The first to be summoned was the spirit of false authority. We knew that we had been given the authority to bring judgment, so we were not impressed with the false authority that some others claimed through this spirit. It was characterized by “dung,” and we recognized that this was about the false authority conferred by the traditions of men, rather than by the word/law of God.

We also understood that the fig tree had to be dunged in the fourth year (Luke 13:8 KJV) before it could be chopped down. As I showed in my book, The Laws of Wormwood and Dung, we have to know the purpose of dung in order to deal with it properly. When dung is thrown at us, we should bury it and use it as fertilizer.

The fig tree of Judah persecuted the church (and Jesus Himself) by the traditions of men. We have used that dung to fertilize the tree to see if it might bear fruit. This also served to teach the fig tree the proper use of dung. However, their time has now passed, and having proved that the tree is unfruitful, it was chopped down.

Understand also that “trees are men” (Deuteronomy 20:19 KJV), and when conducting spiritual warfare, we are forbidden to chop down fruit-bearing trees. Hence, if Jesus had cursed a fruit-bearing tree—or even a FUTURE fruit-bearing tree—He would have violated the law.

A Shift in the Court Proceedings

The next series of evil spirits being judged took us beyond Jerusalem’s “fig tree” to America and Washington DC. This was somewhat of a surprise, but it showed us that there was some spiritual connection between the two cities that had to be judged.

The first spirit to appear was like a torch. The next was a set of columns on the Lincoln Memorial. The next was from Scott Circle, where General Winfield Scott’s memorial stands in Washington D.C. Then came a Pentagram, which we recognized as the street design for Washington D.C. For more background, see here:


Washington D.C. was dedicated to Baphomet by the Freemasons who built it in the 1790’s. Baphomet’s main symbol is the pentagram. The White House sits in the mouth of Baphomet on the Pentagram’s street design, because the Freemasons intended the presidents to be the mouthpiece of Baphomet, rather than of Jesus Christ.

As they built and dedicated each building over the years, they dedicated those buildings to evil spirits. Yesterday, we brought judgment upon those evil spirits behind the buildings, so that we might reclaim the city for the Kingdom of God.

The head of Baphomet (Pentagram) was designed to be a goat skull with a candle in the center. In the street design, the candle is 16th street, beginning at the White House and ending at Scott Circle. Across the street from Scott Circle is the Winfield Scott Hotel. Alongside the hotel, as 16th Street continues, there are a dozen white statues of Venus, which serve as the wick on the candle.

A few blocks further up the street is the Masonic Temple, the headquarters of Freemasonry in America. By design, their location pictures the flame (torch) on the wick of the candle. So the first evil spirit we judged was seen as a torch, and we worked our way down the candle one by one. Only when we were finished did we see what we had been doing. When the “torch” first manifested in court, we had no reason to connect it to the Masonic temple, nor did we even know that we were about to judge spirits in Washington D.C.

Sharon also saw an apron, and when she sketched it on paper, I recognized that it was the Masonic (and Mormon) apron. The Mormon church was turned into a Masonic lodge in 1835 through the influence of Brigham Young.

The final spirit that arrived for judgment came with the sound of hooves. It was Baphomet, but since we had already undercut his authority by getting rid of his support (assistants), dealing with him was surprisingly easy.

By then it was time to chop down the tree with a decree in the divine court. We checked the clock and discovered it was 1:50 pm. It was not hard to see that we were supposed to issue this decree at 1:53, as a sign of the “sons of God.” There were five who bore witness.

Breaking the Jar

We then turned our attention to Jeremiah 19:10, 11, which says,

10 Then you are to break the jar in the sight of the men [i.e., the elders from Jeremiah 19:1] who accompany you 11 and say to them, “Thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘Just so shall I break this people and this city, even as one breaks a potter’s vessel, which cannot again be repaired’…”

This “Jerusalem” jar was old and hardened, unlike the jar of Israel in Jeremiah 18:4. The wet clay of Israel could be remade into another vessel, but the hardened clay of Judah/Jerusalem was to be broken and never again repaired. Well, Jerusalem has been destroyed many times, including the time in 586 B.C. and again in 70 A.D. But each time, the city has been repaired. That tells us that Jeremiah’s prophecy was not fulfilled in a final manner unto this day.

It appears that the time is now drawing near when Jerusalem will be destroyed. Because of Isaiah’s description of God’s siege against the city in Isaiah 29:1-6, I strongly suspect that the destruction will be nuclear and that nuclear fallout is the reason the city will never again be “repaired.”

In Jeremiah’s day few people agreed with his verdict when he broke the jar in Gehenna. The same is true today, for the majority have been taught that the earthly Jerusalem is the eternal city that will never be destroyed. The prophets disagree, and the apostle Paul is very clear that Jerusalem is Hagar and must be “cast out” (Galatians 4:25, 30).

I have explained these things many times over the years. A few have believed and are in agreement with the mind of God in this matter. The time for discussion has ended. We either understand it or not. Most others do not agree. In the end, we will all have to wait and see what God does. If our judgment is without authority, then our words and actions will fall to the ground. If our judgment is by the authority of God, then the city will be destroyed in the near future.

Time will tell.


Before I had finished the first page of this weblog, we were called unexpectedly back to the divine courtroom, where we had to deal with an even greater court case. The spirit of the beast empires themselves were summoned to the courtroom to be judged, beginning with the little horn (actually 2 of them, as Revelation 13 tells us).

Just as we thought we had concluded the court session, the Iron beast of Rome appeared for judgment, followed by the Grecian leopard, the Persian bear, and the Babylonian lion.

I thought we were done at that point, but suddenly, the Assyrian beast was summoned for judgment, followed by the Egyptian beast.

It was obvious that we were dealing with all of the empires in reverse order, beginning with the last beasts and moving back in time. God then delayed the rest of the judgment on the beasts until this afternoon, where we will deal with the spirits behind Esau, Nimrod, Cush, Canaan, Ham, Cain, and finally back to Adam himself.

We seem to be getting to the root of the problem today. I will probably give you a longer report in my next weblog.

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Cutting down the fruitless tree

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